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11:32 AM on 09/10/2009
That suit was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. Perfect for FLOTUS !
Blame me..I voted for him twice & would again!
11:21 AM on 09/10/2009
Michelle looked wonderful and she would be criticized by some regardless of what she wore.
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May you reap what you sow.
11:17 AM on 09/10/2009
I think Michelle is an excellent First Lady and of course she wore sleeves; it is after labor Day.
America has been colorized and it's looks GOOD!!
11:47 AM on 09/10/2009
12:56 PM on 09/10/2009
For those of us who've been here for a while, there was a rule, no light (especially white) colors after Labor Day. The goes for shoes, purses, hats, etc. But I think Jill Biden is telling us that that rule is out the window now. Wear what you like whenever you want to.
11:17 AM on 09/10/2009
She just dressed right for the season. It's no more full summer in Washington. It's time to wear long sleeves, not because "the right to bare arms or not" but because she wanted to do so.
She is great because she doesn't care about her so-called fashion critics.
Go Michelle wear what YOU want! You look great.
11:14 AM on 09/10/2009
Michelle is so gorgeous.
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11:17 AM on 09/10/2009
Yes she is.
01:07 PM on 09/10/2009
Michelle looked absolutely stunning lastnight! Her smile says it all! Our President is gorgeous also! They make a great pair and am proud to have them in the whitehouse!
11:13 AM on 09/10/2009
LOL!! Why do so many of you think that your approval/disapproval of what she wears is worth anything?
01:02 PM on 09/10/2009
This is the STYLE section. I thought the ladies looked stunning last night, and I came here to see if anyone else agreed with me.

Why are you here???
The Albany Kid
From the 518 to the 651
11:04 AM on 09/10/2009
All three women looked great, as usual. Obviously, there was a lot of emotion on the faces of the First Lady and Mrs. Kennedy.

BTW, does anyone know what the traditional custom is for widows with regard to wedding bands? Don't they traditionally keep wearing their wedding bands for a year or something like that?
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11:06 AM on 09/10/2009
I think they can do whatever they want.
11:02 AM on 09/10/2009
She was absolutely stunning.
10:57 AM on 09/10/2009
My heart went out to her. She looked very nervous for her husband and what he was about to confront. Her face showed the emotions of a woman who loves and stands by her man.
11:04 AM on 09/10/2009
Noticed the exact same thing.
12:00 PM on 09/10/2009
Did anyone catch the little look they shared before he started speaking? They have such love and admiration for each other. Regardless of what side of the aisle you sit, their relationship is certainly an inspiration.
12:37 PM on 09/10/2009
I did also -- she showed more upset than she has in a long time. The nasty words hurt, but they must be used to them. However - and I hadn't thought about it until last night - this spate of gun-toting to tea bag rallies and wildly inciting-to-violence rhetoric of the right - has got to be utter hell to live with, to try to explain to the girls and reassure them. Not so easily ignored as nasty words. She's a trouper. --- Reports are that when Wilson did his ugly little bit, she was observed staring in disbelief and mouthing a long, drawn-out "Daaamn"
01:39 PM on 09/10/2009
She did look a bit weary, like she hadn't slept well. But otherwise, she looked wonderful. That look they gave each other was the way I've noticed that she encourages him. "Go ahead. You can do it!." She is his rock. She was taking the load for him. That's what love looks like.

I also wept for Vicki Kennedy last night.
10:44 AM on 09/10/2009
She looked good. I think she is getting he hang of it because I see an upward progression in her style. She loves detail so the pleats in the back don't suprise me at all. She only wears clothing that has character. Always expect something on her to be different.
10:43 AM on 09/10/2009
Mrs. Biden looks gorgeous, as usual.
10:38 AM on 09/10/2009
IMhumbleO, Michele Obama was dressed very appropriately, and for the occasion. Knowing she would be seated next to recent widow, and another woman, who may have been an invited guest with maybe a serious health issue. Baring arms and trying to look all flashy ain't appropriate considering the subject matter on the speech.

So, the First Lady showed really good taste.
10:31 AM on 09/10/2009
Can't see the bottom of the outfit to see if the pleats are good for her. However the color is good and her style makes all the difference!
We are ALL Americans, not just the noisy few.
10:29 AM on 09/10/2009
The headline about Michelle Obama wearing sleeves is a hoot. What should we have expected? That she'd go bare-armed through the winter? DUH. The headline creators at HP need help.
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10:29 AM on 09/10/2009
That was some warm and rousing reception they gave the First Lady last night, wasn't it?! I was happy for her and for the country. She deserves it and she accepted it albeit with a wee bit of bashfulness.