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Don't take life so serious. It ain't permanent
03:36 PM on 03/12/2013
And this woman knows better than the pathologists that performed the autopsies how?
05:15 PM on 03/12/2013
I was thinking the same thing
Gerald B Maurer
03:06 PM on 03/12/2013
I find Dr. Robin Smith's statement "drugs didn't kill them" very troubling. All people need to learn and accept that, with time, some things they once did are beyond their reach. This is especially true after decades of drug and alcohol abuse. Athletes, singers, dancers, we ALL age. Killing oneself with massive doses of drugs is certainly not the best way to deal with what life brings us. Drugs did kill both Michael and Whitney.........both made a conscious decision to ingest drugs in massive quanties.
04:33 PM on 03/12/2013
some folks are dead before they are dead
The remaining tea will be dumped in 2014
09:40 AM on 03/13/2013
Very astute comment
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04:43 PM on 03/12/2013
What she was trying to say is that the drug use was a symptom - the real cause, what drove them to drugs (though it's are not the same for both) is what really killed them.
02:50 PM on 03/12/2013
Michael Jackson thought using anestesia to sleep was normal. It was playing with fire.
Whitney tried marketing herself as "recovering and sober" which was as far from the truth as it gets. It was just an image make over, but not a real lifestyle make over . Both died of the disease of denial and should have dropped out of public life for good in order to stay clean . It wasnt like they couldnt afford to live well and never have to go back to the stage.
02:44 PM on 03/12/2013
Drugs may not have killed them, but I would be willing to bet that they played an important part.
07:17 PM on 03/12/2013
Wow I guess you missed the point.
02:22 PM on 03/12/2013
To acheive the phenominal success of Michael or Whitney takes a lot of focus. It's a mode their minds were still in long after they acheived Superstardom. Unfortunately for them and many others in the entertainment biz they never stopped to savor their success and enjoy the fruits of their efforts. Both continued to spend lavishly until their fortunes were squandered, forcing them try for comebacks at the worst possible time and under the worst circumstances.

Nothing lasts forever. Enjoy the ride, but when it ends, it ends. Live your life. Don't compare yourself to others who are still making it.
04:20 PM on 03/12/2013
...And eastorbuny-- HITS IT OUT OF THE PARK.

Ultra-success, but more specifically ultra-fame is like holding a venomous snake by the tail---sooner or latter it will turn on you and bite down hard.

History has proven that most mortals are not equipped with whatever the "stuff" is that can subdue the lofty forces of extreme fame.

It's almost as though extreme fame remains at odds with the natural order of nature--both human and cosmic nature.--Kpayton911
07:09 PM on 03/12/2013
Those who wish for fame have never experienced it, for if they had, they'd run from it like it was tyThe Plague. 25 years ago I accepted a position with a NYC Radio Station. One of my goals as a kid was to become a Soap actor. This could've been the perfect launch pad to that career. The radio job itself was an instant entree to fame in the local market, hopwever I still had my anonymity. That is until I did public appearances. It was so scary and surreal to have people tripping over themselves to meet me that I immediately abondoned the idea of moving over to TV. I feel for people who cannot go to the grocery store or sit down for a meal without people staruing or interrupting. I don't fault the fans for that. They're the ones paying for the entertainment, but I could never live my life that way, isolated and paranoid.
02:04 PM on 03/12/2013
I will never be that rich, to know what kind of stress comes with that kind of fame. But what I do know is that drugs is not the answer. Whitney and all the other refused to accept help when it was presented to them. They pretended that they didn't have a problem. What happen in the end they all died. I do not consider drug addiction a disease. It is a choice of living, they choose to live that way..
12:36 AM on 03/13/2013
A big part of addiction is denial. That why some addicts can never get sober. They can not be honest with themselves on any level. It really is a mental, spiritual and emotional problem.
02:03 PM on 03/12/2013
It doesn't matter if you are a "star" or a regular person. You have to love yourself and feel good about who you are. If you have that, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Anyone who is addicted to drugs or anything else, is not happy with who they are. Drugs can kill, but it's that deeper self-esteem issue that is the real culprit.
Tell the Truth
01:53 PM on 03/12/2013
You're as good as the Best Thing you every Did !

However, most days are only normal.

Depression and Bad Friends do not a Happy Person make.

Find your Hobbies, don't expect people to make you whole.
01:52 PM on 03/12/2013
It has nothing to do with being hungry for a high note. What destroyed them was the drugs. Whether the drugs were influenced by others or not , in the end they ultimately died from an addiction. The problem is people always want to look at something different to blame it on or someone to blame it on. We as people make individual choices and those individual choices may or may not have consequences but those are those choices we make and those are the choices that may destroy us. The problem is taking full responsibility for our actions and people have trouble with looking at the " man in the mirror". It is very sad what happened to whitney and michael but it wasn't the high note that destroyed them.
Michael Zeigler
01:48 PM on 03/12/2013
They were killed by the industry
01:44 PM on 03/12/2013
Poor choices, that is what Michael & Whitney chose to do...drugs did too kill both of them, by their own choice...just as thousands die daily due to overdoses. Most humans try to accomplish more even after accomplishing wonderful things. Psychology always tries to make it so complex when reality affirms both died from drugs. I'd rather you call it what it is....choices.
01:41 PM on 03/12/2013
How naive does this article think people really are? Of course taking drugs killed Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Of course they had to take the drugs, for this to happen, but it is fact. If they were strong enough maybe this wouldn't have happened. When death results from drugs it is because they were taken. End of story.
01:40 PM on 03/12/2013
Well that is Dr. Robin is saying they could not get past the fact that they would never accomplish what they had in life.
03:26 PM on 03/12/2013
Dr. Robin is trying to sell her book
01:39 PM on 03/12/2013
Michael and Whitney died from the disease of addiction. Addiction to drugs and probably addiction to the high of being on top but whatever, it is ADDICTION all the same. It is a sad situation when anyone dies of addiction when there is a solution. 12 Step Recovery is available everywhere, treatment centers, Christian recovery, therapy, self-help books, the Internet has tons of resources for addiction treatment and we are talking about people who had monetary resources that most of us don't have. Bottom line you have to WANT IT! I will agree with Robin on one thing- they were spiritually sick. Addiction is physical, spiritual and emotional. RIP Michael & Whitney....
12:30 AM on 03/13/2013
Well said.
Its A Good Ride
01:03 PM on 03/12/2013
"Fans" were very unkind to Whitney when she tried to make her comeback. Very sad.
here we go again......
01:20 PM on 03/12/2013
Go on Youtube and see her last concert. She kept pausing for long episodes during her songs. She was sweaty and shakey and she couldn't even hit the right notes in the lower keys and she certainly couldn't hit the high notes. She shouldn't have tried to make a comeback. Her voice was gone. It was pitiful. Clive shouldn't have had her do it.