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04:00 AM on 09/13/2009
Where is the Liberal Media, why aren't they tooting Obama's horn since they favor liberals. Not a word on CNN and you'll never hear it on Fox what Obama did.

It's against Republican policy of serve the wealthy and to heck with everyone else.
03:16 AM on 09/13/2009
If we started to put Tariffs on both products from foreign companies and products manufactured by foreign subsidiaries of American companies, Jobs would return to the United States post haste. The companies need American Consumers and American Consumers need jobs. The fantasy of the vast Chinese Consumer Market coming online and replacing the American Consumer is just that. It took generations to cultivate the level of consumerism that existed in the United States up until the financial crisis, the culture of the Chinese is not one that spends like drunken sailors. Tariffs would be a boon for business because the jobs returning would create consumers ready to spend. More tariffs please!
01:39 PM on 09/13/2009
better get out of the WTO first.
02:57 AM on 09/13/2009
Gee an american president doing something to helps america?
Who woulda thunk it.
11:13 PM on 09/12/2009
It's about time that we did something to protect our industries and workers like other countries do.

They slap tariffs on our stuff like crazy.

Try buying California wine in France.

Try buying American cheese in Italy.

Try buying an American car in Japan. In Japan, if you want a Ford Mustang that costs about $25,000 here plan on spending $75,000. In fact, you can buy Japanese cars cheaper here than you can in Japan.

For example: used 2006 Mustang for sale in Japan: price, $77,000 !

Is this fair?

We should slap taxes onto foreign products that are dollar-for-dollar equivalent to the taxes that the foreigners slap onto our similar products.
02:09 PM on 09/13/2009
if you want to have the japanese economy, you should follow exactly what they do.

If you want to have a Hong Kong or singapore economy, we should follow what they do?

Sounds like you want the Japanese economy of 20+ years of slow to non growth.
10:52 PM on 09/12/2009
bija. You stated a simple fact. That makes it so powerful. The truth is a precious commodity in this self delusional governance. We always had tariffs to protect out textile, steel, auto, aluminium, aircraft, truck, agriculture, and every other industry. We have destroyed our economy for crack pot ideology and unregulated finance. Now we are a dsperate, penurious people while our despised leaders still call us the richest nation in the world. Lying is a leadership habit of decline and self-destruction.
11:05 PM on 09/12/2009
Wow, yes we use to have tariffs to protect our industries and our country's economic stability and then as you said the the free trader traitors took over and destroyed what made our country great, WE HAD A STRONG MIDDLE CLASS AND ECONOMY! Now we're a debtor nation to China and have decimated the middle class citizens. Not so rich anymore when your're in hock to China.
They were just here a minute ago...
11:22 AM on 09/13/2009
Yes, but we all have houses full of cheap Chinese crap. Isn't that worth the decimation of our economy?
10:47 PM on 09/12/2009
What is happening to American manufacturing is being allowed to happen. Our corporations/industries are a part of the problem. our govt, run by businessmen, supported it.

This country was founded on slave labor, and continued with slave-wage labor until the nations labor began to organize for rights. The Great Depression destroyed organized labor, which was distributing wealth to the workers and worse - labor began to organize politically. So there is a purpose to creating recessions.

After the glory years following WWII, American manufacturing has been in decline. Our management of world economics ensures there will always be cheaper labor elsewhere. There has been a purposeful movement to relocate industries overseas in third worlds, and China is one despite their cash, to exploit the cheaper production.

Industries have been consolidating in America, retail for example, gobbling up market share like long-line fishermen. A big few own everything in their respective sectors. What we don't outright produce with our own slave labor setup, we invest in productions and then RETAIL it at huge profits, because of the economy of scale - like Walmart. Now the people have no power to stop it and will work for anything.

they purposely disenfranchised the middleclass, don't need them anymore except as consumers. this also deleverages any labor movement - and robs that class of anuy political power.
11:11 PM on 09/12/2009
You know your point about our country was founded on slave labor is right and here we are racing to the bottom so Americans can be slave laborers again.

Interesting most of the red states that had those plantations and slaves are " free marketeers " and don't believe in unions. Ah, the civil war is still with us! Maybe we should encourage them to secede or just let all of them go work in China.
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12:07 AM on 09/13/2009
Until now, you have been amusing and wrong.

Now, you are wrong, racist and unamusing. An unfortunate devolution.
09:59 PM on 09/12/2009
Thank god, the beginning of the end of this insanity.
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10:06 PM on 09/12/2009
You didn't say anything.
09:55 PM on 09/12/2009
Hey! I'm staring a company, and like it or not, those cheap Chinese things allows my company to do our job 20 times cheaper.

If we had a moral leg to stand on, we should be putting a tariff to a fund that pays the Chinese working a living wage.

We will have to leave that to the Europeans.
10:39 AM on 09/13/2009
At the risk of offending some people I'll repeat what I heard from a coworker who was born and raised in China. "Who cares if you lose a few people? There are always more." If that attitude is prevalent in China it'll be a very long time before there's a movement to pay the Chinese a living wage.
02:27 PM on 09/13/2009
That's what US farmers say about Mexicans...
09:50 PM on 09/12/2009
If you want to get educated on Chinese manufacturing and industrial practices - watch the film called - Manufactured Landscapes - what an illustrates both industrial manufacturing practices - and waste disposal practices - and the little value that human life holds in China......

Every person in this country should watch this film - especially eveyone in Middle Schoolss and High Schools across this country......maybe these smartass young people would realize how lucky they are to have been born in this country and not have to become indentured to industry - by the time they are teenagers......
10:01 PM on 09/12/2009
Haha, true!
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10:09 PM on 09/12/2009
Or just read The Jungle, by American author Upton Sinclair.

Yeah, we got it. The conditions of 2nd and 3rd world industrialization are REALLY bad. So is LIFE in the 2nd and 3rd world--that's why they industrialize.

Would you deny them the well trod path to properity that USA, Western Europe, Japan, East Asia's Little Tiger's, etc walked on their path to 1st world status.

Awfully cold-hearted.
10:12 PM on 09/12/2009
nothing to stop them from developing them on their own just like we did

no sense in giving away the store to them
09:12 AM on 09/13/2009
The oldest and worst argument for capitalism in the world.

"It could be worse."
09:46 PM on 09/12/2009
Ban completely - imports of Chinese tires - I sure don't want them on my car.....if they can't monitor safety issues on dogfood - what does that say about tires?
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10:10 PM on 09/12/2009
It says, you should buy other tires.

Doesn't it?
10:11 AM on 09/13/2009
Ooo..but we know the Chinese MAKE you buy their tires, don't we?
08:59 PM on 09/12/2009
I ask my free trade friends this question. "Surely, you must be right. Every two bit Intellectual in this failing country tells their students and everyone else who will listen that unfettered "free trade" is the most wonderful discovery of the human race. So, it must be true. However, if this same unrestrained, free trade results in the destruction of the greatest democracy in the history of human administration, is it still the greatest principle and practice of intercourse between and among nations?"
Few of my friends have ever responded to that question except to attack my motives or character. Few others have acknowledged the logic of my argument.
When our citizens of station continue to spout the same outrageous claims while this country is on its knees from the malignant affects of mercantelism, (which is not free trade) it must be concluded that the country has been abandoned for fanatically held ideas or special interests.
The only free trade that exists in today's world is in the locked up minds of College Professors, our accommodators-to-power leaders (including Obama, Geithner, Bernacke, Summers), the fraudulent banking CEO's and media propagandists for the financial and multi-national interests.
A declining organization is replete with perfectly, rationally beneficial knowledge for the powerful and plutocrats and abandoning, destroying actions for the organization at large.
09:12 PM on 09/12/2009
While you are somewhat right about the crony capitalism, that our government helps enforce (by not allowing health care policies to be sold in different states, for example)
I would explain your question this way.

If our citizenry fail to personally save money for bad times, and in fact most citizens have a negative savings rate, how is a market correction not due?

Which is to say that the consequences of living financially on the edge is a failure, right?

Can we agree that poorly managed companies/poorly managed household finances, well, usually fail as a result of market mechanisms?

All markets fail. Its normal. Those of us who were prudent, and saved, survive and flourish.
The rest of the citizens get a lesson in the wisdom of saving, and thats a healthy thing.
Freedom = real democracy = living wages
09:06 AM on 09/13/2009
This time it's different; HOW does one prepare for OFFSHORING and the forcing down of wages, while EDUCATION continues to skyrocket.
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10:11 PM on 09/12/2009
Let me know when you find "unrestrained free trade". The rest is just so must noise.
08:44 PM on 09/12/2009
I'm on my third set of Korean brand tires which were made in China. They are the best tires that I have ever owned. My brother is a large trucking contractor and he gets better performance out of Hankook Chinese tires than US makes. I use Kumho Tires from Korea, but they are actually made by a sub contractor in China. Tires for our domestic manufacturers are made all over the place. Some from Turkey, China, Mexico, and even some from India. You have to check all of the fine print on the side of the tire to know where it was made.
08:16 PM on 09/12/2009
This is just a tax on poor people, plain and simple. But I would love to hear progressives defend this.

"You see, poor inner city dweller, we HAVE to raise prices on tires. That way, unions who work thousands of miles from you can guarantee prices remain high. So, were not asking you, were forcing you to pay more for tires."

Think about it. How does raising the price of anything extend a poor person's buying power?

How does the left justify this? Its cognitively dissonant to advocate more welfare dollars while at the same time raising prices on consumer goods.
08:19 PM on 09/12/2009
seems to me we have alot more poor people without jobs since we started free trade with china
08:23 PM on 09/12/2009
So the answer to the problem tax the poor?

You have any statistics to back up your gut feelings-adjusted for population growth as well as jobs created?
07:32 PM on 09/12/2009
Long overdue.
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07:24 PM on 09/12/2009
It's not fair that China subsidizes its industrial production. It's not fair that America subsidizes its agricultural production. Tariffs are the natural policy response to subsidies, and vice versa.