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dutchman 07:16 PM on 03/12/2013
How to insure America's entire population: 

1)  Estimate the total, annual medical costs for the coming year.  Exclude insurance and insurance related overhead expenses.  (This amounts to about $2.15 trillion, give or take a few billion). 

2)  Divide #1 by the number of able-bodie­d, working age Americans (about 185 million, depending on your  Read More...
Former repub, still repenting
02:07 PM on 03/13/2013

If you want to depress conservatives...

Ask them to point out something that Obama has done that Reagan did not do.... besides Obama not raising taxes, or selling weapons to Iran, or running from our first terrorist attack(200 marines killed in Lebanon, a good idea to leave and 63 killed in an Embassy attack.. but and passing gun legislation..., giving amnesty to 3 million illegal aliens and not enforcing the border, or not tripling our debt and not having the highest increase in per capita government spending other than under Bush2....or the largest increase in government employment as under Reagan and Bush.

Ronald Reagans record on increased government spending, raising taxes, increasing government employment and etc., makes him Carl Marx compared to Obama and Clinton.

02:02 PM on 03/13/2013
Even crueler, a perfect word to describe modern republicans. The fact modern republicans can so easily cut programs that help the poor, unemployed, hungry families, and families who need medical care just starve or die prematurely, while at the same time supporting policies that give the incredibly wealthy far more money is just sickening. It truly violates Jesus's core beliefs that he fought so hard for and who republicans claim they are a believer in. It also makes horrific economic sense as well, since it will cause the loss of many jobs. When exactly did republicans lose their heart and soul and humanity for their fellow mankind?
Former repub, still repenting
01:54 PM on 03/13/2013
Republican Economic logic at work:

Medicare actual healthcare cost are half of what private insurance charges seniors for just the insurance. Repubs solution is to transfer seniors to private insurance, the more expensive system in place.

Defense is an extremely low economic multiplier, producing no self funding capital assets such as a plant(investment returns positive cash flow) or infrastructure, research or education.

Infrastructure and commercial MFG have a multiplier of almost 5, while defense is just 1.1.. before you consider the 300 billion per year that flows out of the country and stimulates others economies.. 900 foreign bases. Defense is not an investment, its an insurance policy.

If HUGE defense spending results in a great economy, then the Soviet Union is doing fine and given the recent tripling of defense spending our economy should be doing gang busters.... Its not.

The repub solution is to increase defense spending while cutting infrastructure( we spend 1/3 the normal rate on infrastructure, ours now rated 25th, but 15 times more on defense).

In otherwords, Repubs want to spend more on what provides the lowest economic returns.

Under Ike we spent 11% of GDP on infrastructure that we still benefit from, now just 2-3%.

And while most spending should increase as population increases, the same is not true for defense. It takes no more to defend 300 millon people as it does 200 million people.

02:04 PM on 03/13/2013
Excellent post. I don't know why republican voters don't stop and question their party and use basic critical reasoning skills to determine that their policies not only don't work, they are epic failures. Instead they just allow themselves to be brainwashed by Fox, Rush, and Hannity. Why they vote against their best interests is beyond me.
01:03 PM on 03/13/2013
Balanced Budgets.

Fiscal sanity.

Not living off another person's sweat.

These are very cruel concepts.
Former repub, still repenting
01:33 PM on 03/13/2013
Except Ryan voted for every budgte busting deal under Bush.. such as Medicare Part d(not funded) and unfunded wars an tax cuts, turning massive surpluses into massive deficits..

No repub has submitted a balanced budget or balanced one since IKE, with a top tax rate of 91%.

Government annual spending increases 1/5 as much Under Obama as under Reagan and Bush.

In fact every DEM starting with Truman has decreased deficits as a percent of GDP and every repub since Nixon as increased deficits as a percent of GDP .

GDP grpwth far better under DEMs with twice as many jobs created as under repubs ..with rising wages under DEMs, declining under all Repubs starting with reagan
01:48 PM on 03/13/2013
Oh ok gotcha.  So what you are saying is our economy is really good now under a dem.  
01:49 PM on 03/13/2013
GOP/Tea Party Code: "Balanced Budgets.
Fiscal sanity.
Not living off another person's sweat."

Translation: "Everybody that voted for Obama is shiftless and lazy".
01:53 PM on 03/13/2013
i voted for him in 08.
12:45 PM on 03/13/2013
Paul Krugman and Joe Walsh....."Money for nothing and chicks for FREE" Welcome to Obama World!
01:16 PM on 03/13/2013
Even your attempt at humor is based in fiction - Joe Walsh probably has heard the song, but it's not his.
02:14 PM on 03/13/2013
You are right...apologies to Dire Straits.  But, in the spirit of a famous Dem/Lib/ Progressive, "What's it MATTER!?!  We are in Trillions of dollars of debt."
02:07 PM on 03/13/2013
Trillions in corporate welfare and welfare for the rich and billions in entitlements for the poor. Do the math, which one is getting the larger welfare amount?
Speaking truth to power, one post at a time.
12:42 PM on 03/13/2013
Krugman should beware: something like the Enabling Act was just a fantasy before the Reichstag Fire. Ryan simply pushes forward his 19th Century Social Darwinist Fantasy because the law of averages would seem to dictate that sooner or later the Senate and/or the President will again be Republican. And then der reichsfurher wins.
Former repub, still repenting
12:37 PM on 03/13/2013
Ryan says the current budget is growing at 5% per year, when in fact spending has grown over the last 4 years at just 1.5%.. the lowest rate in modern history and deficits have been cut almost in half..

Although Ryan who cant do math said that under Obama, they quadrupled.


We are down to 15th in wages and 20th in GDP per capita since repubs started their trickle down race to the bottom, robber baron economic modlle up again, already a failure once....

The Countries that are beating us spend 1/15th as much in defense, have min wages of over 15/hour, paid for college, national healthcare, much higher taxes, spend 3 times more on infrastructure, have increased union membership, anti outsourcing regs, export rebates, national industrialization plans....

All things repubs are against and say will kill an economy

Repubs never correct on economics for over 100 years.. except for their progressive leaders such as teddy Roosevelt and Ike... who supported Unions and a Demand economy.

01:05 PM on 03/13/2013
What does "beating us" mean?

The economy was wonderful under Carter and horrible under Reagan. That's what you're saying, right?
Former repub, still repenting
01:37 PM on 03/13/2013
Actually the economy was better under carter.. who got a real OIL problem, an embargo and the post Vetnam war problem...and te ending of Nixon wage and price controls.

His job creation rate was almost 50% better than under Reagan and he did not truple the debt or increases government spnding annually by 8% per year or almost double government job..

Reagan ended with a stock market crash, the S&L bailout and flowed into a recession worse than he inherited and unemployment on te rise reaching the same levelas the unemployment he inherited...
Former repub, still repenting
12:36 PM on 03/13/2013
Since 1980 America has dropped from snce we swung back to trickle down from a Demand economy:

#1 in Wages to 15th

#1 In % with college degrees to 13th.

#1 Creditor nation to largest debtor nation( just under Reagan).

#1 in education to 25th

#1 in infrastructure to 25th( we spent 11% of GDP under Ike on infrastructure now ....2.5%, ...or 1/3 as much as the countries beating us.

#1 in healthcare , now 37th.

#1 in we have lost 80% of our private industry, 30 million job outsourced.300K factories closed, 60,000 under Bush.

#1 In High tech, under Bush we lost 50% of high tech and now import more high tech than we export.

Most of what we export is raw materials, like a 3rd world country. Gasoline our number on export, while we import computers. The EU exports 50% more than us and its not raw materials or food...

We have not produced a commercial ship in more than 30 years. the cruise ships are made in the EU, where wages are more than double ours.

We are first in Murders and percent of population in prison. 91st in income distribution, 51st infant mortality, and with a life expectancy well below other western nations.

Are you embarrassed yet?

01:05 PM on 03/13/2013
There is absolutely no correlation between any of these ills . . . and the overall growth in government?
Former repub, still repenting
01:40 PM on 03/13/2013
What , are you saying reagan grew government.well yes he did as did Bush, the two largest rates of growth we've experienced.

And no...our rise and highest GDP growth and wage increases occurred under new deal demand Economics... and lost of government growth.

12:33 PM on 03/13/2013
We need a split budget. (1) An operational budget that addresses the current costs of operating our government. It should be sub-divided into yearly operating expenses and long -term project approvals like infrastructure projects. (2) Long term debt. Determine current annual interest which must be paid in full, no borrowing to pay interest. Establish a percentage of principal to be paid off each year and do it. Set tax rates accordingly. If necessary impose a surcharge on high earners when expected revenue will be in shortfall. Eliminate all corporate welfare like ethanol subsidies. Establish royalty payments on all resources extracted from federal lands and waters at a fair market rate. Foreign corporations are mining gold and other precious commodities on federal land and pay no royalties!
Additionally, stop jerking Federal workers around with furloughs and other such nonsense. The vast majority are hard working dedicated employees who we need. Treat them as such. Congress must start work each year the first full week in January and take no recess until a complete Federal Budget has been passed and signed by the President. No 4 day work weeks and long holiday weekends.
01:06 PM on 03/13/2013
The only solutions you all have is to raise taxes raise taxes raise taxes.

You care about Federal employees and no others.
Former repub, still repenting
12:25 PM on 03/13/2013
80 Year Economic History:

Stock market return under DEMs 30 times higher than under Repubs.

Job creation under DEMs twice as high as under Repubs. Clinton created more Private sector jobs alone than under all repubs since 1968.

Wage increases under DEMs and declines under Repubs since Reagan except for top one percent, a 300% increase and for the very top, 1500% increases.

Debt as a percent of GDP declining under every DEM starting with Truman and rising under ever repub since Nixon.

Government annual spending increases 8-9% under repubs 1.5% to 3.2% under DEMs.

96% of our national debt either under repubs and created by them..

Given actual repub economic results, running a lemonade stand is beyond their abilities.
01:07 PM on 03/13/2013
Who did Clinton work with in the Contract with America?

How much larger has our government gotten as all of these ills you describe have gotten worse?
Bert Piraino
think your a wit?you're only half right
01:59 PM on 03/13/2013
@ Viper: Don't confuse the confused with silly little things like "facts". Lest we all forget, the current pile of GOTP/neocons don't believe in facts or in science.

"We will not allow our campaign to be dictated by factcheckers"
Former repub, still repenting
12:22 PM on 03/13/2013

President ‘s Government spending percent increases per year
Reagan 82-85 8.7%
Reagan 86-89 4.9%
Bush 1 90-93 5.4%
Clinton 94-97 3.2%
Clinton 98-01 3.9%
Bush 11 02-05 7.3%
Bush 11 06-09 8.1 %

Obama 9-12 1.4% annual increases in GOV spending

Note Obama has the lowest increases. Repubs try to skew their data by calling the FED Budget year for 2009 an Obama Budget year, when the Fed FY budget began Oct 1, 2008, with a projected deficit of $1.2 trillion before Obama even elected and raised to $1.7 trillion before Obama sworn in as the economy went in to a death spiral in the 4th QTR of 2008. Bush deficits were tripling every year starting in 2007 and remember he first ate his way through a projected 5.6 trillion surplus he was handed in 2001 from the Clinton administration.

Obama has cut deficits he was handed in half.. In repub world he increased the deficits by 400%.. a LIE.

If DEMs are socialist, Repubs are Marxist when it comes to Government spending.

In Repub’s alternate reality it’s the DEMs that are the big spenders!
12:37 PM on 03/13/2013
To paraphrase Sean Connery's character James Malone in The Untouchables: "Leave it to a Viper to bring facts to a bullsh*t party."

Thanks for the copious data.
02:21 PM on 03/13/2013
Anytime you can quote Sean Connery, something good will come from it. And I agree, Viper's posts are excellent.
Former repub, still repenting
12:12 PM on 03/13/2013
Low Taxes, Deregulation, Low Wages, record Corporate Profits.
If tax cuts, low wages(15th, 14% decline under Bush) and deregulation makes a good economy then 2008 did not happen and all is well... but even before the crash it was the worst jobs and GDP performance since 1950.

If record profits and even lower corporate taxes and the highest cash reserves in decades since 2008 is key to jobs, then we have no unemployment problems..... All is well...

But unfortunately a company can maximize profits by cutting wages, benefits and outsourcing, reducing labor demand and the power of workers to earn more... And low wage workers can't spend as much on main street for services and goods or buy your home , demand drops and more labor cuts ensue to keep profits up.....just as in great depression when unemployment was 25% in 1932, but Wallstreet had recovered...a jobless recovery.

We went to a demand economy under FDR and yes unions, min wages, overtime, 40 hour work weeks and created a middleclass and set up regulations to protect the economy from Wall Street. In 1980 we began drifting away from what made us great, back to the failed ideas under the robber barons.

Anyone who thinks this cycle over 30 years, the deindustrialization of Amercia, the loss of 80% of private industry, declining wages because more people compete for fewer jobs is good for the country and sustainable is crazy.
02:24 PM on 03/13/2013
I have been pushing extremely hard on this board for us to return manufacturing industries to our country and pay for the initial investment by eliminating corporate tax loopholes.

There is also zero excuse for a corporation being given offshore tax credits for outsourcing our jobs. e.g. 300+ workers from Sensata lost their jobs to China. Why on Earth do we reward a corporation for doing this unpatriotic catastrophe? We need to heavily tax penalize them instead. Why do we allow corporations to hide their profits in offshore tax havens?

Republicans are 100% at fault for this. Bernie Sanders has a great bill to go after offshore tax havens and get those tax dollars back to our treasury where they belong. Democrats have been pushing republicans to eliminate offshore tax credits as well.
Former repub, still repenting
02:43 PM on 03/13/2013
By the way, China pays per head for each job that is sent there... so though it was very profitable when Bain bought it here... they got a bonus from the Chinese government. directly into their pockets... Mitt was the major investor in the Cayman company that bought Sensata.

This going on while Mitt running for president and the WH taking going after China in the WTC for such bounties...

This is the guy that repubs nominated for president...
Former repub, still repenting
12:10 PM on 03/13/2013
Depressions are a lack of demand, no growth, where as recessions are a slow down.

This depression is because of high personal debt, unemployment caused by 30 years of deindustrialization and outsourcing, which then decreased demand for workers and kills wages and taxes on the reduced wages.

You have consumers spending less and business thus with excess capacity, not hiring and not spending..

Government is a big customer of businesses, having a customer spend less, does not increase demand as Hoover learned and now the EU... in other words you are in a cycle as in 1929 and the EU now of swirling around the toilet bowl.

So while I’m for balanced budgets, which other than IKE only DEMs have given us balanced budgets and surpluses, and IKE's top tax rate was 91% vs Clinton at 39%! 96% of our debt stems from repubs since 1980.

When a repub can explain how the government spending less and what they are really doing is reducing money going to states from the FED, so local taxes go up( you dont endup with more money in your pocket, just changes who you pay it to, or what you go w/o, can break the cycle and of course when you don’t make anything and we spend, most of the economic benefit goes to the country that makes the goods, that can afford to loan us the money to buy their stuff.

Former repub, still repenting
12:07 PM on 03/13/2013
One of the principle jobs of government is to regulate&protect.
One of the principle jobs of business is to bribe government not to regulate for its own self interest even above other businesses or even its own long term interest.

Governments must operate with long term vision looking at the benefits of spending 20 years building an interstate highway system or internet or items with no absolute known payback such as education for the masses . Not so much for businesses.

This is why businessmen in government have always been failures, especially as presidents(see Hoover and Bush2.. the only 2 we have ever had).. and the fact that a business operates on micro economics, a government on Macro Economics.

Different game entirely with different accounting/ecomomic models. Why the history of Businessmen as President is so bad… Hoover and Bush2.

Its why the stock market under 100 years of DEMs vs repub rates of returns 30 times better under DEMs or why Private jobs creation under DEMs and rising wages is more than twice as good as under repubs.... And per capita spending under DEMs is far lower than under repubs over the last 40 years.

Almost all of our debt is repub debt.
Former repub, still repenting
12:05 PM on 03/13/2013
First the results or WHY Repubs have created most of our debt by FAR!

1913 through 2007 Average Deficit Spending with a...

Democratic President in Office: 75.7 billion dollars average per year
Republican President in Office: 158.5 billion dollars average per year
1977 though 2007 Average Deficit Spending with a...

Democratic President in Office: 44.4 billion dollars average per year
Republican President in Office: 310.6 billion dollars average per yea
Democratic Controlled House/Senate: 167.6 billion dollars per year
Republican Controlled House/Senate: 297.3 billion dollars per year
Neutral* Controlled House/Senate: 203.7 billion dollars per year

Repub economic results mean they should not be allowed to operate a lemonade stand.