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12:42 AM on 03/13/2013
Pandora does not go back in the box.
Have you ever had an original thought of your own
08:36 AM on 03/13/2013
She was never in the box. She just opened it.
10:45 AM on 03/13/2013
I know. was quoting from the movie Pineapple Express ---->
12:40 AM on 03/13/2013
I'm surprised the US skipped a boondoggle.
Have you ever had an original thought of your own
08:36 AM on 03/13/2013
They didn't offer $20 muffins in the morning.
12:37 AM on 03/13/2013
Nuclear weapons are just a part of a Trinity NBC. When Nixon found that biological and chemical were a cheaper way to kill, he discouraged the latter. Why would you want to go back to the bad old days or encourage cheaper weapons of mass destruction? What would your new qame theory model look like? Nukes haven't been used in 70 years. We've had more recent problems with the B and the C. Pandora's box is scary - Grow up!
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12:22 AM on 03/13/2013
alas, hegemonious capitalism is antithetical to the decent, civil ways of Norway, their always well-intended prioritizing of human dignity and human need over our current agenda of insatiable greed. A far advanced ethic towards humanity among these content, healthy Scandanavians. Billionaires are not worshipped there...nor are for-profit war machines....,
12:02 AM on 03/13/2013
They should have waited for Rodman to arrive before doing this!
11:34 PM on 03/12/2013
And how many nukes does Norway have? That's like a country with no guns telling countries with guns that they shouldn't have guns. And if it wasn't for countries like us with guns Norwegians would be speaking German today.
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07:44 AM on 03/13/2013
Big differences between nukes and guns.
Hey - wasn't that our exit?
10:10 PM on 03/12/2013
Back in the day when we and the Soviets had thousands of missiles pointed at each other it would come up as a topic in town hall meetings. One evening a friend of mine stood up and suggested we should consider a pre-emptive surrender. People of course jumped right in about how we would never be the ones to shoot first and so on, and after a few minutes it was clear no one had heard his point.
If one side were to back down, odds are in 10,000 years things like communism and democracy will be forgotten anyway and we'll have moved on.
If no one backs down and all these things are used, in 10,000 years there won't be anyone around to forget them.
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09:48 PM on 03/12/2013
Never going to happen. Since the dawn of man most of our innovations have come from the desire to kill our enemies and conquer land. Most of the innovations in computers, planes, automobiles communications are a direct result of their invention or development during war time.
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12:53 AM on 03/13/2013
You said "throughout time" but computers, planes, and automobiles (and much of communications) were built in the last century. I disagree with your notion throughout time. I think you are using a broad generality without looking at any facts.
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06:46 AM on 03/13/2013
It's not a broad generality it is a fact. War is the number one driver of scientific innovation whether you like it or not. Nukes are going no where as a result.
09:32 PM on 03/12/2013
To Norway:

Go get China and North Korea's first and then get back to us.

From: The US.
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04:52 AM on 03/13/2013
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09:31 PM on 03/12/2013
I loved Norway when I visited. I wish other countries would support this.
Market Observer
08:55 PM on 03/12/2013
I support this recommendation...Otherwise, no country can morally prevent other countries from developing and testing their own weapons...
08:47 PM on 03/12/2013
I would like nothing more than a nuke free world. As a small child I visited family members who survived the Hiroshima bomb. Their stories... just the experience of hearing those first hand accounts left an enduring deep emotional impression of the horrors of nuclear weapons on a 10 yr old. However the 49 year old man recalling even the color of the sake cups of that evening cannot imagine the power to put the genie back in the bottle. I can't imagine congress, this one or future ones allowing international inspectors onto our classified military sites. And it doesn't take a genius anymore to assemble them.

Anyway, I hope something happens to improve my imagination.
08:35 PM on 03/12/2013
it could take a hundred years...but just the idea positive
TPers: Sit ur $5 *** down before I make change
01:07 AM on 03/13/2013
Honestly, it's never going to happen.
10:59 AM on 03/13/2013
never say never
08:26 PM on 03/12/2013
"It's equally amazing how few people know this international gathering even occurred."

Why is that amazing? The trend is for nations to acquire nuclear weapons, not give them up.

That genie is not going back into the bottle.
08:25 PM on 03/12/2013
Fr. Dear and Martin Sheen cited ICAN’s call to:
“take immediate action to support a
multilateral process of negotiations for a treaty banning nuclear weapons.”
Here is a Related Article and Excerpt –
“This booklet describes the growing worldwide movement for a convention and argues that, in a
world of increasing nuclear dangers, governments must prioritize such a treaty
as the next big negotiating objective of the international community.”