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10:12 PM on 09/16/2009
President Obama should allow what he calls, “governments’ unfair advantages”, to be used for consumers of health care and tax payers to lower costs while providing health care for free to everyone choosing to use a sales tax funded civilian VA style public health care system.

Instead the President is allowing the health care industry to use “governments’ unfair advantages” to increase their profits by forcing consumers and employers to involuntarily spend money to purchase insurance and services from providers that have the most expensive cost structure in the world, without the best patient outcome results.

Government could form a sales tax funded civilian VA to provide free public health care to everyone choosing public care.

The public system would coexist with private systems that would operate without government funding, mandates, or interventions.

Affordable health care must have cost controls on both the way funding to pay for services is raised and administered, and the way care and hospital facilities are operated.

Nobody can collect the money to pay for health care as cheaply as the government can through a national sales tax and nobody can deliver high quality care and medications as cost effectively as the VA has for years.

Going back and forth between free public, and user purchased private care, would allow unlimited choices, ultimate freedom, and always free public care would be available when it is needed.
Ooooo Silly Me
10:09 PM on 09/16/2009
Baucus has given us the flaming finger.
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War is a Racket - Smedley Butler
08:37 PM on 09/16/2009

Let Congress and all government workers go with out health care til then.

They must really think we're st*pid
10:28 AM on 09/17/2009
Until we stop letting them get away with fleecing and manipulating us they will continue to do just that.
There are no repercussions for them. They just kick back, collect their millions in corporate bribes and continue to make our lives more and more difficult.
It is obvious that the Constitution and Rule of Law do not apply to our treasonous government.
Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs - Feb. 24th
08:36 PM on 09/16/2009
Dr. Howard Dean thinks this is terrible for health care and I trust Dean more than Baucus - trust his intentions.
Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs - Feb. 24th
Hata ukinichukia la kweli nitakwambia
10:54 PM on 09/16/2009
A physician who understands Government Policy.

Winning Combo.
35 yrs, female Georgia early voted 4 Obama2012!
08:12 PM on 09/16/2009
This bill is s**t ......Nuff said.
07:27 PM on 09/16/2009
I dare you all to read this---

those of you worried about socialism I say this is communism---taking total control away from the doctors and patients---

If you really read this and tried to understand exactly what is going on you can find this in your back yard.

here in the OC we had one of our hospitals close and sure enough another big one in town took it over---

so now we have two to choose from instead of three---

Wake up people it's all about take over-----and the enemy is not our governement but our corroporations-----
09:23 PM on 09/16/2009
Actually it both Government and Corporations

JFK spoke of this 5 years ago and hit the mark
01:55 AM on 09/17/2009
It's been more than five years... way more.
07:11 PM on 09/16/2009
What's the difference between Baucus and Pence? Both represent the same-type base. But Pense more appropriately has CongressionL influence reflecting his political clout. Baucus disregarded the Senate Finance Committee that reflects in numbers the Senate status of both parties and DELEGATED a committee of 6 Senbators: three Republicans and three Bluedogs to write the Senate's Healthcare Bill. These are the kind of stunts that Communist minorities in Stalin occupied East Europe used to impose Comunism on those unfortunate countries. Trouble is that the Democrat Party is AC/DC and has a Rove Complex on culture War so it tries to prove it is "whitey.". Baucus's old report called for putting on Medicare people from 40s on up, realizing that it's then that expensive chronic diseases start. Though older workers are more productive than younger ones, they are layedoff because their healthcare is more expensive; hence Medicare solution. But then government covers expensive half of life, for-profit Healthcare Coprs cover inexpensive half. It's the smoking, drinking, eating and body abuse you do in first half that cause expensive chronic diseases; reform by the 40s is too late. Baucus plan means paying healthcare while well so for-profits dump them once expensively ill. Do you wonder why they gave $ millions to Baucus?
06:40 PM on 09/16/2009
Lives are cheap to the Blue Dogs and Rethugs.

It only took 3 million is Baucus's pocket to screw over 300 million Americans.
08:19 PM on 09/16/2009
Bacus - 3 million over 6 years

Obama - millions in 1 year

In the LOBBYING & INFLUENCE tab - only contains lobbying money according to the site - 'individual' refers to individual lobbyists - rather than the lobbying firm that employs them
This is just Pharma – Obama’s take - $1.1 million
Congress take from Pharma –
Health Services/HMOs
Presidential Candidates - Obama is #1 with $1.4 million:

Congress - Dems took in twice as much as Repubs from health services/HMO lobbying:
Hata ukinichukia la kweli nitakwambia
10:09 PM on 09/16/2009
what a joke.
01:56 AM on 09/17/2009
And how many times do you charge Medicare for the same patient?
06:02 PM on 09/16/2009
With or without the now-shriveled public option, all the main Democatic bills are WORSE than no reform. They neither control costs nor significantly expand coverage, but now FORCE people to buy the overpriced, gap-ridden products of the HMOs. Just another cynical corporate bailout tricked out as "reform."

The prhase "public option" has become an MSM buzzword vaguely meaning "something like Medicare." But the pub-op proposals on the table are nothing like Medicare. In fact, they have been cynically neutered to present no threat to the HMOs or to offer any path to single payer.

The corporate elite plays for keeps--they are always at least a dozen strategic steps ahead of the opposition. They feign apoplexy over the public option even though they have covertly worked to reduce it to a harmless nullity.

Heads they win, tails we lose.

Please see the following:

1. "Bait and Switch: How the Public Option Was Sold"

.2. "Does the Congressional Progressive Caucus Care About Its Progressive Principles?"

3. Reply to Critics
06:58 PM on 09/16/2009
Thanks Vanmungo.

All very good articles which, taken together, provide a solid understanding of the situation.

For a primer on Single-Payer, to help anyone interested in being able to discuss the pros and cons of Single-Payer, or to prepare yourself with the information you need to be an effective advocate on behalf of all Americans, see Physicians for a National Health Program's (PNHP) FAQ:
11:57 PM on 09/16/2009
Amazing information. Thank you.
Independent Populist
05:48 PM on 09/16/2009
Max Baucus, I wish you a pre-existing condition without health care coverage because that is what you deserve.
05:44 PM on 09/16/2009
The CBO projects that HR3200 and Public Option wouldl cost two TRILLION dollars over ten years. Now Bacus is giving us Co-ops for one TRILLION. But what are co-ops. Actuarily unbalanced time boms. Single-payer HR676 probably can be done for 2 TRIILION. That amounts to about $1.70 a day per person. And you can probably raise that amount by small sin taxes on things like burgers, fries, soft drinks, pastries, cakes, bagels, cigarettes, gambling and booze. The amount probably won’t affect behavior in the least, but it will pay for healthcare when needed.

But Limbaugh Loonies won’t stand for new T-A-X-E-S. No. They apply the same logic that makes us ship $700 billion to the oil fields of the middle east, instead of investing in solar, wind and electric cars in the US that would save all of that foreign debt. They'd rather our investment class send money to China for them to build the infrastructure to make the solar panels, wind turbines, and electric cars of the modern world. And guess what? They have universal health care!
35 yrs, female Georgia early voted 4 Obama2012!
10:54 PM on 09/16/2009
I agree with you. The south will have an uprising on taxing anything that clogs their arteries or impairs their judgement.......I've seen a handful of commercials here in Georgia telling us to ask Congress to let us enjoy our soda-(nothing but a can of sugar)....I wish they would just go with Single Payer...
02:43 AM on 09/17/2009
?? Judgement ?? They have that down there?
01:51 AM on 09/17/2009
LOL bagels are a sin? Why not also tax corn oil but not canola, margarine, mayo, red meat but not turkey, 4% cottage cheese but not low fat cottage cheese ......
04:44 PM on 09/18/2009
Don't recall going that far, but that's how you folks think. Bagls may have been a poor choice. Lattes and Cappucinos woild have been better. The point is that any taxes imposed to pay for a public program should be aligned as closely as possible to that program.
Independent Populist
05:38 PM on 09/16/2009
Baucus has blood on his hands.

American citizens are going to be without healthcare coverage because of this man's greed.

If they don't survive because of lack of healthcare, they and their families can blame Baucus the traitor to his fellow citizens.
05:37 PM on 09/16/2009
All the health care reform bills coming out of the various committees in the House and Senate are deeply flawed. But what can you expect from a Congress that reminds us almost daily how corrupt and self-absorbed they are. Getting re-elected and amassing power is all that the majority of our Representatives care about. Truly serving you, their constituents is the last thing they are really interested in.

None of the health care reform bills are going to change the 10% to 15% annual medical trend that we have been seeing for years. There is nothing in their that will significantly change consumer behavior, Physician behavior or trial lawyer behavior.

The best thing we can do at future elections is vote out all incumbents regardless of their Party affiliation. They have all done a lousy job so lets fire them. The newly elected will quickly get the message that its about serving us not themselves.
05:49 PM on 09/16/2009
If anything government involvement will only make things worse.

I'm with you on voting out ALL incumbents. Ds and Rs to the side the only way to bring real change is cleaning house. Corrupt politicians need to start applying for real jobs.
06:27 PM on 09/16/2009
Frankly, I think waiting for elections is too little too late. We have to ORGANIZE instead of blogging. For the life of me I can't see how Obama organized America and got me to travel to Ohio and Pennsylvanis for three weeks at my own (fixed income) expense to get him elected. Yet now, he can't (nor MoveOn or other orgs can't) organize a march on Washington to push Single-Payer forward.

If MLK could organize a million-man march before the days of the internet, and Louis Farrakhan could do 750,000, we should be able to do FIVE MILLION. The conservative know that boots on the ground are what count when it comes to legislation, and inflated the numbers of boots adds more credence. But if we actually did bring that city to a grinding halt, no one could dispute it. Not the MSM, not Faux News
05:16 PM on 09/16/2009
I just finished reading the Bill it is a rewrite of Medicare and Medicaid system to its determent.

I found nothing that would help the mid-class and even less for Medicare.

Everything had a sliding scale except for the insurance companies they have caps on payable fees and fines.

This Bill was written by the lawyers from the insurance companies.

The one small segment on Co-ops is vague and full of possible corruption.

I would rate the Bill an "F" for failure to help anyone but the companies bottom line.
05:20 PM on 09/16/2009
In case others want to read the bill:
Independent Populist
05:33 PM on 09/16/2009
and "F" for f_c_K the American public
05:13 PM on 09/16/2009
We should've just done a blanket Medicare for everyone and called it done. Why Americans are so whacked about a government run health care system is beyond me. I've lived in several European countries that provide health care for their citizens and they love it. Just try taking it away from them and let me tell you, they'd revolt. They don't worry about being turned down for health care or going broke if they get sick, having their health care provider drop them if they get cancer and call it a pre-existing condition etc. They think we're crazy. Of course, the same fools who protest government run health care, don't blink an eye over the money this country has spent in the last 60 years on stupid wars (Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan). We're all corporate slaves.......