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09:31 PM on 03/16/2013
bizne$$ & pollution dont mix.
09:05 PM on 03/16/2013
Global warming my foot. Gore is one of the biggest con artists of this and the last century. I urge everyone reading this to research the real data and compare it to Gore's fabricated data. Here is one clue to how the Gore gang operates. There is no "consensus." Consensus means that all parties agree and that is just not true.
10:51 PM on 03/16/2013
Al Gore! Drink!

Al Gore is not a scientist. "Gore's fabricated data" is, ironically enough, a fabrication.

You don't like Al Gore. But you have no idea of what the real evidence is like, the evidence revealed in the peer-reviewed scientific literature, where the standards of evidence are vastly more stringent than in journalism. And you have no idea of the ironclad physics that shows how increasing CO2 increases the equilibrium temperature of the earth.
04:35 PM on 03/17/2013
O.K. Show me in deatil and cite your sources. That is all I am saying. You don't have to get upset.
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11:57 PM on 03/16/2013
Already did the research... oh I mean googling. There's no denying that humanity has caused rising CO2 levels, and that it IS an infrared absorber. Been proven long ago when there were doubts about whether or not too much soot and smog (officially, the science of aerosols) would over compensate for the redirected (back to Earth) otherwise space bound infrared (heat) caused by excess CO2 molecules.
Therefore, since we are all afraid of carbon taxes (why else would we all "not like" global warming) we should figure out REAL solutions instead of clamoring to age old theories and political mishaps... use the 7C's..
Convert CO2 into Calcium Carbonate via Carbon Capture Catalyst ;)
04:38 PM on 03/17/2013
With all due respect, googling is not research. I don't care what you choose to believe, but do more than parrot others. Like I told the other reader, "show me in detail and cite your sources." If not, these type of message boards are useless.
07:55 PM on 03/16/2013
I'll say this again. The more we continue to breakup the ice into smaller pieces at both poles, the faster ice it will melt. Keep the ships, and tourists out, because it only adds to the problem speeding up global warming and faster ice melt. Think I'm kidding. Put some ice cubes in one glass, and put crushed ice in another, both of the same weight, add water and see which one melts, and loses its cold temperature first. Doesn't take a Rocket Scientist.
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Promote freedom AND science
12:44 AM on 03/17/2013
This is a very minute trivial concern compared to the actual whole of humanity accelerating co2 emissions... and not really trying to do anything about it. Geologic sequestration is not right, however, mineral sequestration via carbon capture catalyst. So is the exponential growth of solar and wind.
From the perspective of the entire Antarctic, a few cruise ships (and their CO2 emissions) are "nothing". If anything, might raise the awareness such that a rich tourist might want to learn how to develop the machinery required to actually help STOP global warming, that is, the machinery needed to mass produce the machinery needed to make 100,000 square miles of solar panels AND such to convert CO2 into calcium carbonates ;)
prosaic quotidian
06:59 AM on 03/17/2013
What we need is another 100,000 square miles of slash-and-burned pristine tropical rainforest for the Warmists GMO monocropped biofuels plantations, after they run off all the aboriginals and campesanos into urban ghettos, so they can force Americans to burn five BILLION bushels of human food grains at their Altar of AGW, and pretend that logging for GMOs and food burning has nothing to do with starving the world's poor, because Warmists are "Good Guys" in Ten Gallon Hats, and they would Never Hurt A Fly~!
09:06 AM on 03/17/2013
Exactly, it's ships that cause global warming. I read it on
02:02 PM on 03/17/2013
Hi James Dey of London, England.

Back so soon, after being banned yesterday as climate god69?

By the way, I thought you'd been banned permanently from skepticalscience, James Dey, for willfully impersonating Georgia Tech professor, Judith Curry.

Or is the following not you again?

From Skeptical Science:

Daniel Bailey at 11:12 AM on 6 February, 2012

"As a general announcement, a known spammer (jdey123/mace) has perpetrated fraud by masquerading as scientist Judith Curry on this thread. His comments and those replies to him were deleted from the thread.

Skeptical Science apologizes to Doctor Curry for this travesty."


Why not dispense with the suspense and tell us what your next alias is going to be, once your current one is banned again? You know it won't be long.

Right Jim?
I'm so pretty!
06:48 PM on 03/16/2013
Google "antarctic point of inaccessibility" for a giggle.
To serve man.
11:10 AM on 03/17/2013
Amazing. I thought it was a joke.
I'm so pretty!
03:57 PM on 03/17/2013
It would be funny to sneak in there and change it to a bust of Jerry Lewis.
If you're not laughing you're not paying attention
05:18 PM on 03/16/2013
I thought we were supposed to visit it quickly before all the glaciers slide off into the sea.
07:01 PM on 03/16/2013
Considering the continent itself is covered in a two mile thick ice sheet you've got another 100,000 years or more if you're worried about seeing ice.
If you're not laughing you're not paying attention
08:53 PM on 03/16/2013
I heard the melt was lubricating the glaciers' undersides thereby accelerating their descent into the sea.  The scientists keep finding their conservative estimates of glacial descent to be too slow, from what I hear.  Don't buy oceanfront property...
Seriously, it's time.
02:57 AM on 03/17/2013
It's hard to see more than 100-feet of ice melting a year, but only an inch? You are a very optimistic deluded person.