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Dan Cheshire
You are a risen ape, not a fallen angel.
09:40 AM on 03/16/2013
There is no truth where religion is concerned. Only lies, cover-ups and denial. Corruption and persecution are the fundamental beliefs that drive the church forward.
10:39 AM on 03/16/2013
You are confusing the political/quasi-governmental structure of religion and religion. The genius of the Northern Europeans was that they realized that all you needed for Christian worship was a bible, people literate who could read the bible and fellow believers. The Catholics were more concerned with preserving their political power than in preserving and spreading their religion. That is why the Northern Europeans had a better "business model" than the Southern Europeans and the others.
Dan Cheshire
You are a risen ape, not a fallen angel.
10:44 AM on 03/16/2013
Nope.  No confusion here, only in your own mind.  I understand religion from a complete and thorough 360-degree view.  There are no mysteries for me where religion is concerned.  It is all chicanery, sleight of hand and good conman-ship.  All gods are false and all religions are cults. 
11:36 AM on 03/16/2013
And look what that brought us. Modern fundamentalist Protestants who are no better than the Taliban. Your revered northern Europeans, and their 'game plan', from that time period are a scourge in my century.
Mary Liz Bartell
DeColores! Ultreya! (onward)
11:18 AM on 03/16/2013
No, you've been deceived. There is Truth in Jesus Christ. And belief in Jesus Christ and not politics is the guiding force of the universal Church. As people like to distort the Truth in order to feel comfortable with how they live many have decided that the rules as enforced by the leaders of the Church are not for them and try to form their own religions to make themselves god instead of Jesus. All authority of Christ Jesus remains with the Roman Catholic Church. I believe this with all my heart and I receive Eucharist, I worship Jesus alone. It's not men, it's God that keeps his Church going amid scandal, corrupt individuals, human sinfulness. If it were not for God's spirit dwelling in the Church, it would not have made it to today. The Church is a relationship between us and God, not an institution, not a political party.
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Debra Martinez
Who is your God...
11:47 AM on 03/16/2013
The church is a relationship between us and GOD? I belive that to be wrong.. Sorry...
11:54 AM on 03/16/2013
You cannot separate the RCC from it's insitution and governmental structure.....that is ridiculous.
Fly fisherman
09:30 AM on 03/16/2013
Amazing history lesson, it's nice to know the context of St. Patrick's day. Now I believe it is only proper that I head off to the parade and drink some whiskey in honor of St. Patricius!
Believe 1/2 of what u see, nothing of what u hear
10:38 AM on 03/16/2013
Yes and enjoy yourself and dont drink and drive. Just enjoy the day.