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Keep on Truckin'
02:34 AM on 03/21/2013
Bud who?
You can't fool all the people all the time~
10:22 PM on 03/20/2013
Craft beers FTW!! Why on earth people still drink the macro swills when there are SO MANY incredible, diverse flavors and alcohol contents is a mystery. Saint Arnolds right here in Houston, TX has amazing brews, great tours on weekdays & saturday, and really fun parties that build a real sense of community and break down social barriers by mixing up people who might not normally socialize with each other. Find a local craft brewery in your area & take a tour!! Most of them offer the tours (with tastings!!), and they REALLY want your business and loyalty, unlike the macros, who could care or less about taste and quality. The craft brewers, like New Belgium in Colorado, are also doing some amazing environmental responsibility stuff. Plus, patronizing your local brewerys keeps money directly in your local economy~and helps support local jobs in the brewery, stores, retail outlets, and sporting events. What you might call a "win~win".
Quest and the mysterians
Trout fishing in America
09:42 PM on 03/20/2013
Craft beer in many cases is stronger than macro. One six pack of 6.5% abv will take you to happy beer land.
Animal Loving, Tree Hugging America Loving Liberal
10:12 AM on 03/21/2013
The 9.0% Hoppy IPA does a very nice job. Love this trend.
BTW it only comes in a Growler at this point. Which is OK because you need to drink it all if you pop the top.
The Weather is Aways Nicer in Coos Bay
06:28 PM on 03/20/2013
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06:13 PM on 03/20/2013
So maybe we're not yet "living in the final part of the days" after all!
Political Prisoner 2012
Stick a spork in 'em. The republicons are done.
06:10 PM on 03/20/2013
Craft beer explosion?

Are you telling me someone FINALLY split beer atoms? Seriously? Yahoo!
Animal Loving, Tree Hugging America Loving Liberal
10:13 AM on 03/21/2013
Isn't Beer more like Fusion?
Freedom is a road seldom traveled by the multitude
04:32 PM on 03/20/2013
Personally, I haven't had an Anheuser-Busch or MillerCoors product in a very long time.
03:40 PM on 03/20/2013
I don't think craft beer drinking is a fad or mere trend. Rather I see it as a long-term change in global beer drinking orientation. Simply put, once you acquire the taste for craft beer, you're never going back to macro, cereal-based beer. It's just colored water.

Bud and Miller will grow this segment as they have already have. For instance Bud acquired Goose Island (Chicago) and self-launched Shock Top. Miller bought Leinenkugel which was founded in, I believe, the late 1800s. Look for more of both types of expansion.

Sam Adams, btw, is not considered to be a macro. It produces only a fraction of what either of the big 2 does. However, it's nearing the limit of what still can be considered by many to be a craft beer, even though its quality is well-respected everywhere except by those under the influence of mind-labels such as "small and exclusive" as their over-arching evaluation standard, which is to say, by Craft Beer Snobs.

Craft beer is here to stay. In craft beer bars it has even been heard when witnessing a Bud being bought: "And your second one comes with a free intervention!"
06:57 PM on 03/20/2013
The reason mass produced beers have been so successful is that they are perfectly suited to mass American tastes.
They taste like yellow fizz water, but that's what we like. I'm not one of the "we".
It seems like our collective taste is slowly evolving. Maybe the influence of more immigrants has slapped American taste buds in the face, or maybe we just got bored.
In any case, it's a good thing. I used to walk into a liquor store and was dismayed to see only Budweiser, Miller, and the usual crap. Now, I walk into a Binny's, and there are walls full of hundreds of varieties of craft beer!
The depressing part is that I won't live long enough to try them all.
I better get to work on that. Excuse me.
07:14 PM on 03/20/2013
I'm doing my share, too. Onward and outward goes my beer belly! ;
03:27 PM on 03/20/2013
Craft beer is an easy win since mass beer tastes like...nothing.

Local craft beer is also considerably "greener": No need for diesel semis hauling a product that is 95% water half way across the continent, microbreweries also recycle waste products more, several use solar or wind power, no bottles or cans for beer consumed onsite or via growler, plus providing local jobs and community color.
01:36 PM on 03/20/2013
I can't stand macros... They all taste like watered down wheat and metal to me. Sam Adams is the only macro I can really stand.

Some of the British macros aren't too bad, I'm a fan of Fuller's ESB especially.
Kris Rosvold
REAL repub. (aka OLD school progressive)
12:41 PM on 03/20/2013
They can buy as many breweries as they want to, unless I can shake the Brewmasters' hand I'm not buying the beer..... When I can buy local I DO!
as rockey mountain elkpiss or buttwiper...NEVER!
Animal Loving, Tree Hugging America Loving Liberal
10:16 AM on 03/21/2013
I love your bio. It's hard to explain that to most of today's GOP/TB.
Thinking outside the box is for smart people...
11:03 AM on 03/20/2013
Why do you think the big two are trying to buy up every small craft beer company they possibly can? Because their own product is so awful and because they don't want to do the heavy lifting when it comes to creativity and innovation. Why work hard to come up with a better product, when there are plenty of easy-to-acquire brewers who will do the creative work for you, then let you shove your foot in the door and seize control of their operation?
07:20 AM on 03/20/2013
That is some fuzzy math. At least the article admits the projections shouldn't be taken too seriously. The acquiring new brands or making better beers is mentioned, but it's a crucial factor if you wanted to pretend this scenario could happen. The big two are huge multinational companies that happily buy other companies or replicate the structures. If the trend continues towards more craft-oriented beers (already a big 'if'), the line between the two categories will blur. It's happened already: Anheuser-Busch bought Goose Island, Coors makes Blue Moon, etc. The big companies have even more craft beers if you count distribution deals and minority stakes like Redhook (distribution + 32% owned by Anheuser-Busch). Plus, those big companies retain their advantages with shelf space and distribution.

If you really wanted to make projections far into the future, the real question to ask is about distribution channels, not beer style. Will the structural advantages of a large distribution network operated directly by the brewer exist? If the answer is yes, then massive beverage corporations will likely still dominate.
not the singer from Genesis
09:35 PM on 03/19/2013
The Anheuser-Busch lobbyists will just force Congress to outlaw craft beer if this happens. Craft brewers will the be labeled "terrorists" by the NSA.
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Ostapuk Ivano1
5 year educator in NYC
08:05 PM on 03/19/2013
Beer kills more people than assault weapons. Ban them both...if it saves just one child's life...
08:46 PM on 03/19/2013
When beer and assault weapons are outlawed, only outlaws will....have any fun
is happily godless
09:27 PM on 03/19/2013
Lesson for the teacher: we tried that before, prohibition creates more problems than its intention to solve. See David Okrent's Prohibition or the Ken Burns documentary based on the book.