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05:01 PM on 09/18/2009
Have you checked out Orlando Bloom on It appears he has several movies that will be out next year. I don't know which if any of them are expected to be blockbusters like Lord of the Rings, but he's obviously working. Maybe he wants to do something different. Maybe you could have tried to contact him and find out?
04:02 PM on 09/18/2009
Much ado about mediocrity.
Tallulah Morehead
Award-Eligible Film Legend
09:35 PM on 09/18/2009
Very funny. I wish I'd said it.
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03:49 PM on 09/18/2009
maybe it is the curse of the ring of power. Seriously I shake my head over the praise for Gladiator. Gladiator was the World Wresting Federation remake of an intelligent 1966 film The Fall of the Roman Empire. Dumb down a literate movie making it about a brooding action hero, emphasis the gladiator contest - make the villain a simplistic cartoon - have the hero endure a ridiculous amount of unfair villainy and circumstances-- just like a contrived wrestling match and voila - oscar. Maximus after being slashed open is -for God sake- jumped on from behind by a Tiger and is still able to prevail over a cardboard villain. (Hulk Hogan is pounded without defense a dozen full blows only gets stronger) Compare the excellent portrayal by Christopher Plummer fo Commodius to the Galdiator version. Compare the organic way in which the Stephen Boyd Maximus goads Plummer into a impromptu gladiatorial contest in which the Praetorians form the arena. Consistent story based on character with intelligent dialogue compared to over the top cartoon action hero. Couldnt Galdiator at least use an original story since the plot was little more than a vehicle for vapid action sequences.
03:00 PM on 09/18/2009
Nothing against the guy, but I've always found him to be rather dull. He's just not a very interesting actor.
02:57 PM on 09/18/2009
Excellent article.

Hollywood is quick to capitalize on and exploit hot actors, and equally quick in dropping them when they sense the fickle winds of fame are changing. Agents and stars may be interested in a star's long-haul career strategy, but studios and the entertainment media are only interested in capitalizing on a performer's fleeting popularity and selling product NOW. There's simply no financial incentive for them to manage or limit celebrity exposure. It's amazing how quickly a hot actor can turn into a joke or object of contempt.

Sure, everybody has something nice to say about Patrick Swayze now, for instance, but for the past ten years he had been out of vogue and struggling to get decent work. When Costner dies the entertainment media and studio execs will have nothing but nice things to say about him, but right now he's the butt of water cooler jokes and rolled eyes. In that industry, actors are just disposable products with a limited shelf life, not resources to be wisely managed over the long term.
02:57 PM on 09/18/2009
I hadn't noticed Orlando Bloom was gone.

So what if he's not in a movie this summer? Have you ever heard of a break?

Besides, who cares about Orlando Bloom anyway?

He's not Russell Crowe, a great actor who is also very masculine. He's a skinny kid kinda guy who is okay in certain roles ...
05:17 PM on 09/18/2009
hahaha, really, did you just say that. Russell Crowe a great actor who is very masculine. hahaha
Tallulah Morehead
Award-Eligible Film Legend
09:36 PM on 09/18/2009
Well Crowe is pretty masculine. No one ever said he throws a phone like a girl.
02:40 PM on 09/18/2009
Since Bloom was plucked out of school to play in LOTR, and has been expected to carry movies ever since, it's not fair to compare him to actors who toiled for years on stage, in small movies, perfecting their craft. If he's not seen for a while, perhaps that would give him a chance to join a good theater company, work with coaches, fill in the gaps in his learning. On the other hand, if he doesn't have another hit, he will always be famous for "They're Taking The Hobbits To Isengard!"
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08:48 PM on 09/19/2009
There are worse things to be famous for than saying a line in a great movie. But it's nice to read something reasonable about the guy. I'm waiting for his next work, either way. He seems a good sort, & generosity in an actor will sooner or later be rewarded.
02:16 PM on 09/18/2009
Thank you for voicing my opinion. I loved Kingdom of Heaven, and of course the big blockbusters, too. Troy was so poorly written that I was embarrassed for all of the actors. I don't know how they got through the dialogue with as much dignity as they did. To blame Orlando for the mess of the character that is Paris is just cruel. He played the part that was written for him. That's what an actor is hired to do.

Orlando needs to get himself involved with some good indie films and show people what he is really made of.
07:23 PM on 09/19/2009
Please tell me you're a teenage girl. Or at least a middle-aged woman that's lusting after this talentless actor. You loved kingdom of heaven....really????

People like you are the reason Hollywood puts so much money in bad movies...for some reason they make money.

Good job!
Cause they're hip to the bull and hip to the lies.
01:49 PM on 09/18/2009
He's ever so pretty, don't get me wrong. But I just don't think he's that good an actor. Period. Supporting character, yes, in some movies. But none of his biggest grossing movies grossed that much because of him. He just ain't that good, sorry.
"Conservative" is not a political party, genius.
01:23 PM on 09/18/2009
Did anyone have the Orlando Bloomin Onion at Chili's?

It's fantastic.
01:17 PM on 09/18/2009
I'm generally pro-Bloom but what an odd post. Not lease because you say Orland Bloom has "not a single major film on the horizon". I just imdb'd him, he's got 4 films in various states of production/pre-production/post-production. He's also in New York, I Love You which has a huge big name cast (looks kind of sucky though). So what on earth are you talking about?

Personally, I'd rather see more Ryan Gosling, but he's picky.
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02:48 PM on 09/18/2009
It's a bizarre post by someone who purports to know what he's talking about. I did the same thing:

Projects In Development (2 titles)
Fools Rush In - Actor, Co-producer 2010
The Cross - Actor 2010

Films In Production (3 titles)
The Red Circle - Corey (rumored) 2011
Main Street - Harris Parker 2009
Sympathy for Delicious - The Stain 2009

Past Films & Videos (16 titles)
New York, I Love You - David (segment "Shunji Iwai") 2009

Oh, Orlando Bloom...where are you?! Where oh where?!!
01:04 PM on 09/18/2009
He needs to produce his own films. I'm sure that he has the resources and name to gather funding for indie projects, which still turn out to make major money at times.

But the real problem is the mind-numbing stupidity of the general public and the Hollywood establishment, who can't tell an actor from his roles.
12:52 PM on 09/18/2009
Isn't Orlando Bloom in "Glee"?
Student, gamer, movie fan
12:07 PM on 09/18/2009
Thank you for your thoughtful article. I liked all those movies you mentioned.

I loved Kingdom of Heaven and enjoyed it very much. It rang true in the way it portrayed the Crusades and the Crusaders...some were truly religious men who thought they were doing the right thing for God, and others were opportunistic, sadistic tyrants looking for their fortune in gold from the Holy Land. He (Bloom) had a very hard line to walk between being a tough and no-nonsense warrior and being a kind and generous, albeit reluctant "master", which I think he played admirably.

I had read and re-read the tale of the Trojan War in the Iliad many times and I always envisioned Paris as a putz and an amoral interloper in the marriage of Agamemnon and Helen. Bloom did an exceptional job of playing Paris true to his nature as written by Homer.

As far as POTC is concerned...Captain Jack would not have been half as funny if he didn't have Will Turner around to be his foil, and sometime patsy. Those movies would just not have worked without the Will Turner character, sometimes you don't need a flashy performance from your "straight-man" character... you need him to be solid and understated.

The only detrimental thing I have to say about Mr. Bloom is he is a little too pretty for my taste...I tend to go for rougher types like Gerard Butler in Rock'N'Rolla. But that's just me.
11:57 AM on 09/18/2009
Have to disagree w/you on this one. His movies, Kingdom of Heaven & Elizabethtown in particular, were badly written but his acting in them was terrible. A good actor can rise above a bad script or even bad dialogue. He has a very narrow range of acting ability. I'm surprised that Hollywood gave him two chances. Good grief, did you see him in Troy? He did everything but stare at the camera. I was surprised to learn he attended drama school, but on further analysis he does have the "learned" skills of acting, as opposed to the gut instincts of an actor, which cannot be taught.
He was good in the LOTR trilogy because little acting was required of him....his character didn't speak much. And his over the top style of emoting was what the POTC franchise needed. But he CANNOT portray a realistic character, or someone w/a lot of emotion. He cannot do comedy. He flat out missed the point of several scenes in Elizabethtown.
He's more of a celebrity, or a Movie Star, than he is an actor. I'm surprised that a film critic actually stands up for him. He has never displayed any range or ability to transcend himself at all. Plus, his career has suffered from the marketing scheme he selected - you have to be awfully good to transcend a teen heart-throb label. He should stick w/movies that show off his good looks, and leave the real acting parts to someone else.