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Harvee Wallbanger
Republicans... I got no use for you.
01:02 AM on 03/21/2013
They certainly should try it out. Those helmets can break knee caps and much more. The problem is that many ball carriers may have to move away from a style that they have used successfully and that has got them to the big leagues. Unfortunately, that adjustment may not be so easy for some.
12:24 AM on 03/21/2013
As for the comments on this was not the league I grew up watching, yea it's not the same league I grew up watching as well. Players are bigger and faster, than even a decade ago. The Cowboys 90's O-line were seen as a mammoth O-line, but now, many NFL squads all have O-linemen like. Look at players like Megatron, JJ Watts. I think Megatron may challenge Jerry Rice's records before his career is done. Suh is a beast. This guy makes Warren Sap look smaller.

Something has to give when these bigger and faster bodies collide. When players have on padding, they feel like they can hit harder/take harder hits. You can't take away the hits in football, but I feel the NFL can do things to protect the health of their players.

And just because they make a certain amount a year is no justification to say they are whining and they are playing with the inherent risks. True, football is a violent game but why not try and limit injuries? Also, people say they work at dangerous jobs all the time and I am sure they do. BUT! and not to come off as a jerk, they are not professional athletes. So why would we pay money to watch them play football?
Lighten up Francis
02:27 AM on 03/21/2013
I recall when Jumbo Elliot was actually "jumbo" sized.
02:03 PM on 03/21/2013
That Giants O-line during Jumbo's days in his prime were a big bunch of guys. The Hogs were a big bunch of guys. Compare them to the Cowboys O-line of the 90's and they seem like regular NFL players, maybe oversized 3-4 backers. Looking at the linemen in today's NFL makes the Cowboys 90's O-line look like normal players.
12:14 AM on 03/21/2013
The NFL has evolved over the years in terms of player safety and it has only benefited the league even more. I mean, doesn't it make business sense to keep your star players on the field, the guys who sell the tickets and jerseys, and for them to keep on performing at a high level?

I bet if we ask players from 10-20 years ago, many would say they wish they had the protections that players today have, i.e. blows to the head. I am a huge Cowboys fan. I wish they had the hits to the head rule when he was playing. I am sure many 9ers fans feel the same way in re Young.

I would imagine Jeff Fischer knows a thing or two when it comes to RB's and their safety. I trust his judgement in his yes vote.
Kent Gutknecht
friends dont let friends vote republican
12:10 AM on 03/21/2013
The problem is regulation! The marketplace solves all. Did Imperial Rome try and regulate the safety of the Colosieum? These are our national bloodsports. Instead I suggest the players be allowed to carry concealed weapons(after all it IS our 2nd amendment) and the officials on field be gotten rid of! In addition, the fans should be equipped with an electronic device for signaling "thumbs up" or "thumbs down".
11:43 PM on 03/20/2013
Really....people on this thread know what the problem is: helmets! No more helmets. Get rid of all padding and helmets. Until you get rid of helmets nothing will change.

I don't see football surviving another 50 years unless they change radically.
12:28 AM on 03/21/2013
Football is the highest rated and gossing sport in the nation. It's not going anywhere. Even in 50 years.
SomeOligarchs need a good old fashion Vulcan Pinch
12:50 PM on 03/21/2013
"I don't see football surviving another 50 years unless they change radically."

We'll be lucky if humanity survives another 50 years let alone football.
11:39 PM on 03/20/2013
Just remove ALL padding and helmets from the game. Problem solved.
Kent Gutknecht
friends dont let friends vote republican
12:11 AM on 03/21/2013
clothing as well. go back to the ancient olympics
Vieux motard que Jamais.
01:45 AM on 03/21/2013
Just like Rugby, but it takes real men to do that.
Stephanie T
11:27 PM on 03/20/2013
What about cut blocks??? Nothing? Seriously?
Highly decorated HP warrior
11:27 PM on 03/20/2013
I have a serious problem with the proposal to allow tight ends to use numbers in the 40s.  Everyone knows they should be in the 80s.  What is wrong with this country? 
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03:00 AM on 03/21/2013
and the numbers are much too big....we're not blind....

and I'm sorry, but the pink shoes for
breast awareness.....the rich NFL and
players should just give a bit more money...
p doodle dandy
11:22 PM on 03/20/2013
Dearest NFL, here's two suggestions:

1. Prevent overly-sensitive mothers from watching the game..this will prevent them from whining to their Congressman/Congresswoman, who will, in turn, create these vomitatious rules..

2. Take away the helmets..go back to the days when men played the sport for the love of the game. Take a look at Rugby and you will see real men playing a violent sport without concussions because without a helmet men naturally slow down and do not lower their heads.

Class dismissed.
11:59 PM on 03/20/2013
Some of these mothers may have a future HOF'er growing up in their homes.
11:19 PM on 03/20/2013
I'm sure that the game as it was, is going to be missed by the dyed-in-the-wool NFL fans. Brain Injury is nothing to laugh about, though. Read about it. Talk to someone who has had a brain injury. Talk to a family member of someone who died because of a brain injury. Second impact syndrome occurs when someone returns to the game too fast after having a concussion. It is often fatal.
Your mico-bio is empty.
11:14 PM on 03/20/2013
This is a sad day as the pussification of America continues.
Jack Glastra
My best comments are still pending.
12:57 AM on 03/21/2013
Have you ever actually played football?
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03:01 AM on 03/21/2013
more like chicken hawks....neocon's from Rice, Bush, Cheney,
Rumy, etc. who didn't mind unnecessary war's $$$$$
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10:56 PM on 03/20/2013
No more tuck rule! The way God intended when he took a look at baseball and golf and realized we needed a real sport for Sunday afternoons. (After all, Mrs. God got synchronized swimming and figure skating.)
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10:48 PM on 03/20/2013
I no longer recognize this great game I used to play and love to watch. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I might finally be over the NFL this year.
I believe in one less god than you do
10:46 PM on 03/20/2013
Bring back "clotheslining", "forearm slams", "helmet slaps", "clipping", heck what I really miss from the old days is times like when Turkey Jones pile drove Terry Bradshaw's head into the ground.

Yeah, that's the ticket!
10:45 PM on 03/20/2013
This same sort of silly over-reaction happened when they brought in a lot of safety rules to the Australian Football League over the last several decades. People predicted doom, they said things like "nobody will watch anymore", "it'll turn into soccer", etc etc.

That game is quite different now than it was when I was a kid in the 70s. But it's still a great game, still satisfyingly aggressive and violent, but now with better protection for the most skilled players. And the crowds are bigger than ever.

The NFL has a similar advantage as the AFL does in Australia - it's got a big lead as the most popular game in town - so it can afford to take a risk or two. In the end, what else are you going to watch?