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04:22 PM on 03/21/2013
She was a tennis phenom, full of great promise, but her personal demons destroyed her career...apparently she hasn't gotten totally rid og them.
Want money? Go earn it.
04:17 PM on 03/21/2013
So the little wiener-boy pressed charges. Too bad she doesn't date men.
04:40 PM on 03/21/2013
He probably is just fed up with her "not letting go" after a year. She's been stalking him as well. Maybe he figures this will get her off his back.
10:35 PM on 03/21/2013
your right what Jen needs is a good spanking , If you pass on my E-mail to her I would appreciate it. :)
04:11 PM on 03/21/2013
Well she could put me in a headscissors anytime and I sure wouldn't complain!
04:23 PM on 03/21/2013
Typical !
04:04 PM on 03/21/2013
Some people just don't know how to let go.
03:23 PM on 03/21/2013
Stay classy, Jen.