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07:02 PM on 03/21/2013
Oh please, if we don't get our junk mail on Saturdays, it isn't gonna hurt one thing. Anything that is important can be done online and ups or fedex can deliver packages. Shut the whole post office down. Its just a conduit for junk mail!
Unknown Poster
Bringing realism to the party
07:56 PM on 03/21/2013
You dummy, A huge portion of parcels shipped through fedex and ups are delivered by the USPS because USPS does it cheaper. All you saps get charged more by using fedex and ups for nothing
08:18 PM on 03/21/2013
I don't agree about shutting down the post office..but I do believe that junk mail and junk phone calls by robo dialers should be against the law and stopped altogether..
09:41 PM on 03/21/2013
That junk mail is what keeps the post office in money, without it, the post office would not be.
Sir Peter Anderson Secretary Gen'l. Conch Republic
06:35 PM on 03/21/2013
Where is the other side of this story? I am seeings ads by the postal workers union blaming Congress for the woes of the post office...
06:34 PM on 03/21/2013
If other Post Offices are as slow as the one in Munroe Falls, Ohio, I can see why they lose money. They have one woman there, who talks more on the phone than assisting customers. I got to the point I will not even go in but travel an additional 5 miles to get better quality service. But then again, what does one expect? Civil Servants and they do not work accordingly. If I worked like this before retiring, my butt would have been fired.
07:44 PM on 03/21/2013
In the USPS once fired...the union will get you reinstated in about 1-2 years with back pay and benefits. Here in UT we have two Postmasters who once were fired; one for throwing undelivered mail into a dumpster so he could sneek home to watch a ball game on the clock. The other was opening PO Box mail and sharing it with fellow employees. Employees are no longer bonded nor citizens. We advance incompetant theves up and out rather than fix the problems!.
In 1968 while working Christmas on double time and a half, a manager and an employee had sex in the mail room, the female became pregnant and filed on the job injury...she was paid and given 2 yr. time off.
ONLY IN AMERICA !! Government is useless in managing anything.
10:16 PM on 03/21/2013
Where did you hear about this? First of all, the USPS does not fire anybody, they remove that person.( So they don,t have to pay unemployment) Second, the Union has not help former carriers get there jobs back.I know this, I was illegally removed.
11:39 PM on 03/21/2013
And how many USPS employees have you 'carded' to see if they are citizens?
06:26 PM on 03/21/2013
I can remember when mail was delivered twice a day.
09:44 PM on 03/21/2013
Just when was that?
12:33 AM on 03/22/2013
WOW,I remember that also. It was delivered to the businesses on certain routes.