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01:39 AM on 09/23/2009
Overpopulation is the main problem that can and must be changed with gov. policies. Everything else is a derivative. Once the first problem is solved , - switching to the nuclear power largely solves the human contribution to the CO2 problem (we can not control deforestation).
11:48 PM on 09/22/2009
In my life time it has been, at one time or another:

ice age
nuclear war
ozone hole
acid rain
year 2000 bug
avian flu
not to mention the various religious and cultish end of days scenarios.

What is it about the human condition that causes us to need to embrace doom and gloom scenarios? Will we ever get tired of being manipulated by the people who hawk them?
12:34 AM on 09/23/2009
I live in Washington state. Our mountain glaciers are much visibly lower than I have ever seen them in all 18 years of living in this state. I really don't think nature can manipulate anything. Do you???
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01:02 AM on 09/23/2009
Grouping ACTUAL things to be concerned about with "cultish" mythology does not put you in good argumentative stead.

Do the most cursory research and you will find that the "alarmists" have been instrumental in pushing for action to stave off and/or take steps to lessen the effects of:

nuclear war
ozone hole
acid rain
year 2000 bug
avian flu

Obviously, some items still loom as clear and present dangers.

"asteroids/comets," while being remote hazards, their detection and tracking costs very little in cost and resources.

"ice age"--I think you know better than to pull THAT phony argument.
06:48 AM on 09/23/2009
I remembr the global freezing claims made around the late 60s or early 70s. I also remember readng a magazine article in LOOK or LIFE that went into detail.

It reminds me of Jehovah Witnesses who were told the world is coming to an end for the obvious reason to manipulte them. Jehovah Witnesses have gone through many dates on the calander as to when the world will end during the last 90 years.
09:49 AM on 09/23/2009
My point was only that there is something in our nature that cause us to be extremely eager to embrace these doom and gloom scenarios. In their absence we even make them up, as is clearly evidenced by the many end of days mythologies.

It seems important to me that we recognize this aspect of our nature when considering the validity of any new claims of imminent doom and gloom.
11:33 PM on 09/22/2009
Wouldn't it be something if all this global warming talk really did turn out to be just the latest doom and gloom scenario du jour? I would feel so silly.
10:16 PM on 09/22/2009
NASA started deploying free floating Argo buoys in the world’s oceans in 2000 with the full complement of 3,000 in place by 2003, and measurements from these well spread buoys indicates that the oceans have been cooling.
10:12 PM on 09/22/2009
U.N. Climate Summit Leaves Large Carbon Footprint
07:46 AM on 09/23/2009
Again Obama shows his ignorance of the facts. Only 52 "scientists" at IPCC and 115 politically motivated persons at the UN have sponsored the fear mongering of climate change due to increased CO2 in the atmosphere... Which has had only a very negligible, if any effect. The facts are clear. There is insufficient evidence to make any predictions and many questions remain. 700 Scientists have signed a petition against the UN report. There is so much that is unknown. Some of the scientists outright call the UN IPCC report bogus.
09:40 PM on 09/22/2009
Arctic Ice Extent Is Increasing For The Second Year In A Row………….Antarctic Ice Is At Record Highs
09:17 PM on 09/22/2009
Carbon offsets lose 20% of their value in the last week at CCX
07:42 PM on 09/23/2009
That's the link I was looking for! Thanks.

simple carbon tax 1$ per carbon ton.

Not this ACES crazy largest new derivatives market EVER creat4ed, including credit default swaps!

And the largest existing cap and trade market just crashed!
09:15 PM on 09/22/2009
2009 Arctic Sea Ice Extent exceeds 2005 for this date
09:10 PM on 09/22/2009
Global warming = more tornadoes | Not happening this year
22 09 2009

Global Warming = more hurricanes | Still not happening
22 09 2009
★ Abolish Animal Slavery in Factory Farms ★
05:09 PM on 09/22/2009
address the livestock problem.
05:34 PM on 09/22/2009
Obama the impotent
The disappointment with Barack Obama is tangible – on climate change and financial reform Europe leads while the US lags
07:10 PM on 09/22/2009
That not obama fault . what a lame comment.
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Old black water, keep on rollin'
04:33 PM on 09/22/2009
my dog we must act now:

a trace gas is rapidly and recklessly approaching it's TGTP (trace gas tipping point)..

after which there will be no turning back!!!

shirley.. there will be consequences.
09:12 PM on 09/22/2009
Don't call me Shirley...........
03:53 PM on 09/22/2009
Very interesting to see China stepping up its green energy game. They are positioning themselves to dominate in renewable energy - they already are a top manufacturer of solar panels and it behooves them to advocate for solar energy.
07:12 AM on 09/23/2009
China is just being practical by ramping up Nuclear reactors in order to reduce spending on coal & oil. Conserving Natural resources will make them economically stronger. Cap N Trade tax will make America weaker economically by driving away manufacturing. By keeping the eco-alarmists from getting in the way of the Nuclear power program, China will make cost effective electricity from Nuclear (something we can not do).
03:44 PM on 09/22/2009
Stock portfolio got you down? Here's a hot tip:

Start hoarding carbon offsets now while the price is at rock-bottom. 25 cents a ton!

Then, lobby your congressman to pass Cap and Trade now! Shout it from the highest rooftop. If Cap and Trade becomes law, the price of these bad boys is gonna skyrocket!

After that, just sit back and trade like a pro. Get rich and feel like you are saving the planet at the same time!
03:52 PM on 09/22/2009
indulgences for the 21st century.
Writer of politics etc.
03:18 PM on 09/22/2009
We are still lacking on the details concerning our climate change initiatives. Even if ACES passes, it will only be a start. Obama and Congress really do need to work these out. Businesses must develop monthly, yearly and even 5 year and longer goals and plans. Our government should do likewise.

Following is on Obma's climate speech to the UN, with full text:

Raymond Gellner – National Liberal Examiner at
03:03 PM on 09/22/2009
Another light bulb alternative.