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09:11 PM on 03/25/2013
I don't like it at all and neither do my children who adore Minnie Mouse. If it's not broken don't try to fix it. Leave Minnie Mouse alone. This makeover is HORRIBLE!
09:07 PM on 03/25/2013
Yuck...what happened???? Bring back the old Minnie!
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09:00 PM on 03/25/2013
Oh the humanity! Or mousanity?'s a disaster of an outfit.
08:45 PM on 03/25/2013
What's next Disney? Going to "update" Snow White" too? Hooker heels standing next to a stripper pole? Or are you going to "age" her like Grandma Minnie? Leave the style and age ALONE on Minnie..........who's REALLY stupid idea was this? Geeze
08:33 PM on 03/25/2013
Minnie Mouse is for children. The new look is a horror and a big mistake. OK for a can can girl Minnie, but not for the Walt Disney Minnie. Do not take away my granddaughter's favorite character. Boo to you if you do.
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Professor Wagstaff
My micro-bio is a lie.
06:13 PM on 03/25/2013
That whirring noise in the background is Walt spinning in his grave.
Jacquie Wolfe
05:40 PM on 03/25/2013
This dress looks like something I would make with a glue gun and those bows on her her shoulders... Awful.
Reading IS
05:17 PM on 03/25/2013
A joke.
common sense is increasingly uncommon
05:15 PM on 03/25/2013
She looks like Barbara Bush in a tiara.
Guinea pigs are the answer to world peace.
04:13 PM on 03/25/2013
03:55 PM on 03/25/2013
That dress makes her look like Grandma Minnie!
American plain and simple
03:32 PM on 03/25/2013
Give us back the old Minnie and leave her alone!
Barry Bunes
02:19 PM on 03/25/2013
mickey shot minnie...she was f#$king goofy
01:48 PM on 03/25/2013
The only good thing about this hideous dress is Minnie will be safe from felines. Even a starving alley cat wouldn't be able to stomach eating something that ugly.
01:16 PM on 03/25/2013
It’s a shame that the powers to be at Disney always need to fix things that aren’t broken!!! First it was Figment and the Dream Finder which ruined a wonderful attraction and one everyone looked forward to revisiting; now visitors could care less, no matter what they do with it. And now suddenly they need to redo the characters. Minnie and Mickey are just fine the way they are and they don’t need a makeover. That dress looks old, dumpy and something my Great Grandmother would where! Give it up Disney ask the people that support you and they’ll tell you what they like and want, and a makeover isn’t it…..