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We're outspent, but they're outnumbered
03:17 PM on 09/23/2009
Here's someone who was ousted from a corporation for violating ethical standards (among other things). Who knew corporations even had ethical standards?
03:20 PM on 09/23/2009
That makes her a good rethug candidate.
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02:23 PM on 09/23/2009
aw right folks--------have a bita compassion -----(By the by), I have been following this woman since PRIOR to the disastrous Hewlitt appointment of her as their failed CEO; she is, as they say, a piece of scrambled work. She has been trying to "find herself" , alas, since they drop-kicked her a... outta the company (I might add w/ a HUGE severance and a body guard, which, face it, she prolly needed. Her dreams of a big Dept. (Commerce, prob. under Mccain dashed), she is now following buddy Meg Whitman/the GOP Guber candidate) w/ yet another new lease on life. Ca. is, of course, in a mess (finance wise), so let's hope these 2 women are not seen as a way out-----(I am female and love to see women at the top------but------not just for the sake of their being female---
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09:05 PM on 10/13/2009
Not a chance that carly will be seen as any sort of saviour. Boxer stays.
On the other hand, have seen from sidelines that gov elections in CA can be flaky. Having said that and now being part of elections, believe that most liberal/progressive voters have seen disaster on not voting and will be out in force if Whitman is GOP candidate regardless of who Dem is... hopefully she'll be going down too. Outside help ALWAYS welcome to fight the good fight.
02:21 PM on 09/23/2009
02:14 PM on 09/23/2009
it's time for her to eat her words.
02:07 PM on 09/23/2009
the tackyness is awesome
01:26 PM on 09/23/2009
All the leaves are brown.
And the sky is gray.
Brought to you by Carlyfornia.

Boxer will have never had it so easy.
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Friends don't let friends vote GOP
01:17 PM on 09/23/2009
Anybody who saw Fiorina's representation of McCain's economic knowledge will not be surprised that something else she is involved with is a joke too.
No way to delay that trouble comin' every day
01:14 PM on 09/23/2009
"Carlyfornia Dreamin"?

Probably not the best idea to use a Mamas and the Papas reference right about now...
Devoid of clever moniker
01:29 PM on 09/23/2009
I wouldn't be surprised if SHE'S mackenzie phillips mom. LOL
03:20 PM on 09/23/2009
That would make me feel doubly sorry for McKenzie right now.
05:16 PM on 09/23/2009
Lol...I was thinking that.....Please do not make any associations b/w the Momas and the Papas and Bachman #2
Integrity has no need of rules
12:37 PM on 09/23/2009
Regrettably, Carly suffers from oxygen-deprived self-induced narcissistic psychosis precipitated by rapid descent when her golden parachute failed to properly deploy. The cure: lobotomy.
01:04 PM on 09/23/2009
well said.
01:12 PM on 09/23/2009
Hey, that...whatever you said, that's SEXIST.
I think, therefore I am not republican
12:14 PM on 09/23/2009
Two things:

First, given yesterday's revelations, she might want to reconsider the wholesale theft of The Mamma's and The Pappa's material.

Second, someone who received a $22 million golden parachute for ruining a company generally should stay out of the public eye.
12:07 PM on 09/23/2009
Carly must have outsourced the design to someone in India who does not speak English or understand American culture. Nobody in this country would have put a flaming red background on the website or would feature dogs and cats instead of people.

This is an example of the kind of thinking she brought to Lucent Technologies and HP. Why would anybody want to put the future of California and the country in her hands?
01:16 PM on 09/23/2009
Not to mention that suggestive cherub with its angelic curls. What's the deal with that?
At least she could afford to invest in some stock photos or take some pics of regular Californians on her HP camera.
Liberal, nerdy, and festively plump.
12:00 PM on 09/23/2009
I would ask Californians to look at her stewardship of Hewlett Packard...and then run like hell away from her.
Passionate, fiery walking contradiction.
11:57 AM on 09/23/2009
Carlyfornia Dreamin'.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
I think, therefore I am not republican
03:02 PM on 09/23/2009
If she gets elected all the leaves will be brown, and the sky will be gray. In the end, Carlyfornication.
11:52 AM on 09/23/2009
Wow...just keeps better and better. This has me wondering if these people aren't undercover Democrats trying to destroy the Republican Party. If so, keep it up fellas!
11:51 AM on 09/23/2009
She could not manage HP...what makes you think she can manage CA and all its problems...Only in the USA...