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01:16 PM on 03/29/2013
I would like to see them extinct. They ruin all my trips to the beach. Seriously.
Barry Clarke
Retired Air Traffic Control Aviation Meteorologist
01:51 PM on 03/29/2013
Hmmm, they are a life form that has been around for eons and likely longer than humans. You’re invading their turf. You don’t see them invading your turf. With the amount of shark attacks around the world per year, I would suspect many of the "12" are accidental. And, ruining your outing to the beach? I would think there are bigger things to worry about in your life or else you’re one exceptional individual…………..
03:13 PM on 03/29/2013
FoxmabubMi.. you can be as exceptional as you so desire to be, ?Some of these Peta folks would hava a different story if one of their kids or family members were eaten by a shark.
Adrianne WashingtonClark
Think Before You Speak
02:04 PM on 03/29/2013
Vacation in the woods and leave your orange vest at home.
If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong (-;/
01:12 PM on 03/29/2013
If this is news to you, time to pay more attention to your planet. Scuba divers, aquarists and those who love watching Animal Planet etc have known about this for years. We do need to add some perpective however, the US is a worldwide leader in Marine conservation and "finning" is not a way of life here...The Asian cultures do this as they believe (get this:) shark fins cure impotence and shark fin soup is a delicacy..shark fins go for $300 lb on the black market. Finning has been banned in the US since 2000, even for flagships in international waters, in 2010, the US proposed a law to the International Trade in Endangered Species folks, restricting it to closely monitored trade, China and Japan fought to see the 2/3rds vote was not reached (it was very close). Unless China and Japan get on board, 70% of the ocean's shark species are in grave danger of extinction which would do unimaginable damage to the ecosystem. If you want to learn more, watch "Sharkwater", a documentary made by Canadian filmmakers, it will shock you just how serious this threat is. To our male friends in Asia, there's a little blue pill that will work better than shark fin powder and you won't destroy the ocean in the process.
made you show yourself if you respond, got ya!
01:11 PM on 03/29/2013
I think you will find it is largely the Asian population of this world that does the killing and fishermen who refuse to release them from their nets. The biggest violators of fishing agreements (Whales and Japan for example) are Asian countries and large populations of them elsewhere including here in the states where illegal food can be obtained. Just ask fish and game wardens in any state.
03:15 PM on 03/29/2013
Whales, OK; sharks, who cares.
01:10 PM on 03/29/2013
Sorry....just don't believe the numbers.....sharks would be extinct at that rate...secondly, when sharks are born, they produce one, not a liter of 6/7 like a cat/dog....this report is a load of BS like the people reporting it....."believe on" sappy people !
01:49 PM on 03/29/2013
You can believe it. Think of the numbers in a booming Chinese economy that can now afford a dish usually reserved for the affluent. Also, you contradict yourself when saying they can't be extinct but have only one offspring. And also, you are incorrect. There are over 500 species of shark that have one of three methods of reproduction: ovipary, like horn sharks, where the shark lays eggs and leaves them, ovoviparity, where the eggs are maintained inside the mother and hatch there (mako, sand tiger, etc.) or viviparity: no eggs, simply a fetus that attaches to the uterine wall with an umbilical. The number of young vary per species and individual. Tigers can have between 10-80 pups, while thresher usually have 4. Most sharks have a liTTer between 6-10.
02:07 PM on 03/29/2013
Then I stand corrected on the births but I also stand by what I have said on the number of deaths....there is no way anyone will convince me of those deaths....they can never prove it therefore they the number of deaths from smoking....toss out 'any' number only to outrage people !
Adrianne WashingtonClark
Think Before You Speak
02:18 PM on 03/29/2013
12:55 PM on 03/29/2013
humans are the virus of this planet!!!!!!!!!!
01:44 PM on 03/29/2013
I HATE earthlings!
All great truths begin as blasphemies
02:15 PM on 03/29/2013
Humans are about the only living thing on this planet, that should they all dissappear tomorrow, the world would be a better place.
12:51 PM on 03/29/2013
well, that made me sick to my stomach.
12:44 PM on 03/29/2013
reflecks our thoughful usage of the oceans, great stewards we are, great...
12:33 PM on 03/29/2013
most of those killed are small sharks and i bet a good many are not known to even attack humans.

still, in general sharks, especially those large ones, say great white, tiger, hammerhead and some good sized reef and a few others, have no enemies..except for other sharks...and they are dangerous.

i only advocate killing or removing them from habitats that humans frequent, such as when we go swimming or snorkeling or surfing...and then ONLY when they have demonstrated a history of attacking humans.

they have a right to exist, but some of these sanctimonius fokks who pontificate how evil humans are for killing sharks would sure as hell change their tune if they were attacked and mauled by a good sized maneating shark while they were surfing or swimming.

these animals are dangerous, but they should only be targeted when there is a history in an area of their attacking humans.

otherwise, leave them alone.
01:50 PM on 03/29/2013
Who gives us the right to remove them from their own habitat so we can have a bit of fun?
Adrianne WashingtonClark
Think Before You Speak
02:19 PM on 03/29/2013
Duddly Dooright
12:32 PM on 03/29/2013
Humans are the destroyers of this planet. who here REALLY thinks oil a couple miles inside the earth was placed there for us to use? The planet uses that oil for something other than creating gas.
W. Carolina hillbilly
12:31 PM on 03/29/2013
100 million sharks are killed every year. Folks, it's not nice to mess with Mother Nature.
12:26 PM on 03/29/2013
This is devastatingly bad news- we have got to stop this inhumane slaughter of these creatures. Humans should not be killing something that has survived billions of years. Sharks are an incredibly big part of the circle of life in the oceans and are needed - they serve a purpose and if they become extinct the oceans' populations of squid, lobsters and certain if not all fish will be severely compromised.
12:36 PM on 03/29/2013
You're absolutely right Liz Pepe, sharks are here for all the reasons you stated, but did you know medical scientists have also discovered shark skin has been used for skin grafts for burn victims? It seems to have a lower rejection rate and faster healing time. So towerofpower11 maybe you should start caring.
Adrianne WashingtonClark
Think Before You Speak
02:24 PM on 03/29/2013
You are correct. I hate it when the media and television shows call them "monsters". They are just doing what is instinctive not writing a manifesto on killing humans.
09:54 PM on 03/28/2013
They are Sharks, I don't care.
08:43 PM on 03/28/2013
Some cowards feel big and bad when they hurt or kill something that cant defend itself against a bout trying it with your bare hands then brag what a so called man you are...
"Nothing wrong here."
08:39 PM on 03/28/2013
People are evil and are knowingly destroying The Earth for personal gain.
Duddly Dooright
12:33 PM on 03/29/2013
many are. chemical companies are some of the worst offenders.
12:47 PM on 03/29/2013
Prehistoric life ruled the earth without the presents of man for how many years?
Man will wipe out everything including himself in a fraction of that time. Greed and arrogance at its best. Way to go humans. We're too smart for our own no good.
08:37 PM on 03/28/2013
Who counted? Oh you men they estamated- excuse me-extrapolated that is.What if their bas was off by two? Why do you print this garbage? Oh to get attention, well it worked on me, now I must go scourge myself>
Karma is sweet
12:12 PM on 03/29/2013
Just go to Honk Kong and look at the boat loads of shark fins they bring in every hour of everyday.
Duddly Dooright
12:34 PM on 03/29/2013
no, fool - as information. go ahead and be the ostrich. it simply reflects on your shallow character.