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06:31 PM on 09/24/2009
AMERICA....You have Limbaugh,Glenn,Hannity,O'Reilly, and the rest of those racist bigots to thanks for another man being killed. Mr.Sparkman was a human being with feeling but some animal with the mind the size of a pea...took his life. Sounds like the 1960s and Mississippi......civil rights workers. I wonder if southerners will ever can take a life but IDEAS go on and on. The one or ones that done this terrible thing really think they are intelligent.....but they are only COWARDS and STUPID beyond believe. When they get caught....and they will be caught......they will not want to die. But they are so willing to take another's life. What a COWARD. But then the SOUTH is filled with COWARDS. Some of which don't know the CIVIL WAR is over. We should all say a prayer for Mr. Sparkman and his family. May the CREATOR bless and keep them and comfort them in their trying time.
12:33 AM on 09/25/2009
SPOT ON!!!!!!
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05:48 PM on 09/24/2009
"Kelsee Brown, a waitress at Huddle House, a 24-hour chain restaurant, ..." sounds like someone we'd be better off shipping off to Iran or some such gawd-awful place, so she could gain some appreciation of what it means to be an American.
05:35 PM on 09/24/2009
I used to be a reporter in KY, and spent time in Manchester and Clay County as a photographer. I don't think people outside KY understand the culture or the media there. It's a very dangerous place, mostly due to the drugs, alcohol abuse, poverty and large numbers of child sexual predators and Appalachian culture around violence and the government - who has, by the way, really screwed Appalachians over the past 50 years and continues to do so, along with major corporations, and the coal companies in general .

According to the FBI, KY has one of the highest rates of drug abuse in the country. Illiteracy, drugs, a culture that not only condones, but encourages parents having sex with their children (After 8, it's too late) is the saying. Domestic abuse, corruption on all levels of government and no real leadership anywhere in the state.

Sad is right.

Having lived in Kentucky am I surprised this would happen? NO. We're talking a state where politicians have killed each other to win political races. Harlan County (where my relatives are from) is a rough place. Mountain people have never liked the government in their lives. That's why the FEDS picked Oak Ridge, TN to build the Manhattan Project. The people there were suspicious, aggressive and closed-mouthed too. Sad for Sparkman and his family, but sadder for the State of Kentucky and the thousands of victims of crime who don't merit the front page.
08:23 PM on 09/24/2009
Thanks for the enlightenment. The rest of the country is not far behind KY. Perhaps you could write a diary here. People from KY will be further demonized, demoralized and punished further rather than having the neglect the have experienced illuminated.
01:28 AM on 09/25/2009
I left KY because of the corruption, the sad state of the media there, the really sad economy and the levels of abuse against women and children. I know a lot of others who have done the same. People from KY will be demonized and demoralized and punished until leaders emerge. That's true wherever situations like this exist.

Schools aren't teaching what happened to the people of Cades Cove, TN, or KY or any of the privately held lands during the depression. The real stories of the unions, the battles, the corruption, what Marine General Smedley Butler really did to save America. When people only get one side of history (the victors), they can't see or understand what has happened to them or will happen to them. Our schools teach our kids the things they need to know to work for corporations - not what they need to know to become thinking, questioning, proactive citizens of a free country. Teachers across America are opposed to the "No Child Left Behind" b.s., but the media won't cover that and teachers who do speak out lose their jobs. Corporate America's 1933 coup failed. Their corporate capitalist coup succeeded. America fell without a shot being fired and no one noticed. It began with WWI and we're seeing the end now.
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09:21 PM on 09/24/2009
They don't like government but 40% of the adults in that county are on government "disability" seems like a very high percentage and there must be alot of "madeup" disability claims. So I guess the government is alright on the day the monthly check comes huh??!!
01:19 AM on 09/25/2009
Excellent point! And also a sad one. Look at rural areas, especially KY where coal, manufacturing and other industry is a major part of the economy, you'll see a lot of drug abuse. Why? Because workers get injured, end up on pain killers, get addicted. They can't work, they can't afford medicine or food and can't find work in many cases. So they end up having to try to support a family in other ways. The only way for many is to sell their pain killers. 50, 60 and 70 year old men and women spiral down into drug dealing because it pays well and they can't do anything else. Are they greedy? Could you live on a $400 or $600 disability check? I couldn't. Made up? Some are. I'm sure there are people who are more willing to make-up claims, but I think most of the claims are legitimate. Work in a coal mine one day and see if you could do it for 20 years. Or construction, or farming, or manufacturing. Work where employers don't follow OSHA regulations or dump workers who become injured or disabled on the job. Yes. There are crooks and scammers. But I think the utter horror of it all is a lack of education, literacy, and the decline of family morals.Just because a slave eats his master's food doesn't mean he loves the master. He loves life.

Thank you for responding, but pray you never have to go on disability!
The Free Market is Not Free
05:31 PM on 09/24/2009
This is very, very sad. It is directly connected to those ugly radio and TV "spews". When is someone in the Republican party going to step up and say, "Have you no shame?"
08:20 PM on 09/24/2009
You know what's sad is that you are so naive and brainwashed that all your simple mind can come up with is "it's the Republicans." That part of the country is full of meth labs and more than likely the animal that did this doesn't care or possible isn't even smart enough to discern between Republican's and Democrats. Have you no brain? or are you just a mindless party hack?
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11:08 PM on 09/24/2009
You're assuming it was a drug problem, based on??? no information leading that way
The victim was hung up with"fed'written on his chest---a drugged out "animal" would not take the time to send a message, just dump the body.
11:11 PM on 09/24/2009
You are just full of it.
This was a hate crime. The details are inflammatory. And not drug related. (Do you think drug dealers would HANG a victim, with a MESSAGE on his body--bring in a swarm of police and investigators?) Drug dealers do not draw attention to themselves or their territory.
This was a hate crime. The "animal" ...s who did this listen to FOX and hate, hate, hate.
05:15 PM on 09/24/2009
Wasn't Sarah Palin who said she would never let a Cecsus Taker into her house? - bmm
09:23 PM on 09/24/2009
I think that was actually loony Michele Bachmann. Not that it would surprise me if Sarah Palin said something similar -- but I know Bachmann's been claiming she will not answer Census questions, even though it's illegal not to, because she doesn't want the government to have so much information about her. As a Minnesotan who is tired of being humiliated by this witch with a capital "B," I can only hope she'll be stripped off her office and sent to prison if she makes good on her threat.
05:07 PM on 09/24/2009
This has become rediculous. Don't the right wingers understand that we are a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY and they need to cooperate to get their own rights. If this violence continues, maybe we should just cut their representatives!!!
Beck and Limbaugh would have a field day with that!!!
09:54 PM on 09/24/2009
I have been wondering about that. If people like Bachmann are against the government why are they inside it?!!!!! Isn't she a federal employee? How these people can justify that is beyond me.
05:03 PM on 09/24/2009
I'm not yet ready to assume it was a murder and not a suicide. There are three possibilities; 1, it really was murder by a whaco. 2, Someone killed him and made it look like a whaco, and 3, he committed suicide and wanted to pin it on his political opponents. I do think the feds should do a better job of advertising exactly what their data collectors are doing, and why it's important to citizens. I won't argue there aren't some whacos living in the back woods of Kentucky, but equating them with town hall protesters is pretty lame. Town Hall protesters are angry at Congress, not low level govt clerks.
I didn't understand why the right was worried about the census until I learned that the number of a state's congressmen is determined by population regardless of citizenship. So the more illegals ACORN can count, the more democratic electorial districts can be created. That's why Obama is so keen to control the process from the White House. He wants to make sure population gets added to the "correct" geographical areas so the 2012 elections add as many democrat legislators as possible. Conservatives are on to the game, but I don't think anyone cares to target individual census takers, it's a waste of time. Besides, how many illegals live in backwoods Kentucky anyway??
06:17 PM on 09/24/2009
shockingly naive and obtuse analysis. People who are going to commit suicide don't "pin it" on their political adversaries. Get a clue.
06:34 PM on 09/24/2009
why are you making excuses. A single dad and school teacher was lynched for doing his part-time job. Where is your compassion? Where is your shame?
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04:41 PM on 09/24/2009
I am very sad for this victim and his family.
04:34 PM on 09/24/2009
Did the killers manage to spell " FED" correctly. I know it was only three letters but...........Sad and Mad.
04:29 PM on 09/24/2009
Sadly, if this was related to someone's opposition to the census activity, they should find and prosecute the individuals that did this.

The census is a responsibility of good government and essential to a working democracy. Congresswoman Michelle Bachman has blood on her hands for demonizing the census.
04:24 PM on 09/24/2009
This reminds me of Mississippi Burning.
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03:25 PM on 09/24/2009
Tap, tap, tap.... Is this on? The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
"To thine own self be true"
04:40 PM on 09/24/2009
if you talk in short bursts
06:13 PM on 09/27/2009
brown is right ... more like de.vil in disguise showed its real face.
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03:22 PM on 09/24/2009
I don't get it. Rightwing neanderthals have no problem getting their screeds posted, but if I say the perps in this crime will be caught, eventually, I get scrubbed. I'm getting pretty sick and tired of the "moderators" purging comments without cause.
03:21 PM on 09/24/2009
One hopes that this is not the "work" of some overzealous Beckite adherent or Bachmannaniac hellbent on exacting vigilante justice on ACORN or fearful of being sent for "reeducation" to one of those FEMA "camps" Michele continues to declare exists! Both talking heads have called for resistance, although not armed resistance as yet, to census taking.
03:18 PM on 09/24/2009
The FBI -if not ordered about by leftists; rightists; politically-affiliated & politically ambitious U.S. Justice Dept.attorneys; by any state cops; by the pols' local cronies; by KY Republican Senator J**SAW Mitch McMonster; by any other corrupt Pols ( that means all of them) -can and will do a honest, competent, non-partisan, non-political investigation; minus the,William J.Burns, William H. Webster, William H. Sessions , Louis Freeh ,& ,it is hoped,FBI Lab Sleights-of-Hand. This man’s death smacks of the kind of stuff from our childhood nightmares that were caused by Real Journalists' Full Investigative Reports of Real-Unreal Crimes Against the USA’s viability as a Sovereign Nation by Bands of Urban or Rural Barbarians', Unread or Irrationally distorted-thinking, Hate-filled Lawlessness, roused & ignored by Demagogues those Public Officials, "Men", sworn to uphold the US Constitution and Laws of the United States. Since at least 1960, the USA has progressed to the 1930s in all respects.
Yin-Yang Kitties
05:50 PM on 09/24/2009
Think "Deliverance." That's what this reminds me of . . . backwoods inbreeding, with just enough media information to do some real damage.