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Sometimes I like to touch other people's food
04:42 PM on 03/28/2013
All of these "protests' are carefully planned out. The Wesboros assign a videographer to tape everything and there is always at least one lawyer present in the group.
Every interaction is taped, whether its with law enforcement or anybody else.
Plant more hardwoods!!
04:30 PM on 03/28/2013
Why didn't they just pass a bill in Florida requiring all protesters to vote on the day of any funeral ... that would keep 'em busy for a week!!
El Duderino 791
The Dude minds.
04:25 PM on 03/28/2013
It is a mystery to me why God should hate anyone. As I understand it, God disapproves of sin - a condition that infects all of us from the time of Adam and the original fall. And yet, God the all-knowing would surely have seen all of this sin coming even before He set creation in motion (if He didn't know it, He wouldn't be God). It would be no surprise to him, so why would He be upset about it? It's the direct result of the choices He made in His creative activity

Logically, God cannot hate anyone. To do so would imply a God with grave emotional problems. It would mean that He WANTED to hate someone if he had purposefully set in motion a chain of events that would ultimately evoke His hatred. If He did that, again, he wouldn't be God.

The Westboro Baptist folks may be worshiping a being who hates, but I am sure it isn't God.
04:24 PM on 03/28/2013
I recently read that Christianity is a personal relationship with the Christ,
while Atheism is a personal relationship with Reality.

If believing in a superhero in the sky helps you through your life good for you.

As for me and people like me I prefer to view the universe as it truly is,
rather than persist in delusion, regardless of how comforting it may be.
04:47 PM on 03/28/2013
I am a big fan of reality could not agree with you more,there are more of us out there than you might think many will just not come out of the closet yet.
05:06 PM on 03/28/2013
Perhaps the will "evolve" on the issue and finally come out!
Thanks for the comment.
05:02 PM on 03/28/2013
I believe there is a way for all of us to get along, TOLERANCE !!!!! If I politley respect you and your beliefs, then please return in kind.. If we cant be civil to each other, then lets avoid contact with each other.

That being said, if you dont like my brothers in arms being laid to rest, stay away!! The WBC one day will find themsleves in a fiery confligration of their own making. I'm sure the Police & BATF will not really investigate very well either.

Lets respect each other and give distance for our differences, but if there is a clash, so be it..
06:11 PM on 03/28/2013
Ah but see that is a tricky thing.
First, as far as tolerance goes....personally I would much rather be respected as
a fellow human being than merely tolerated.
To me tolerance is something we give to a screaming infant on an airplane, or in
a restaurant. Tolerance is something we give to a barking dog outside our bedroom
window at midnight. Basically because we have to!

Respect on the other hand, basic human respect should be practiced towards all, deeper respect on a very personal level must be earned.

Second, as to respecting someone else's beliefs... I do not feel that
I must respect all other beliefs. Case in point: If you believe that the way to get into
your heaven is by flying planes into skyscrapers killing thousands, you will be hard pressed to get one iota of respect from me on that belief.
I do not and will never respect the beliefs of the WBC plain and simple.
Not all beliefs are due respect.

Everyone must be clear in this because it is a huge difference and that is:
There is a difference in Believing you Know something, and
Knowing you Believe something.

Atheism is more than just the knowledge that gods do not exist, and that religion is either a mistake or a fraud. Atheism is an attitude, a frame of mind that looks at the world objectively, fearlessly, always trying to understand all things as a part of nature.
07:11 PM on 03/28/2013
Tolerance and morals have become dead end terms. Do unto others and empathy should replace them.
Hooray for love.
04:24 PM on 03/28/2013
Where does Westboro get money to keep traveling ?
04:23 PM on 03/28/2013
Don't give the Florida politician to much credit. They are working on a personhood bill down here.
04:10 PM on 03/28/2013
on the westboro baptist church be a darn shame if it was to blow up while they were out protesting. yep darn shame.
05:05 PM on 03/28/2013
Wrong, have them inside as a AT-4 missle knocks at the door. Vaya Con Dios....
06:24 PM on 03/28/2013
It would be a bigger shame if it were to blow up with all 6 of them inside.
07:26 PM on 03/28/2013
love your response . now a fan of yours.
04:03 PM on 03/28/2013
I am a born again Christian and of the Baptist faith. Have been since 1980. These Westboro people are an abomination to everything the Gospel of Christ stands for. Their acts are immature, cold, callous, heartless and every other adjective you can think of.

PLEASE do not confuse these people with true Christians who love the Lord and love people and truly care about them.

Nay Martin
04:28 PM on 03/28/2013
Thank you for your post DawginLexington, there are a lot of 'wolves' out there giving the true church a bad name.
05:16 PM on 03/28/2013
While I am not of the same faith, I respect everyone's right to worship whomever and however they wish. True Christians are few and far between and you're so right in your comment.
Blessed Be.
04:01 PM on 03/28/2013
There is much debate about inflammatory speech but I think with Westboro you may have a case. Even though there is freedom of speech, you may be able to argue defammation of character if they are referring to your dead relative as a "fag" or saying that their soldier death is something God wanted. I may be wrong but it's worth trying. In your time of mourning which is sacred that kind of speech may be considered hate speech because it is meant to damage you. Food for thought. I'm not a lawyer just someone sick of these people. I met them outside a rock concert once and they sure didn't like being told that Jesus loves everyone.
03:59 PM on 03/28/2013
Does Westboro enjoy nonprofit status? If it does, it should be revoked. They aren't a church. They're a bunch of brain dead bullies running a family cult. All states need to enact a funeral buffer law.
03:56 PM on 03/28/2013
Now its time the rest of the states did the same thing.
03:55 PM on 03/28/2013
I commend the Florida State Legislature on this bill. See, we CAN get-along on some things. I detest these "people" of Westboro. Shame on them!
Against gov't abuses from Rs *&* Ds since 1977
08:48 PM on 03/28/2013
Yes, it's very easy to band together and infringe upon the free expression of people you detest, isn't it.
03:51 PM on 03/28/2013
Instead of "dealing them a blow" they ought to mow them over.
After the Rapture, can I have your car?
03:46 PM on 03/28/2013
First to HP - try to spell things right. The city is Fort Myers, not Meyers.

Secondly, the bible-thumping right wing religious freaks known as Westboro are the types who make all xtians look bad.
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05:03 PM on 03/28/2013
They are not Bible Thumpers! they are deceitful ppl claiming Christianity and twisting up words to fit their cold cowardly views.
Just an average European-American....
03:45 PM on 03/28/2013
Police State, further and further.