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02:42 PM on 03/31/2013
I looked up Colville, Washington, and it's a small mountain timber town with a population of only 4,695.
02:37 PM on 03/31/2013
Life in prison for the adult who allowed for this kid to access to a pistol.
03:40 PM on 03/31/2013
Agree. The gun prob. belongs to one of the parents.
Wonder Woman2
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10:20 AM on 04/01/2013
A brother stole it from grandpa...
02:36 PM on 03/31/2013
Culture of a lot of counties in the country. Colville and the surrounding area are the home of the Kehoe brothers, Israel Keyes, and a few other haters. Imagine 4 brothers, one in jail for murder. one was in jail for sex crimes. One took a bomb (s) to his middle school the week before this incident, and now this 10 year old.
That much I can confirm. The sex crimes may have been committed against a sister, that is the story around here. The story around here says the parents are what some would call religious zealots, and possible linked to the John Birch Society, that comes from people who know them.
There was a lot of planning in the older brothers murder of a 60 year old much like the planning of this murder of students. Guns abound in this family.

This was not about a girl harassing a couple of boys. This is about hate, it sells real easy to some. Kindness and respect is a harder sell.
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02:27 PM on 03/31/2013
Colville, WA, 1st of all is not what you would call urban. The 2010 census indicates a population of a little over 4,500, supported mainly by mining and timber industries. I would be willing to wager that firearms are commonplace in this area. So. Where did these kids get the idea to kill another human being? How about we consider the culture that has given the idea that all conflicts are best settled at the end of a gun. TV, movies, video games, news media. I'm not sure that parenting (or lack thereof) come into play, but that is a possibility. Add to that the fact that these children are growing up in a time and place that has never NOT been at "war."
03:13 PM on 03/31/2013
While it's true that violent computer games, TV, and music don't help and contribute to the problem, the fact is, most children are exposed to all of this and still don't become homicidal, gun, knife, and ammo-toting intended murderers. When you combine those factors with terrible parenting or lack of parenting, you have real problems. Guns may be commonplace, in rural America, but, fortunately, they are still not commonplace in the school backpacks of elementary school children. The parents who raised these kids to have no empathy, no appreciation for the law, no respect for life, no conscience about right and wrong, and no ethics that would included, at minimum, not murdering people, definitely did a real bang-up job as parents -- culminating with them allowing 5'th graders to be in possession of a semi-automatic and ammo at school (or anywhere!) -- unbelievable!
03:56 PM on 03/31/2013
genes, genes, genes. It is all in the genetics.
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05:41 PM on 03/31/2013
Small town. Limited access. Too much inbreeding? It would be interesting research.
Abinico Warez
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02:14 PM on 03/31/2013
Were are the parents?
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Eric Shin
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01:55 PM on 03/31/2013
Forget about Bert and Ernie these kids are more likely to act like Bloods and Crips
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04:07 PM on 03/31/2013
Do some neuroscience research.
ya never know.
01:53 PM on 03/31/2013
What a shame that these two punks were planning to kill a girl. They even wrote it down how they were going to do it. I just hope that their put away for a long time.
01:42 PM on 03/31/2013
I guess psychopaths draw the like-minded.
Humans CAN be born sociopathic/psychopathic/Narcissistic, etc. It's NOT always the parents or environment. That's akin to blaming parental upbringing for mental handicaps, autism, RAD, so on.
BUT...I feel it's TIME in this country to arrest any adult who's gun is found in the hands of kids or criminals. So far EVERY case I have read the adults who "supposedly" legally owned the guns are given slaps and nothing more. ALL gun-related deaths or attempts, start with the gun-owner. And if the original owner sold or gave the gun that was used in a crime, he/she is JUST as culpable as the one with the gun. If it was stolen, there needs to be prrof that it was stolen, AND the way it had been secured, or not, before the theft. JMHO.
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01:32 PM on 03/31/2013
Dear Heaven but how did we get to such a state that children this young are planning murder? Murder! I just cannot fathom the idea of such a thing at such an age! And yes, I do cite the parents here. These boys should have been into sports of some kind or some after school activity and watched over closely. Boys this age are naturally secretive. I'm the Mother of sons and I rifled through their rooms to see what they were up to. Knives? Are you kidding me! Just feeding, housing and clothing a child is not parenting. There is so much more!
Amanda Matthews
02:56 PM on 03/31/2013
How can kids this age plan a murder? I wonder how many they've seen planned and carried out in what they do for entertainment.

I'm not saying that is WHY they did it.

I am saying that I'm not surprised kids this age are capable of doing it.
01:30 PM on 03/31/2013
When I was ten, I was at a caddy camp 60 miles from home working. I caddied double two rounds per day and had a job cleaning horses evenings. That was during WWII and I would pay my board at camp and bring home about $250 after Labor Day. Ten is old enough to know what is right. Kids have to learn responsibility for their actions. Too many spoilt kids these days, we don't need them in society.
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02:56 PM on 03/31/2013
You, Sir, had much more strength and endurance than most 10-year-olds! Good for you. However, I think you will find that MOST 10-year-olds can't even come close. I suspect that you were a BIG boy! Most children that age could not get ONE bag off the ground, much less two.

Seven is old enough to know what is right. Putting it into action is another story. Most succeed most of the time. By ten, the usually have it 'down' well enough to do it in public, but privatly, especially with a friend, sometines not so much. Knowiong what is right and DOING it are two different things.
08:55 PM on 03/31/2013
It was a struggle. Especially when the golfer had a quart of
whiskey in the bottom of the bag to throw it out of balance. Seventy years ago
kids learnt that life was a struggle.  Back
then children were legally responsible for supporting their parents and turned
their income over to the family. When I was in Korea 85% of my pay was sent
home to my family as an allotment that I never saw.
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01:17 PM on 03/31/2013
Well good luck kids, in persuading penal authorities you both are grown up and can do what you want without parental supervision.
01:01 PM on 03/31/2013
Game over, at 10. Very disheartening.
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12:51 PM on 03/31/2013
A fifth grader doesn't even know what witness tampering means. How can they plead not guilty?
02:07 PM on 03/31/2013
I don't know.........but more than likely the parents were involved. It could have also been verbal threats made to other children ( witnesses )
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03:03 PM on 03/31/2013
It's SOP in juvenile court. There must be a hearing, their mental state must be checked into, amd so forth. A 'not guilty' plea was most likely put in, in their behalf, by the Prosecution. Now the judge can decide if they can be bailed out, released 'O.R.', or must be remanded to the custody of the Sheriff, juvenile authorities, or whoever.
12:50 PM on 03/31/2013
I think one of my biggest questions right now in my mind is why would kids so young want to do this and also where did this idea actually originate? They had to learn this behaviour form somewhere,they're only little kids for crying out loud.
I remember when i was that young and this would have been possible then (i'm in my 60's) buti don't think an idea like that would ever come to my mind.
I was bullied when young and pulled a hunting knife on them one day but would have never actually used it in a million years,it's only intent was to scare them enough to leave me alone,my parents knew nothhing of this incident and they were very good parents.
12:37 PM on 03/31/2013
I love how the media now says semi-automatic handgun all the time. This is for people who don't understand firearms. I've never seen a handgun that wasn't semi-automatic. Then again, I've never seen an actual duel.
12:57 PM on 03/31/2013
Revolvers aren't semi-automatic.
01:08 PM on 03/31/2013
They're not?
01:10 PM on 03/31/2013
Semi-automatic means the weapon fires each time you pull the trigger without reloading (at least until the cylinder or clip are empty).
01:05 PM on 03/31/2013