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I saw a man pursuing the horizon...
03:40 PM on 04/01/2013
Every time North Korea makes a threat, or tests a rocket or a bomb, South Korea should push the border north by a hundred miles or so.
03:02 PM on 04/01/2013
North Korea is babbling from weakness. It's a defensive posture we are seeing. I don't believe the North Korean military is insane enough to launch an attack on South Korea, much less the United States of America.
03:33 PM on 04/01/2013
They have before.
04:45 PM on 04/01/2013
they HAVE lauched attacks on the south. There have been a numerous skirmishes over the years which were started by the north; they just never escalated into something big.
07:29 PM on 04/01/2013
What's funny is that NK, in talking about imminent war, has forced the other side into adopting a stronger posture that ties their hands worse than they were before. Any military provocation could be seen as a move towards all-out war, justifying a massive pre-emptive response.
To be free is better than to be unfree – always
02:22 PM on 04/01/2013
Actions like what? Nuclear testing and experimental rocket launches? Nope, haven't seen anything like that.
03:29 PM on 04/01/2013
EAXCTLY !! This article is numb in the brain department.
Agnostic Liberal Independent
03:51 PM on 04/01/2013
Only if you don't have a brain to begin with.
03:34 PM on 04/01/2013
Troop movement.
Subvert the dominant paradigm
02:16 PM on 04/01/2013
They've held some pretty parades though...
Pretty freaky that is...