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01:24 PM on 09/29/2009
You see this is how you interview hacks. When they try to stick to talking points without acknowledging the point trying to be made, just keep repeating it until they are forced to break off and either agree with you or disagree.

More often than not, they will agree since they dont' want their partisanship to show. However, on the otehr shows, they would have allowed this guy to rant about ACORN all morning and never even mention just how much more of a crime Haliburton, the banks and insurers have committed.
02:02 PM on 09/29/2009
The problem is that the one common denominator with all the companies and orgs you listed is the Federal Government. The Feds are the enablers in all of this... Dem and Rep., they are all complicit.
01:23 PM on 09/29/2009
The point that was too quickly glossed over here, and thus this right wing blogger was let off the hook, was the quesion of why his organization was so focused on Acorn? The offenses of a few employees of Acorn is trival in comparison to the systematic crimes committed by companies like KBL and Haliburton, but they only talk about Acorn. I wonder why?

Could it be that Acorn helps hundreds of thousands of poor people register to vote - and those folks overwhelmingly vote demoncratic?

They are drumming up charges against Acorn - he lied by the way, the charges are against specific Acorn employees who were brought to the attention of authorities by Acorn - as a company to kill a group that really helps people. Acorn helps people register to vote and fights for decent minimum wage standards. Things republicans hate. It is too obvious for anyone who actually cares to look.
01:23 PM on 09/29/2009
Here's a great graphic that shows the relative money going to various people that have defrauded the government and been convicted of ethics violations.
01:23 PM on 09/29/2009
Arianna ROCKS!
01:23 PM on 09/29/2009
The law says they cannot target ACORN, so let's see how serious they are by broadening the pursuit. My guess is ALL BETS ARE OFF. Any investigation would include way too many "friendly" companies.

01:21 PM on 09/29/2009
YES! That is the way to do it!
Dream Big,Work Hard & don't let anyone tell you no
01:21 PM on 09/29/2009
Yes, lets all blame ACORN. The sad thing is the republicans fear ACORN and the democrats don't want to fight the issue. They want to discredit the organization for one thing and one thing only and that is they register poor people to vote. That's what this is truly about. Voting. When those lawyers in the DOJ were fired because they wouldn't prosecute people that worked for ACORN. Those lawyers found they didn't do anything wrong. When ACORN found there were irregularities they didn't process the cards and they fired the people themself. Republicans are bunch of cry babies. The only way they win is when they cheat. They don't have any morals yet, act like they have been wronged. What a bunch of fools and the democrats aren't bunch better for not doing the right thing and really finding out if ACORN did wrong. And again the working poor in the country loose.
Grapes of Wrath!
01:18 PM on 09/29/2009
Arianna, you go girl!
development ≠ growth
01:17 PM on 09/29/2009
Just giving these conspiracy theory nuts time on air legitimizes their harebrained claims. Their nuttiness must be IGNORED, they don't have facts to back them up. What happened to the the 5 Ws & H that is supposed to define journalism?
Fred Hood
United we win divided we lose
01:30 PM on 09/29/2009
They cut this, as pointed out, paid for person up pretty good!!!!!
01:36 PM on 09/29/2009
No disease should ever be ignored.
01:16 PM on 09/29/2009
Like most Rethugs the blogger wants to cherry pick narrow issues to attack the Democrats. After their narrow issues are defined, they always demand neurotic perfection as to the conduct of their target.

ACORN has engaged in tens of thousands of successful transactions over the past decade, and the Rethugs have isolated one or two incidents as representative of the entire group.

As to the Halliburton issue, he had no defense. That company left the US and set-up its citizenship in the country of Dubai where it could evade lawsuits and US taxation. Why our government continues to deal with them is curious. The Democrats need to clean house as to these government contractors who continually engage in fraud and deceit, and who now do not even have American citizenship.
01:14 PM on 09/29/2009
It's too bad those Acorn haters are allowed to pad their arguments with the "voter fraud" line of bs. I guess "voter REGISTRATION" fraud, of which there was precious little, isn't as dynamic sounding.
01:13 PM on 09/29/2009
ACORN is a red herring.
01:23 PM on 09/29/2009

It's so sad that you don't realize right from wrong or for that matter don't know the difference between good and evil.
01:38 PM on 09/29/2009
It's so sad that you don't realize right from wrong or for that matter don't know the difference between good and evil.
Oh...and you do know "right" from "wrong" ?
Do you think Haliburton is doing God's work ?
Let's defund them first before we defund ACORN.
Let's go after true "evil".
02:54 PM on 09/29/2009
You really think ACORN is newsworthy for days on end? Over and over and over again I'm hearing about this. Why? There are bigger fish to try -- much bigger fish. Okay, they're corrupt and defrauding the tax payer. Defund them, bring charges and move on. I don't need to see this everyday on the news, however.
You're Terrible Muriel!
01:10 PM on 09/29/2009
I love it when the Republican'ts are put on the spot. Go after Haliburton and see how far the right wing gets.
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01:07 PM on 09/29/2009
In an effort to distract from genuine concerns surrounding the enduring political turmoil and tribal anarchy transfixing Afghanistan and Iraq, the GOP would now like to ban as terrorist propaganda photos taken at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison depicting Bush/Cheney sanctioned torture. The republican capacity to suspend and simultaneously create reality is impressive, yet hypocritical and scary. In fact, the Bush/Cheney excursion into Iraq to spread capitalism under the guise of democracy continues to serve as a constantly evolving and effective recruitment tool for Islamic extremist. While it’s true that the release of additional Abu Ghraib photos would jeopardize the safety of American troops worldwide, and further contribute to the destabilization of a region deemed strategically necessary, few republican leaders, however, spoke out to condemn the use of torture when it was actually occurring; instead, they backed away and, when pressed to respond, dismissively described the torturous acts as inconsequential, isolated and attributable to a few rogue soldiers acting with no official endorsement, which we now know is untrue. In fact, the decision to use torture originated deep within the murky recesses of the Bush/Cheney Whitehouse. So, at this juncture, republicans are attempting to rewrite their epilogue, abdicate culpability, regain favor, and distance themselves from the atrocities attributable to the Bush/ Cheney years, a period in history when republicans controlled both houses of Congress, succumbed to barbarism, abandoned integrity, and wrongly believed their power to be unassailable and without consequence.
01:12 PM on 09/29/2009
All true, but related to the article to which it is attached in what way?
01:28 PM on 09/29/2009
Yes, and let's all focus on ACORN. An organization dedicated to helping those poor slobs that have been sucked dry of their livelihoods, their homes, their health; their dignity. Let's grind the small guy into the ground some more so we have something to stand on. That's the GOP way. I get sicker and sicker as every day passes. If the GOP manages to take control of Congress in the mid-term election I'm lost.
01:06 PM on 09/29/2009
Oh Darling, you made everone seem so stupid, But you forgot to mention that, "Bush lied and people died!"