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JoAnn Kennedy
11:19 AM on 04/12/2013
breaking them up would increase competition, one avenue of breaking up the TBTF banks to increase competition is to either SUIT these banksters or just JAIL 'em
Jerry Frey
unCommon sense for the common good
11:17 AM on 04/12/2013
There's Too Big To Fail and Too Big To Manage.
Retired and Refired.
11:15 AM on 04/12/2013
Since the FDIC will sock it to share holders, then depositors before it bills the ordinary tax payer, anything that will reduce bank failures is fine with me. It may have to be fine with the banks after people start hording their money under their mattresses. I just saw a mattress with a built-in safe on the internet - probably not a good alternative investment.
12:08 PM on 04/12/2013
You might ask the offshore depositers in Cypress about that.
11:14 AM on 04/12/2013
You mean to tell me it took them how many decades now to figure out that Bigger isn't always Better? That profit isn't the only reason to be in business? That profiteers actually have limits to how much profit they can filch from consumers and taxpayers?

And how sweet...they know taxpayers will absolutely not bail them out again. Not when the CEOs of these biggest banks helped themselves like there was no limit on how high their salaries could go....Suffer unto Big Banks the Biggie CEOs...rofl
11:12 AM on 04/12/2013
There's not a single financial product offered at the "Big Banks" that a credit union doesn't meet and for the vast majority beat.

Want a car loan? has them at .74% and anyone can join regardless of where you live. Want a home mortgage? They also offer a 3.25 30 year fixed or a 5 year adjustable at 2.375! No big bank has those kind of rates. Not even close.

Every penny earned at a credit union goes back into the credit union in the form of lower rates for its members. The share holders at credit unions are its members.

Find a credit union to join at
A mass migration to credit unions is the best solution to our "To Big To Fail" banking problem.
Magic cures all ills
11:51 AM on 04/12/2013
You are talking about the little guy, credit unions can not finance for the big things, like shopping malls, highrise buildings, auto dealerships and on and on. Your little pittance means nothing to a big bank, in fact that is why your costs are high, because most of you keep/have minimum funds on deposit.
12:01 PM on 04/12/2013
You make my point.
Credit unions are for the lower 98% of us.
To "Big Banks" the average depositor is more of a nuisance than an asset. They charge high fees and hit them with hidden penalties and don't really care if they take their business elsewhere.
So wake up America, why stay where you're not really wanted or appreciated?
Join a credit union.
12:14 PM on 04/12/2013
I suspect that credit unions are small because they are consumer orented and they like it that way. I have a deposit in a local bank with one site and the service I get far exceeds the service I recieved from Wells Fargo. I have no plans to build a shopping mall at present.
11:10 AM on 04/12/2013
We're living a Great Renewal
11:05 AM on 04/12/2013
Break up The Big Banks and break up all the Giant Global Corporations. When Coca Cola owns 500 brands that's not ok. We need a competitive market, not a merged one.
11:00 AM on 04/12/2013
Everyone seems to have strong feelings on this with the lean severely to hate the banks, etc.. They are easy to hate, but, see little about the practical aspects and what we would left over if they were. Ignore for a moment the hard copy rules, just assume, so called TBTF banks have to be broken up, and at least part of their lines have to be divested/sold off.

The first place I see an issue is who are they going to sell to? We are talking hundreds of billions, collectively trillions. Are they going to buy/sell back and forth to each other? Perhaps some foreign companies might have the money/interest?

And for you serious banker haters, are you going to feel good about turning some of these guys worth $200 million represented mainly by stock or options in their firms in to guys worth a half a billion bucks? Most will go out the front door of one firm and come back in the back or side door of another firm down the street.

Only firm belief I have is that if the TBTF banks were going to be dismantled, it should have been done late in 2008. It was not done because it could not be done without disastrous fallout. For today, unsure other than a whole lot of thought should be given to what it would like on the backside.
10:58 AM on 04/12/2013
Lobbyists = Never too big to fail and never legislate new laws to make current deceptive behaviors illegal. It applies to both parties and will not change.
Imperialism is a form of insanity.
10:56 AM on 04/12/2013
I just heard a wonderful quote by former CIA analyst Ray McGovern's grandmother about the Upper Crust. " Just a bunch of crumbs held together by a lot of dough". LOL. Take away the dough they've stolen from the rest of us and they're just a bunch of crumbs.

Break up TBTF.
10:54 AM on 04/12/2013
Update- Report authored by me about myself says 'He's unstoppable, just give him all your $$'.
10:48 AM on 04/12/2013
"While there is skepticism as to whether a full breakup will occur, there is an undercurrent of shareholders who would support such a move."

Of course there is. You can place bets on anything on Wall Street. Someone makes money while someone else loses it on every transaction.
10:47 AM on 04/12/2013
"He estimated that universal banks currently trade at 25 to 30 percent below publicly traded financial firms that focus on just one business."

Perhaps. Although breaking up the banks will create this thing called competition. That has a better chance of keeping rates in check than anything. Any 14-year-old could work this out.
10:44 AM on 04/12/2013
Why is this surprising? People have been saying it for years. The problem is, the execs are much less interested in profits than they are in their stock options, and being a gigantic corporation brings a higher stock price than being a very profitable mid-sized corporation. If stocks still paid dividends based on profits the shareholders would have forced these banks to downsize years ago.
Constantly arguing with strangers...
10:32 AM on 04/12/2013
You mean to tell me that the bigger a corporation or government body gets, the more wasteful it becomes???? Trying to think who perpetuated the lies that bigger is better... AT&T is currently working on it with their idiot commercials while I left because I couldn't get cell phone coverage in the middle of a valley of a capital city.... there''s the wall street casinos taking their percent on the transactions of purchasing said companies.. there's the lawyers who bill for millions negotiating these deals.. there's the banks who take the interest on the bonds and loans... in the end working people were fired, manufacturing exported, country destroyed.. but hey.. they billionaires got theirs..