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10:17 AM on 04/14/2013
How about folding up and going away?
10:14 AM on 04/14/2013
Seeing as you're parents lied to you about Santa Clause I'm astonished people are still this gullible. Fool me once shame on you...
09:56 AM on 04/14/2013
Advise him?? I thought this guy was infallible.
10:16 AM on 04/14/2013
The Pope St.Peter is infallible on the teachings of the church not the bureaucracy of the church which in Rome is called the Curia.
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12:40 PM on 04/14/2013
You kind of get a feel about how President Kennedy was attacked when he ran for President, don't you? I hope that doesn't start a "conversation" on attacks on him.
Machine Head
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01:39 PM on 04/14/2013
.........and don't forget his infallibility in child molestation.
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09:55 AM on 04/14/2013
Buyer Beware
Listen, Allow, Think and Play
09:46 AM on 04/14/2013
This is a positive step, but why are there no lay people appointed to include all the faithful? Only a top down perspective. A true "universal" perspective would include not just clergy leadership but also lay person leadership, much like the Episcopal Church's governance.
10:19 AM on 04/14/2013
The Episcopal Church's governance is wishy washy with them allowing woman priests and gay priests? the Catholic church is not going to follow the advice of a Protestant sect?
Listen, Allow, Think and Play
10:48 AM on 04/14/2013
Yes, we know that the Catholic church is not made up of human beings...and the clergy's example of their divine authority has been exemplary.
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11:33 AM on 04/14/2013
Women priests and gay priests! The horror! Somehow the world still turns, and those of us who have had the joy of hearing them have learned quite a bit. Hope one day you're able to join us.
Keep Cape Safe
09:44 AM on 04/14/2013
Looks like the Pope is going to get to work
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ExPat - Living outside, Looking in
10:42 AM on 04/14/2013
Once upon a time... blah, blah, blah... and they lived happily ever after.
09:42 AM on 04/14/2013
I have great hopes for this new Pope! He is already connecting w/fallen away Catholics in all parts of the world!
Government - Designed by geniuses - Run by idiots
09:41 AM on 04/14/2013
Can Pope Francis possibly clear up Vatican bureaucracy and banking without blaming the previous administration?
10:01 AM on 04/14/2013
Fortunately, he doesn't have to pander to a constituency. There are some advantages to not having to seek reelection for a political party: most notably, once a person is in, they can choose to get things done, just as Pope Francis I is doing.
09:27 AM on 04/14/2013
I have the word that they are about to announce the grand opening of a world-wide child day care center called, Napping With Christ.
Fubar Wanniski
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09:00 AM on 04/14/2013
How about starting by having child molesters turned over to the authorities?
08:59 AM on 04/14/2013
These reforms will bring them closer to the 17th century.
Mornings...not my favorite time of day..
08:56 AM on 04/14/2013
So who thinks that the Church is going to really reform?
10:23 AM on 04/14/2013
The Church will only reform the bureaucrats; the teachings and traditions of the church will not change.The Pope is there to defend the Deposit of the Faith.Not change it's teachings.
10:47 AM on 04/14/2013
08:28 AM on 04/16/2013
The Roman Catholic Church has also done its share of persecuting as well.

The fact that it has survived merely shows that Roman Catholics care enough to keep the faith alive. That does NOT mean its supernatural claims are real. Other competing religions, such as Judaism, has survived even greater persecution for an even longer time.
Your Fantasy Doesn't Create My Reality
10:56 AM on 04/14/2013
they only need to create the illusion of reform..its a 300 years it will still be the same old crapola...
08:49 AM on 04/14/2013
We will know that there is real change in this cult when they bring women into it on an equal basis and embrace the use of birth control which allows women to plan their families and their lives. The catholic church in America has joined with the evangelical taliban movement which wants women to just shut up and have babies under government control which is simply unacceptable.
Machine Head
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08:44 AM on 04/14/2013
Here's some suggestions for you Frankie boy; out those that have been involved in the sexual abuse of children and banish them from the church. Accept that people enjoy sex and that it need not be for procreation only. The population of the earth will soon outstrip its ability to feed itself so endorse birth control now. Quit with the archaic idea that anyone is infallible let alone some dude in a silly smock. And lastly, quit kissing each other's rings; it's so undignified.
Faith without questioning is not faith.
08:36 AM on 04/14/2013
How exactly is this a Vatican Bombshell?