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10:45 PM on 04/16/2013
Most christians don't like being reminded of what they are blatantly failing to do. They love to preach, but they aren't real good at practicing it.
"Facts are stubborn things." John Adams
10:44 PM on 04/16/2013
I don't care if it rains or freezes,
since I took in that homeless Jesus,
He's stayin' in the spare room in my house.
He sweeps the floor and washes dishes,
feeds me well with loaves and fishes,
and makes sure I never ever grouse.
and some witty quote
10:39 PM on 04/16/2013
Funny how so many christians forget that their savior was a dark skinned, communist, hippy, vagabond who held no desire for fame or profit.
thinking out loud allowed
11:34 PM on 04/16/2013
GenaricName, you left out socialist leaning and universal healthcare promoter
and some witty quote
11:36 PM on 04/16/2013
Hippy and communist have those covered
nope,not going outside
10:25 PM on 04/16/2013
If some one did not tell you what it was you would not have known it was suppose to be Jesus....Find god in the image you can get your head around. The guy has a right to make anything he wants,not my idea of Christ but I respect his right to find his...
dorothy bnks
12:08 AM on 04/17/2013
What is your idea of Jesus? This question does not require a right or wrong answer. We all have our interpretation of Jesus, and not many of us will be in agreement with each other.
religion free
science is truth
10:23 PM on 04/16/2013
Listen, I have no faith in faith. having said that, I absolutely love the work and the idea of how the story would look today. very well done sir.
10:15 PM on 04/16/2013
I saw God today...
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11:15 PM on 04/16/2013
I gave him a quarter.
dorothy bnks
12:10 AM on 04/17/2013
What did he look like? The late comedian Richard Pryor said God lived around the corner from him when he was a kid.
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Debra Martinez
Who is your God...
10:14 PM on 04/16/2013
Om' Jesus..
bob riversmith
Unregulated capitalism is organized crime.
10:14 PM on 04/16/2013
The church prefers Jesus the Used Car Salesman.
10:01 PM on 04/16/2013
Jebus lived in the rich Palace of the Vat!can!

This is a reIigion that never helped its adherents to be m0ral. No wonder they have done these.

- Inquisiti0n in Spain and Goa
- C_rusades
- Ethn!c cIeansing of American Indians
- SIavery
- Iynchings
- The Ant! Chinese league of the Americas
- Jim Cr0we
- The HoI0caust. Read the ant!semit!Ic rantings of Martin Iuther the founder of the Protestant movement that was the impetus for the HoIocaust.
- Separate churches for bIacks and whites in the bible belt.
- BI00d Iibel. Read in Wikipedia about this.. OMG! What eviI!
- Rwwanda ethn!c CIeansing
- Ant! G _ay kiIIings in African countries like Uganda on the instigation of the Southern Bapt!st EvangeIicals
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10:30 PM on 04/17/2013
Islm was partnered with Natsis for Hlcst, had separate plan for Jews in ME, thwarted by Allies. Islm has enslaved Africans for 1400 yrs, and Islm sold them around the World with instructions given for their treatment. Islm's 72 virgins are taken from Mhmd's "love" for African prepubescent sex slaves. The men were cast rated (too sexual) and used to spread the "religion."
02:05 PM on 04/18/2013
true..Islam is only slightly better than Christianity which doesn't say much about either
09:36 PM on 04/16/2013
Meredith, rather than make subtle Christophobic, Atheistic statements "Timothy Schmalz's "Homeless Jesus" isn't your typical depiction of Christ, and it's arresting imagery might have hit too close to home for some Catholic leaders", why don't YOU, Timothy and your peeps do something for humananity around the world like the Catholic Church does?
In the U.S: Catholic Church (CC) educates 2.6 million students everyday savings American taxpayers of 18 billion dollars. The graduates go on to graduate studies at the rate of 92%.
CC has 230 colleges and universities in the U.S. with an enrollment of 700,000 students.
CC has a hospital system of 637 hospitals (most in big urban cites), which account for hospital treatment of 1 out of every 5 people not just Catholics in the United States. They provide food kitchens and pantry's, Social wellfare services, Shelters and support for abused woman and the homeless. For years they provided orphanages in most states. However, lately Gay and Lesbian activist groups have gotten laws passed, forcing them to close orphanges in 8 states. Hey, maybe Timothy's sculture is not Christ at all. Maybe it is a homeless orphan, maybe "the annointed one" in a Hoody, or maybe Mohamed. I guess it could really be anyone who likes peiercings.
Timendi causa est nescire. -- Seneca
10:59 PM on 04/16/2013
Did you notice what happened there in the midst of all your rhetoric about how "loving and generous and Christ-like" the Catholic Church is? You forgot to mention that the adoption orphanages were closed because they were financially supported by public tax dollars, and the Catholic Church would rather shut down adoptions in favor of *discriminating* against gay couples who wanted to adopt. As the adoption orphanages were funded by public money, they have to conform to public rules--which means *not* discriminating. Hmmm. I wonder who your Jesus would discriminate against? Maybe the sculpture is of a gay person turned out of their family...and their church?
thinking out loud allowed
11:36 PM on 04/16/2013
04:29 AM on 04/17/2013
Well said!
Phyllis Copeland
Shout into the void, don't weep in the darkness
06:46 AM on 04/17/2013
Secular charities do a lot of good work and Atheists contribute hundreds of millions of dollars a year, worldwide to these charities:

And the best thing about these charities is they have NO ulterior motive. No attempt to convert anyone, no attempt to preach, or shame, or push people in one direction or another. Just help. No strings attached.

We don't have to believe in a god to have compassion for our fellow human beings, we just have to care. And we do.
11:21 AM on 04/17/2013
I could not agree more.
However you and your peeps, like other folks, just can't be satisfied with telling me about all the good things secular charities and Atheists do.
You just have to include a couple of digs about religion.
Nobody forces you to belong to a Church, or to use their FREE food and services.
If you decide to use them, be aware of "their terrible ulterior motives", shut your mouth and be thankful.
Empathy is a good thing!
09:34 AM on 04/18/2013
You might and are entitled to object to the Catholic religion. You can and are entitled to suspect proselytism from Catholic charities. But to doubt or dismiss the extraordinary and dedicated work the Catholic Church does through their charitable contribution in health, education, orphanages, nursing homes, end of life care, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, distribution of food and basic necessities among the needy, would be mean spirited and unfair.
Spaceman Eddie
Unfair to the Imbalanced
09:32 PM on 04/16/2013
My Velveeta Madonna wasn't well received either.
Mr Teflon
Ain't I a stinker?
12:16 AM on 04/19/2013
Mmmmm... Velveeta ... His Holy Noodliness, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, would surely delight in your sculpture. May He touch you with His noodly appendages. R'Amen.
Live and let live...
09:18 PM on 04/16/2013
Everyone knows Jesus wears Prada and mink lined capes and gold crowns. This is blasphemy.
09:03 PM on 04/16/2013
Excellent piece of art!! Also Jesus can be what ever he wants to be!!
I don't care if you agree or not.
09:00 PM on 04/16/2013
Demand the right to display religious symbols in public areas supported by taxes in breath and demand that any religious symbols that you find offensive be removed in the next breath.
First Do No Harm
09:14 PM on 04/16/2013
The sculpture was rejected by the Catholic Church. The Church's property is private property and serves its congregation which supports it financially. Aside from that, what I find appalling is this "Republican" attitude by the church since the last election when they were on an "all-out" crusade to reject the president and try to install Republicans in the White House. I don't believe church property and the pulpit and their leaflets and notices they plastered all over our cars was proper and in direct violation of "separation of church and state." Their rejection of the statue of a "homeless" Jesus Christ tells me they reject the plight of the poor and homeless and the hungry in favor of the pro-life, anti-contraception groups. I think the sculpture was an accurate depiction and a reminder of the Lord's teachings.
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10:47 PM on 04/16/2013
Please tell me what Catholic church has a Republican attitude. You have no idea what your talking about.
08:53 PM on 04/16/2013
Ah the Christian way...............turn away the homeless or even the mere image of one even if he is Jesus himself.