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10:32 AM on 10/05/2009
This is simply white male guilt.

After all the low-down dirty crap that they have been dishing out, they think the page has turned, that the out is in, the down is up and the black is now white. That's why they want their country back, and that's why they had no such concerns under Bush II.

The truth is that they need to be given their just reward.

Unfortunately, weak Obama isn't the one to give it to them.
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The Lord will provide
12:04 AM on 10/07/2009
And what "just reward" would you have given to us, and by whom?
Semper fi
08:35 AM on 10/07/2009
What would be their just reward?

To take away the thing they prize most, money.

Who will do it?

Apparently, the Chinese.