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03:09 PM on 04/17/2013
I thought the face was scary... I thought I saw Jeepers Creepers
02:44 PM on 04/17/2013
In the Netherlands the black vs white issue isn't an issue the way it is here.
They never captured native Africans and sold them as salves or treated them like animals then spent then next hundreds of years denying them basic human rights.
Blackface to them is theater. Fashion. Costume. And is also done in reverse.
04:51 PM on 04/18/2013
Yes, they did. The Dutch owned slaves in New Netherlands, Suriname, Sint Maarten, and several other colonies.

Also, from Wikipedia:
Although slavery was illegal inside the Netherlands it flourished in the Dutch Empire, and helped support the economy.[79] By 1650 the Dutch had the pre-eminent slave trade in Europe.[80] They were overtaken by Britain around 1700. Historians agree that in all the Dutch shipped about 550,000 African slaves across the Atlantic, about 75,000 of whom died on board before reaching their destinations. From 1596 to 1829, the Dutch traders sold 250,000 slaves in the Dutch Guianas, 142,000 in the Dutch Caribbean islands, and 28,000 in Dutch Brazil.[81] In addition, tens of thousands of slaves, mostly from India and some from Africa, were carried to the Dutch East Indies.[82]
09:42 PM on 04/20/2013
Well I'll be! Thanks for the education! I did often wonder about the Sinterklaus thing and its relation to slavery but assumed (which I shouldn't have done) that there was a deep disconnect that wasn't so related to the American "version". Truly bizarre that these natives were considered a commodity outside the American slave trade, it was strangely universal to consider them almost anamalia. 
02:18 PM on 04/17/2013
Why is this so shocking? Every December 5th in Holland, Zwarte Piet (literally 'Black Pete') comes to Holland to help Sinterklaas (the Dutch version of Santa Claus) hand out candy and presents to all of the good little Dutch girls and boys. You will find 'black face' signs in shop windows, people dressing up in Black Face (with red lips, gold hoop earrings, curly black hair) and kids' t.v. shows with adults dressed up in Black Face pretending to be Zwarte Piet. Incredibly racist, but the Dutch don't care -- it's tradition!!
04:00 PM on 04/17/2013
It seems you are for this ignorant offensive, modeling & what goes on in HOLLAND, HUGH? This is why the world is the way it is, it's people like you that don't have respect for other people's cultural & race & think it's ENTERTAINMENT! You are the people that the world don't need right now and that to me is SAD & PATHETIC :~(
04:38 PM on 04/17/2013
This is America and if you went anywhere dressed like that you would be in some serious trouble. Remember Bruce Willis in Die Hard 2? You better pray for Sam Jackson to show up. It's not tradition here buddy!
02:11 PM on 04/17/2013
Blackface is never okay. Period. Stop trying it. That means all of you. Just, STOP!
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01:36 PM on 04/17/2013
They 'LIKE' us, they really, really 'LIKE' us!........:o)