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“I've never been a right-winger"-Pope Franc
03:24 PM on 04/18/2013
Kudos Lord Wolfson, that's an extremely grand gesture. No doubt you've many happy employees. It would certainly be nice to see an American CEO follow suit.
03:18 PM on 04/18/2013
Awesome Man, now watch his Blesses continue to flow because of he decided to PAY IT FORWARD instead of being GREEDY, he thought of how his EMPLOYEES where STRUGGLING, too bad other COMPANIES just don't GET IT, JOB WELL DONE ,LORD WOLFSON!!!! A MAN RAISE WITH MORALS AND CONVICTION...
04:15 PM on 04/18/2013
amen that
03:01 PM on 04/18/2013
NICE !!!!
02:44 PM on 04/18/2013
Be the change you wish to see in the world...nice start Mr.Wolfson!!
02:37 PM on 04/18/2013
Well done, Mr. Wolfson! May your generosity inspire others.
Scott Stevenson
Computer says no.
02:22 PM on 04/18/2013
American CEOs are nothing more than greedy jerks who sit around doing nothing while everyone else does the work.
02:34 PM on 04/18/2013
Righteous & true!!!!
02:49 PM on 04/18/2013
that's probably because they worked very hard being the person who does the work all the time, and if you honestly think that is what a person who runs a multi million dollar or whatever business does, your seriously mistaken
Scott Stevenson
Computer says no.
02:58 PM on 04/18/2013
I'm sorry but your incoherent post makes no sense, and since I don't speak bagger, you're dismissed.
02:05 PM on 04/18/2013
Some have praised the generous move and say they hope other CEOs will follow suit, but some say it’s not enough to curb excessive executive pay.

Oh whine, whine whine! It's never enough for you people! Snarl at CEO's keeping all their money, shame on you bad boys, they give a lot up and you're still not happy! A $3.7 million bonus to employees! $3.7 MILLION! I call that a bit of a raise from minimum wage and you still crab!

Whine, whine, whine, about these CEO's who GIVE you jobs! What's the problem, not $4.7 million in bonuses? CEO's, I say don't give any more of this kind of bonus. Your whining employees don't appreciate it. Fire them all and say they quit so they can't live the on the Unemployment Gravy Train. Outsource more jobs to people who'd appreciate a donated $3.7 million employee bonus!
Scott Stevenson
Computer says no.
02:18 PM on 04/18/2013
Sounds like you're the one whining.
03:02 PM on 04/18/2013
A lot of those bonuses was taken from the money they saved from the Bush tax cuts that was suppose to be used to create jobs. Instead the CEO's gave themselves hugh raises and created no jobs. If this guy can return his bonus to the employees there is no reason CEO's in this country cant do the same thing.
Scott Stevenson
Computer says no.
03:16 PM on 04/18/2013
American CEOs are all pretty much self serving greedy bstards.
03:25 PM on 04/18/2013
And we assume you are also giving a fair share to charity???
01:32 PM on 04/18/2013
Would be nice to see the greedy and arrogant CEO's in America do that, but don't hold your breath.
12:57 PM on 04/18/2013
The article forgot to mention that Wolfson also pay less taxes than CEOs in the United States, (where taxes are already the highest) I guess this small detail does not fit the socialist agenda!
my bio has been deleted...
01:24 PM on 04/18/2013
And your point is what?
01:28 PM on 04/18/2013
That was my point... read it again and let it sink in, it might come to you!
01:44 PM on 04/18/2013
Socialist? That explodes your entire comment, that one mention. In the 1950's the wealthy paid 90% of their income. If the Ryan plan had been accepted there would have been lower income taxes at the top and capital gains taxes would have ceased to exist. In essence the very wealthy would have paid nothing, as long as they deferred their income past 12 months. As I noted above, there are some generous, wealthy people out there. It is the middle class like you that are against any change in just how much certain segments in society should pay. I am assuming you were for the last two wars. Did the wealthy, or you, contribute blood to the effort? Did you question why our country was there in the first place and why we were paying so much for so little?
12:45 PM on 04/18/2013
This dude even has a badass name too! Lord Wolfson
12:53 PM on 04/18/2013
LOL! Faved!!!
Scott Stevenson
Computer says no.
02:24 PM on 04/18/2013
Faved, fanned already.
12:42 PM on 04/18/2013
So many CEO's can learn from this CEO how to share with those that were responsible for your success. With so many CEO's failing to pay a living wage to their employees, this person helps break the mold. It's why we support Costco and hate Walmart. One pays a living wage and the other doesn't.
12:52 PM on 04/18/2013
You forgot GOLDMAN SACHS so generous....
12:36 PM on 04/18/2013
more power to this CEO -- good karma and this actions will benefit him in his next lifetime as well as this one.. I would love to have a boss like him.
12:33 PM on 04/18/2013
Libs can't stand doesn't fit their narrative.
12:43 PM on 04/18/2013
Republican critical reasoning skills or can I say lack of critical reasoning skills once again exposed.
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I make Typos to tick off correctors
12:09 PM on 04/18/2013
With the income tax rates in Britain, he probably would not see much of the bonus money anyhow. May as well use it as a tax write off.
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Wait for it...
12:04 PM on 04/18/2013
In the US, we need to see TAXPAYERS elected to remuneration oversight committees to break up the cosy club of POLITICIANS who set each others' pay.
04:33 PM on 04/18/2013
Agreed! It was that a Senator or Congressperson received their salary while in office and once their term or terms were up they left and went back to private enterprise with no pensions and benefits for a lifetime. They are the ones who voted to pay themselves lifetime pensions and lifetime medical and they do not contribute to Social Security; yet they (most of them, not all) wish to call our Social Security System an entitlement program that they feel needs to be eliminated. They take their pensions from that fund! We, the working class, along with our employers have funded that system for our Golden years. Congress has borrowed (stolen) over 2.5 trillion dollars from the fund and now say it is underfunded. Put back our money and you would see it would be very sustainable for generations to come. Thank God Bush wasn´t able to get his idea of privatizing Social Security money into effect as the Financial crisis would have swallowed that money as well.