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real conservatives are not part of the GOP
04:34 PM on 04/24/2013
Feminism is about equality, any woman who does not like it when the pendulum swings in the other direction is simply a bigot in disguise
Sonia Silveroli
Get off my soapbox? No way, not today!
03:50 PM on 04/24/2013
As a woman I feel the playing field should be equal to all. I have found that my major issue with my gender is also the same issue many of you have brought up here. You cannot expect something to be wrong when someone else does it but okay when you do it. Either give the men their separate and equal "men only" access or keep it open for everyone at all hours. We, as women, lose too much credibility on the equality front if we refuse to play by equal rules, but then what do I know LOL
10:42 AM on 04/24/2013
Equal is equal. It is very hard to take feminists seriously when they whine every time equality doesn't rebound to the benefit of women. It shows everyone who and what they really are -- not social justice activists, but simply bigots and hypocrites out to rig the game for themselves.
03:09 PM on 04/24/2013
women hate equality:
10:24 AM on 04/24/2013
It's a reasonable point to make. The reasons the women's only hours exist also apply to men, even if they aren't talked about as much. It would be fair to make similar hours available to men, or at least not expect them to pay the same amount for less facilities.
09:38 AM on 04/24/2013
What's amazing really is that those who scream the loudest about tolerance and equality are the worst offenders for denying tolerance and equality.

I mean really , if you look at what the same people calling this man a whiner get in a tizzy about , you'll find that they love to use terms like "inclusive" , "equal" , and "gender neutral". When the shoe's on the other foot however , those 'other' people are the whiners , the petty , and the insensitive.

Do I really have to say it ? I'm talking about feminists of course and one peek at a pseudo-news site like Jezebel reveals no shortage of feminists who claim to want equality but strive for superiority , privilege , and special treatment that benefits only themselves.

Is this really so much to ask ? That men get what they pay their hard-earned money for ? Jezebel and feminists everywhere , please explain why men can't have the equality you claim to want for all. Well , unless you'd prefer to admit that you really don't want equality at all and are already the most privileged , entitled , well-off and looked-after group of people to have ever existed in the history of this planet.
09:31 AM on 04/24/2013
Sorry, but Mr. Lloyd has a very low bar for discrimination. He has picked an issue to present that he feels being discriminated against which is not the case.
10:44 AM on 04/24/2013
He is getting an inferior product entirely because he is male. He is still expected to pay the same price, therefor this is obvious and undeniable discrimination. That you've found a way to deny it anyway says a lot more about you, than it ever will about him.
11:24 AM on 04/24/2013
He is getting an inferior product? Honestly, some people have to get real for once.

His article is from the point of view that he wants to feel that he is being discriminated against.

On the level that others who have dealt with real discrimination his opinion is some seeking attention where ate worst he is being slightly inconvenienced.
09:06 PM on 04/24/2013
Well, he also gets to pay less for his dry cleaning so does he whine about that ??????????????????????????????
James Martini
Your micro-bio is empty
12:56 PM on 04/24/2013
He's being asked to pay for 400+ hours of gym time that he is not allowed to use due to his gender. In effect his cost per unit time of available service is higher solely because he is a man.
05:03 PM on 04/24/2013
Being required to pay for hours that he can not use is one of the strangest arguments that has ever been hear.

So are you going to complain about a more serious issue like the wage discrepancy between men and women. It is doubtful.
08:11 AM on 04/24/2013
It is discrimination if they do not allow men in the gym during those hours.
9 years active duty 2 tours in iraq.
07:52 AM on 04/24/2013
To be frank I've been reading up a lot on his case as it is groundbreaking. It a man showing sexism can and doe exist towards men. Also the research they use show that 26% of women feel uncomfortable working out around men. 26%, since when does such a minority get to rule the majority?

Also from what I have learned in life, women not men, treat other women the most. Sure some guys will look just like women look. However women are the worst at snipping or making other women feel bad about their appearance not men.

So cut their cost (which is also rumored to be at peak hours) get rid of the hours. Screw giving men their own hours maybe we can stop making men look bad by making more women deal with reality and not this fantasy world some one is making up for them to their determent.
07:27 AM on 04/24/2013
Women will always want to invade male spaces and make them their own, ask for inclusion, demand that changes be made to accommodate them and then once everything is just right for them, they will kick men out and not allow them to have their own space to compensate. The following video explains female hypoagency: and is something people need to be aware of...we see it, but we think it's okay and just a normal part of our society.

If feminists want equality, they sure have a funny way of showing it by getting all sorts of preferential treatment for women at the expense of men.
11:57 AM on 04/26/2013
Girl writes what calls it like it is. I am a fan. For another example of feminist double-speak, take a look at the protest staged by feminists in Toronto when William Farrell is addressing issues that effect men:
Duloc is a perfect place
04:25 AM on 04/24/2013
Quoting Jezebel all the time doesn't help the quoter's credibility. And he has a very obvious point, it's hard to see how anyone who's actually for equality could argue withit.
09:48 AM on 04/23/2013
Seeing how women put a gym out of business in Pittsburgh when I was a kid because it was male only, how can they justify any women only facility or times
08:34 AM on 04/23/2013
It is truly amazing that even on such a small issue with an obvious right answer, feminists cannot concede one inch. If one consumer has less access than another but pays the same price then this is consumer abuse. If it is based on gender then it is sexist. This is an intellectual lay-up and the feminists are blowing it. MGTOW for life. Peace.
real conservatives are not part of the GOP
04:36 PM on 04/24/2013
its not equality when the pendulum swings in the other direction if you ask many feminists - this in fact is called female hypoagency not feminism, and it is just as bigoted as misogyny
05:52 PM on 04/22/2013
It is 100% sexist that men have less access than women, but have to pay the same amount. That's a no brainer, right there.
Micro-bios must pass muster. Mine won't.
05:33 PM on 04/22/2013
Dude, when it comes to women, don't go where you aren't wanted. You will find life much nicer without such women around to ruin things.
Duloc is a perfect place
04:27 AM on 04/24/2013
Oh absolutely, but they charge him same amount for significantly fewer hours of access. 30 years ago feminists rioted in the streets over gender exclusion. Now...not so much.
10:46 AM on 04/24/2013
He paid to be there. He has a right to be there. If women want to go where no men are, they should go where no men are. They should not go to a place where men are and then tell us all to leave.

To hell with nice. There is no reason to be 'nice' about this. You do not treat the unjust 'nicely'.
Micro-bios must pass muster. Mine won't.
09:26 PM on 04/24/2013
Was I talking about location? I was talking about the interaction. You may someday understand the distinction.