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One day at a time. Then, tomorrow.
07:31 PM on 04/22/2013
"Scott-Young said she is taking the backlash to the show in stride, saying the positive responses from her music industry friends such as Diddy and LL Cool J gave her confidence to push forward".

Please...why isn't Diddy and LL allowing Mona to chronicle their lives. Real friends, right? SMH. Mona cares about money and fame. People's opinions are irrelevant. At the end of the day, Mona has to answer to her God for her actions and endorsement of reckless behavior and violence.

Also, she needs to ask herself if these show will be things that she want to be remember for producing.
11:10 PM on 04/22/2013
Thank you! She is a disgrace and she is all about money and fame. She repeatedly puts black America on the altar of mockery and she has no shame propagating stereotypes of loud, classless, uneducated, hypersexual, criminal behaviors that have good black people fighting against being thought of that way. Instead of addressing the ills within the black community, she produces shows that spread the cancer. I have no respect for her and she is not a positive role model for anyone to look up to. She is as soul-less as Ivan Boesky or Bernie Madoff. What's really sick about this is, she would consider it an 'honor' to be compared to those greedy men as a validation of her success. I deplore what she and VH1 have done with these mindless, crass shows.
01:03 AM on 04/23/2013
Tigergirl, had me at thank you. Keep posting well said from a woman.
this executive producer is making big dollars. She thinks that makes everything okay. I hope she reads these post. Sleep well, while you are destroying people lives on national TV.
For the love of money!
One day at a time. Then, tomorrow.
04:45 AM on 04/23/2013
LMBO.  I thought I could not stand Mona.  You and I share the same sentiments.  Contrary to what Mona wants people to believe, she is not Tyler Perry.  She is not the producers of the show. More like the recruiter/call girl for two other producers. She is giving herself credit to take the heat of the real producers, who are white males banking on buffoonery at the courtesy and endorsement of New York Worst, Mona.