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01:45 AM on 04/24/2013
Big Food Lobby definitely pulls strings at the FDA, and they also appear to have the White House conducting edits on their behalf as well. Described in the article from last month by Joe Sartran; "Food Safety Modernization Act Testing Requirement Axed In White House Review", where the OIRA had already edited the regulations so that factories weren't really required to do certain tests for pathogens, it was instead changed to a government suggestion. This way they'd recognize the concern, but not impose it. So, on the surface it may seem like they're implementing more safety measures, but it's really deregulation.

This was likely determined after one Big Food Lobbyist told a democratic representative who has the ear of Obama that they couldn't afford to implement those kinds of tests without cutting jobs, and all those unemployed food factory workers would be of greater detriment to maintaining the perception of keeping the working class employed than the minimal concerns the greater masses have about the food they consume.

Seriously, how many people really concern themselves with the food they eat anyway? Ask them if it's GMO, organic, or raised without antibiotics and they'll think you're insulting them and trying to tell them what to do with their bodies, or that you're a food conspiracy theorist.
One food safety expert from the article mentioned above is quoted as saying "It's faith-based food safety." Kind of gives added relevance to saying grace over their dinner tables now doesn't it?
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01:21 AM on 04/24/2013
Isn't the nature of Capitalism to let the power of money rule while we pretend the people hold the power because we let them pretend to elect our leaders?
12:18 AM on 04/24/2013
Apparently the lobbyists did not have enough time to review the proposed rules and add their own minor adjustments to them.
12:17 AM on 04/24/2013
To the average person........... a job is just a job. These people need to be introduced to a nice Guy like Jesus.
Gene Bivins
Vietnam vet, gay activist, human being.
12:12 AM on 04/24/2013
This is good. The FDA is an all-powerful fiefdom effectively answerable to no one but themselves. It's long past time they be brought to heel. Their job is to make food and drugs safe for American citizens, not to set their own rules and disobey the Congress and the people they serve.
12:08 AM on 04/24/2013
They need to address all the bacteria and fecal matter in the corporate meat sold in the grocery stores.
11:57 PM on 04/23/2013
What a cop out! So the FDA's excuse is that no regulations have been issued to implement the food safety legislation because the legislation is too complicated and technical? What are these staffers being paid for.? . Are they getting "persuaded" by the food industry lobbyists to drag their feet. I say fire them if they are not doing the job they were hired to do.
This remind me of Eric Holder, Attorney General also for not doing his job by going after the Wall Street CEO's who nearly brought this country down economically. His excuse for not going after the banks was "they are too big to jail."
So have we reached a point now where the people who are hired to carry out the people's business are not doing so because they are being influenced by their relationships with lobbyists, because they are incompetent, because they are lazy, because they really don't care? What is going on?

Is the US Government broken?
We can succeed only if we find a way together...
11:31 PM on 04/23/2013
Who's going to jail for this law-breaking?

Who's going to jail?
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If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal
01:30 AM on 04/24/2013
In 'merica only the small fry are subjected to law. Government employees, politicians, bankers, anyone with money and connections like Jon Corzine get a pass. The rest of us shrimpers? Not so much.
11:16 PM on 04/23/2013
Let’s start with your diet: Much of the beef you eat has been exposed to fecal matter in processing. Your chicken is contaminated with salmonella. Your stock animals and poultry are pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics. In most other countries, the government would act to protect consumers from this sort of thing; in the United States, the government is bought off by industry to prevent any effective regulations or inspections. In a few years, the majority of all the produce for sale in the United States will be from genetically modified crops, thanks to the cozy relationship between Monsanto Corporation and the United States government.
Organic gardening - healthy land & people
11:14 PM on 04/23/2013
There is one other thing people can do to secure their food safety. Take charge of growing your own food like they are already doing in Europe. Plow up your front and back yards and grow your own organic vegetables, fruits, berries, etc. You need to stop buying the unhealthy food from factory farms and reduce their profits to zero. Only then will the huge corporations get the message sent directly by the people. There are also community gardens springing up everywhere for those renting rather than owning your home. Start a movement in your city to utilize vacant city lots to create a community garden. Get busy! There is a way to defeat these horrible food crimes perpetuated on the masses, if only everyone would work together.
12:10 AM on 04/24/2013
A very large portion of us live in apartments where there is no room to garden. I like the idea of growing my own food, but I should be able to buy safe food at a supermarket. We're not a third-world country.
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If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal
01:31 AM on 04/24/2013
Give it ten more years and we'll see.
02:58 AM on 04/24/2013
Talk to the owner of the building about using the roof - assuming the air is breathable. This would be an incentive: the owner could be praised in the media, called to consult on green buildings, etc.
A roof garden would also be a way of forging some kind of community among the residents.
All consumers should be able to buy safe food ... even if that food originates from a third-world country....
Under 50 and Screwed by the TParty65+
04:59 AM on 04/24/2013
Brillant Comment!
11:08 PM on 04/23/2013
of course they did... they are run by "EX" employees' of all the big businesses in the food industry.. UH DUHHHHHH what did you think would happen?
11:03 PM on 04/23/2013
time to stop sending money to the FDA- close it and save lots of money. They do nothing for our safety. If Monsanto and big pharma need them let them pay for them
Greywolf Borealis
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10:56 PM on 04/23/2013
Gross incompetence. Ask for her immediate resignation and file criminal charges for endangering the health of US citizens.
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If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal
01:32 AM on 04/24/2013
You must be completely delusional. 'shrooms?
Guns determine who's left. Not who's right.
10:52 PM on 04/23/2013
"It's literally life or death. One in six Americans contract a food-borne illness every year and, tragically, thousands of them die."

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10:56 PM on 04/23/2013
Ban Monsanto running the FDA.
B Powell
Accurate fact trumps loud emotion, always.
12:04 AM on 04/24/2013
Go clean your weapon and wait for the black helicopter guys.
science is true whether you believe it or not
10:43 PM on 04/23/2013
"Political reasons" = $$$$
12:27 AM on 04/24/2013
This and the Volcker Rule.