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11:50 AM on 04/26/2013
I thought marriage was forever. I am guilty 100% of cheating on my first wife. I have been ashamed of myself ever since. We did get married young, but the bottom line on this is I stopped
attending church and reading The Bible. Once I came to my senses and rededicated my God
alot of things have changed for me. I have no desire whatsoever to cheat on my wife, now of
16 years, I have no desire to drink and haven't for the last 20+ years.

People don't want to hear this, but Jesus is the answer for alot personal and national problems.
Ashley Madison should be looked upon as a shameful and disgraceful website. This to me
is an indictment on how this country views God's Word. I can tell you from personal
experience that God's Word is just as true today as it was centuries ago. God's Word says
that when you are born again, through His son, Jesus, old things are passed away, all things
become. You can start again with everything. I hope this post will help someone change his
or her lifestyle.

God loves you no matter what. He's is waiting to hear from you.
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08:51 PM on 04/26/2013
You are very brave to be so open about your relationship with Christ. I agree with your post and I sincerely congratulate you on your Spirit filled life.
07:33 AM on 04/27/2013
I'm a Christian and I believe it worked for you and it has worked for me. But I realize that its not the way for everyone. We do not all think the same, have the same morals, or want the same things. I believe marriage is sacred but I also realize that life is short. I will not remain in a miserable marriage but thankfully I'm marrying my best friend. I won't be cheating, if he does we will divorce. I was fine before I met him and would be fine if it didn't work out.
11:33 AM on 04/26/2013
"IF" I had a mistress I wouln't waste my time eating steak with her ;)
04:32 PM on 04/26/2013

You gotta feed and supply drinks for the mistress, as she will not do the deed without those benefits! (I kid, I kid) LOL
I am not a number, I am a FREE MAN!
11:32 AM on 04/26/2013
taking your cheating love date to Red Lobster?

You wind up with more than just crabs
Louie Rey
11:18 AM on 04/26/2013
My favorite place to take my mistress to eat is the drive-thru at Mickey D's although most of the time the cashiers have to wait until we're finished doing the nasty before I can pay them for my order. Ain't love grand? Hey, they don't call it the Golden Arches for nothing!
11:15 AM on 04/26/2013
These surveys are so lame. Cheaters are, by definition, liars, so of course they'll lie to cover up their real methods. They rarely meet in public - too easy to get caught. I know one couple that went to a certain restaurant and sat at different tables and gabbed on the phone to each other, then went to the nearby motel for "lunch." Most cheaters run and hide, enjoying the game and doing their best to never get caught. It's also a ploy to "protect" the unsuspecting spouse. They want to cheat but they don't want to "hurt" their partners. Weird thinking, but it is what it is. Meeting flamboyantly in public in a local eatery is NOT the way to go!
11:38 AM on 04/26/2013
Not sure what planet you've been living on, but most cheaters DO regularly meet in public, the workplace, and at home (of all places right?). Cheaters in the office is so common that people don't drop their mouths over it anymore like in the 70's.

Cheating in hospitals... that's so prevalent that it can be considered a culture of its own. Cheating is so rampant in the military that they have buzz words for it depending on where you're stationed. Germany, Korea, Thailand... today the number of married service women on the prowl while serving in remote tours is astounding compared to only 20 years ago... the entire game has changed. Married female English teachers alone overseas have been going buck-wild with U.S. Soldiers that it's common knowledge for those wanting a steady hook-up during their tour. Pilots (civil and military) are notorious cheaters... the chance of you running into your spouse 600nm away is remote. Navy sailors (male and female)... I we don't even need to go there...

The point is that we (as a nation, not anyone personally) are a cheating culture. I think anyone who's been in a position where they were required to report it if they saw/suspected cheating would agree that finding a cheater in the U.S. is like finding a rabbit that'll eat Kale... unfortunately.
10:59 AM on 04/26/2013
A web site for the human slugs of society . Shameful
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11:22 AM on 04/26/2013
Amen to that! This website is disgusting, and the fact that it has as many "members" as it does makes me sick! Anyone who thinks such a thing is normal is scum, guy or girl!
01:00 PM on 04/26/2013
Hmmmm.... Basic math and plotting cheating vs. faithful on a bell curve suggests that cheating is indeed quite "normal".

... but so does biology. I don't advocated "cheating" but monogamy in humans is a societal invention, not a biological one. Keep it straight ;)
Veni, vidi, vici
12:31 PM on 04/26/2013
Calling them Slugs is too kind.
12:48 PM on 04/26/2013
Agreed with all three above posted comments.It's called "cheating" for a reason.It's the wrong thing to do,period,for all parties involved.Treat people the way you would want to be treated.Simple.
10:39 AM on 04/26/2013
I've only been to Morton's for the food. I avoid Ruth Chris because who wants a nice piece of steak soaking in melted butter? Morton's is so much better.
11:19 AM on 04/26/2013
You can order a steak prepared without butter. I have done it at Ruth Chris.
12:26 PM on 04/26/2013
And what did she ordered?
04:43 PM on 04/26/2013
good idea...thanks.
10:30 AM on 04/26/2013
thanks for the info, if i ever decide to cheat i will now where not to go
Have a nice day and get it over with.
10:25 AM on 04/26/2013
I'm glad Ms. Madison is deeply concerned about the quality of extramarital affairs in our society.
I didn't vote for him!
10:23 AM on 04/26/2013
stupid fill-in article. I apologize for reading it and posting this.
10:07 AM on 04/26/2013
Just say no.
09:58 AM on 04/26/2013
It just goes to show where a cheater's brains are located . . . .
12:13 PM on 04/26/2013
09:57 AM on 04/26/2013
Unless you are Bill Clinton, then you have state troopers bring the girls to your motel room.
09:55 AM on 04/26/2013
7 eleven hangout
09:53 AM on 04/26/2013
7 eleven poor mans hangout"for cheats