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12:50 PM on 04/26/2013
I think she has a point. Somewhat sadly, I have to say that if she didn't use T&A in her videos and performances with provocative outfits, she isn't that great of a singer or even dancer. Probably a nice person, but not the most incredible talent by far.
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12:20 PM on 04/26/2013
Beyonce is talented and hard working and for that I give her credit. But a role model for young girls. Never! I have been over all the bump and grind ages ago. When I think about truly great singers, she doesn't cut it. Maybe that's why she resorts to sexualized performances. After all, her parents were cool with it. It's worked really well for Kim Kardashian.
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12:16 PM on 04/26/2013
Perhaps Beyonce, the businesswoman is a role model for those who need a role model. I'm not a fan of her music, however never would I begrudge her any success she has earned, including the obvious sustainability as an entertainer.

It is obvious Mrs. Obama's comments were more of generality than anything else... She has long chosen the best schools and education programs for her daughters and they are Ivy League bound.
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12:14 PM on 04/26/2013
Her dress is skimpy, but I'd like to see more men in less (meow!) -- even things out a bit, ya know?
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11:23 AM on 04/26/2013
It's not only what's on the outside that counts towards being a role model. Beyonce's lyrics in her music are empowering to women. What she is saying to young women is more important than her looks. Plus, she leads a decent life - no drugs, happy marriage.....
11:16 AM on 04/26/2013
Its just wierd that every sucessful woman is expected to be a role model and her life is picked over and criticised by both women and men. It's not that serious.
11:11 AM on 04/26/2013
I did not know that the First Lady has said that Beyoncé was a role model to her daughter's. If she is then she is sending the wrong message to her daughter's The clothe's that she wear's should be enough for her to not even think that she is a role model.
I think that the mother should be the only role model a daughter should have, not an over paid entertainer.
07:26 PM on 04/27/2013
The clothes that she performs in??? When have you seen her walking down the street half naked??? They wear less on Dancing with the Stars, Pageants, dance shows. Beyoncé is the main Character "Princess Tara" in an animated3-D MOVIE that comes out next month, she's a designer, has her own clothing line. Hating is a "SIN"!!!!
11:09 AM on 04/26/2013
So because she wears sexy clothes while on stage performing, or in a music video, that makes her a bad role model? How often is she photographed walking the streets dressed like a hooker? Be responsible for raising YOUR own children. Beyonce is not your kids role model and she shouldn't have to be either. Beyonce is a grown woman and she doesn't owe anyone anything except for a great show, that's it. If you don't like her, don't buy her albums or attend her shows. It's real simple.
09:18 PM on 04/28/2013
or comment to what other people say about her
08:20 AM on 04/29/2013
Yeah because we all know that the people that can't stand her are secretly fans anyway, that's why they follow her every move like they are obsessed or something :)
11:03 AM on 04/26/2013
This woman is NOT a role model to my children or family. She does NOT speak for my heritage and NEVER WILL.
11:01 AM on 04/26/2013
Beyonce's performance at the Superbowl was nothing more than a Pussycat Doll show. If you have the pipes, you don't need to take your clothes off. She could take a lesson from Whitney Houston or Jennifer Hudson. But I guess she knows she's not that good.
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11:53 AM on 04/26/2013
Beyonce is an Adele fan. She knows Adele would blow her away in a talent contest.
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02:04 PM on 04/26/2013
I agree on the talent. Adele and Jennifer Hudson are amazeballs and hardly a singer today holds a candle. but I do like that Bey is confident and curvy and know what she's good at. though with the heroine addiction, taking any kind of lesson from Whitney Houston is iffy.
10:47 AM on 04/26/2013
This is why we have a LACK of role models in the community because people are too blasted judgmental. Is Michelle Obama a bad role model for marrying an ex-coke head? Is Michelle Obama a bad role model for marrying a man who drop drones in communities killing innocent kids and people? If me a break people. Most kids can't even look up to their own parents as being role models and to cut Beyonce off as one is just stupid to say the least. The amount of community service this woman has done since starting her career, is worthy. She dated the same man for nearly 8 years before marrying him then starting a family. She's not on government assistance. She work hard and play hard. She's not partying every week, she's not caught up in some baby daddy drama, she's not indulging in drugs (at least not in the public eyes). She keep her circle very small and keep her personal life very private. Is Beyonce PEFECT, hell no, but when compared to some she's probably the best thing we have. I work in the school system and the parents I see, I'm disgusted. I have my own mentoring program and it's like picking teeth trying to get anyone to volunteer their time and services. I'm so tired of people creating morals for people that they don't uphold themselves. She's a STRONG woman but she loves her HUSBAND.
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10:29 AM on 04/26/2013
I am sick of people wanting famous people they have not met to be their "role models" even when we ALL know (should know) that public images are cleverly crafted for entertainers, athletes, and politicians. They are human and are ALL FALLIBLE.

I know deep down the "hero/role model-worship" come from wanting the fame and money these erected role models have. I like many entertainers & atheletes but don't consider
any a role model and don't preach that to my 15 year old daughter.
10:17 AM on 04/26/2013
I like Beyonce and her music but I would not want her to be a role model for my daughter to be honest. I, myself, would like to set the example of what a woman should be as opposed to someone else that my daughter has never met before. I have nothing against Beyonce but the entertainment industry overall is not a good image for any child.
Am Everywoman not Superwoman.
10:21 AM on 04/26/2013
Thank you. I am sick of people wanting famous people they have not met to be their "role models" even when we ALL know (should know) that public images are cleverly crafted.
10:12 AM on 04/26/2013
she may not be a role model but a PIN UP she is
10:10 AM on 04/26/2013
Ms. Kumar's letter shows that narrow ideas about appropriate behavior for women are not limited to celebrity worship. Beyonce is an entertainer. She has chosen to focus on music and acting for her career. There is nothing wrong with that. Not everyone will be a scientist or a business executive. Not everyone even wants to do those things. There is no shame in that, and it doesn't mean that they are failing to use their intellect or to live up to their potential.