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01:32 PM on 04/27/2013
The Mother asks "why did the police kill my son?" Well, they wounded him BUT it was the brother who jumped in a car and backed it up, running over his own brother, trying to make his get away. That is probably what ended up killing the wounded suspect. The police would rather have captured him alive.
01:24 PM on 04/27/2013
Hmm....Well, these Terrorists couldn't be mad at Bush! Remember, Imam-Obama said he would 'End' these Wars, during his 'First Term.' LOL
01:32 PM on 04/27/2013
Hmmmm We wouldn't be in this mess if courious George's 'mission accomplished' lie was true. LOL
01:57 PM on 04/27/2013
Hmmmmmm. Maybe we wouldn't be in this mess if Congress hadn't voted to go to war.

Or Hmmmmm, maybe we wouldn't be in this mess if Al Qaeda and it's cronies hadn't attacked us in the first place.

Or hmmmmmm maybe we wouldn't be in this mess if we all just converted to Islam and let the brats have their own way.
12:59 PM on 04/27/2013
Deluded mother, deluded and confused children. Why didn't she raise them in the U.S.? And the FBI never arrested the older boy...the FBI could have been a lot more proactive.
01:58 PM on 04/27/2013
What would you suggest the FBI should have arrested the older boy for? They do have to charge you with something when they arrest you.
03:41 PM on 04/27/2013
Because they are not permitted by law to do so, what I see as a solution is what I hope would happen as a result of the unfair playing field that terrorists have over the innocent public, and a law restricted FBI, and that is this: If someone reported the older guy as a being active in a terrorist type way?, and reported that to the FBI, the FBI does its investigation, and that's pretty much it. What I see as necessary for a short while, let's say the next 20 years or so, is that they should wire all suspected residences. Then if they find out they are just going about their daily lives in whatever capapcity that looks like, then they cancel their suspicion of that person. In short, turn off the bug. If it looks like they are trying to strategize as to which pressure cooker to buy, which nails would have the most impact, and which events would garner the most deaths per capita, then, they would have leverage over terrorists' activities.
nope,not going outside
12:48 PM on 04/27/2013
should have focused a year ago when you first Identified these two crap birds.....
WhoWhatWhyWhereWhenHow and how much?
12:47 PM on 04/27/2013
I just went thru the posts that had 10 faves or more and it was as close as I ever get to a bekkie or a fox blog. How sad that hate drives these Americans.
My question to these christians,
How would jesus hate?
01:59 PM on 04/27/2013
Wow. Perfect example of a pot calling the kettles black.
WhoWhatWhyWhereWhenHow and how much?
02:10 PM on 04/27/2013
my jesus does not hate
Marie Willhite
FranMar is very much alive and in an "unsealed" ch
02:32 PM on 04/27/2013
He would not. And, that should be capital "C". Where did you go to school?
Hate DOES NOT drive me anywhere.....much less, to create a bomb to blow off the limbs of little children....or anyone else for that matter. Have a great day.
WhoWhatWhyWhereWhenHow and how much?
03:20 PM on 04/27/2013
I must not be talking about YOU, who intolerantly wrote:
"“So far the boys have been as safe as is humanly possible. With Omaba
bellying up to the homo who knows what will happen. I suggest it will
not be good and wholesome.”
Marie Willhite
FranMar is very much alive and in an "unsealed" ch
12:45 PM on 04/27/2013
Did the "younger" brother not back a stolen SUV over the "older" brother. That's brotherly LOVE?
02:00 PM on 04/27/2013
More like PANIC.
12:43 PM on 04/27/2013

Who were the so-called "Russian athletes" who severely beat Anzor Tsarnaev, the father, in Boston, so severely that he returned to Dagestan to die because he has never recovered from the severe beating? Why did they beat him? Where are they now? Why is it that the family does not provide more details about the beating? Was the father a lawyer when they lived in Russia before coming to the U.S.A. as refugees? And when he came to the U.S.A. he was an auto mechanic. How did this lowering of status in the U.S.A. affect the family as a whole?
Marie Willhite
FranMar is very much alive and in an "unsealed" ch
12:42 PM on 04/27/2013
SHE "regrets moving her family to US ?????. How the "H" does she think Bostonians feels?
12:36 PM on 04/27/2013
A radical group whose allegiance to a belief, which goes beyond geographical borders, has declared war on the United States and everyone in the West, but it does not seem to be treated as such. The lackadaisical response to this declaration of war is unsettling.

I'm quite concerned that members of this family were on the Terror Watch list....but nobody was watching. Some of those on 9/11 were on the list, and they were able to come into the country. I remember that our government allowed the vehemently anti-American, jihadist Blind Sheik into our country - to show just how tolerant and beneficent we are of other belief systems; how Condoleezza Rice said that although they received intelligence about the hijacking of planes to smash into buildings, they 'couldn't imagine' that anyone would do so.

I don't think that we have the best brains or full-spectrum thinkers on this issue. I think it is because the current definition of declaration of war is only acknowledged when made by another nation.

We, in the West, like our wars tidy and want people to 'fight fair'. We follow the Geneva Convention for wartime etiquette. Jihad is out-and-out guerrilla warfare carried out by implanted terror cells hiding in plain sight.

I think our government needs to adjust the definition for what a declaration of war is and maybe that will make them step up to the plate. Still chewing on this one........
08:10 PM on 04/27/2013
The problem is the US under Bush did not follow the Geneva Convention - Bush told Hassein he would give him 24 hours to surrender. Bush ordered the US to attack after 12 hours! That is why we are so hated. I have friends who have been there and the people hate us.
09:38 PM on 04/27/2013
We are so hated because we live in the 21st century and not the 8th.
12:30 PM on 04/27/2013
This mom is quickly becoming one of the most annoying people to be allowed on tv,and that's saying something.Also,during her shoplifting spree at Lord & Taylor,she couldn't have picked up a couple scarves more flattering to her?
WhoWhatWhyWhereWhenHow and how much?
12:50 PM on 04/27/2013
like an Orley Tates
01:01 PM on 04/27/2013
Funny...funny !
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12:03 PM on 04/27/2013
ok you have to think that when ever i or you walk into a store or drive we are on camera couldn't they gather footage and trace their movements -just cut and edit the compilations i mean even in dunkin donuts there's tons of cameras -you could see patterns and see who they interact with -you have to tink that like in Starbucks everyone uses there computers they could see what websites you are on just from the camera focus or even your phone screen
i mean i dont know how far back they keep them
11:58 AM on 04/27/2013
If the brothers were "angry about the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq" why didn't they go there to fight against America? Instead they stayed here and enjoyed everything American and used the only intelligence they had in their pathetic little brains, to be destructive. I think their behavior probably had little to do with anything to do with religion but more to do with being losers who had no abitions, nothing going for them, flunking out of school, etc and just want to destroy others who were ambitious and constructive. jealousy and resentment I think is what fueled them.
Marie Domina
To Know Me Is To Love Me
12:47 PM on 04/27/2013
Really? SMH.
Geronimo- into the depths of sarcasm
11:57 AM on 04/27/2013
How difficult would it be to sweep the campuses all over the US and see if foreign students on a Visa are attending classes? For that matter, any student not attending classes on a Federal Grant. Might cut the budget and make a few jobs. Of course self reporting by the Ivory Towers would not be the answer. Too much of a conflict of interest. Just a thought.
11:46 AM on 04/27/2013
There are some seriously sick puppies posting on this thread.
Who cares? What is reality?
07:17 PM on 04/27/2013
Oh, it ain't all bad.