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06:09 PM on 04/30/2013
In a time we sometimes question the good in the younger generation, this was amazing to watch. As a mom I can only pray that my children's lives turn out to be all about giving back!
Screw being nice its highly overrated
08:39 PM on 04/30/2013
Well, it sounds like they got a good start, the rest is up to them...
09:56 AM on 05/01/2013
I was just going to get ready and adopt some chinese kids,this keep my hope alive
02:59 PM on 04/30/2013
What a wonderful thing he did for his mother! I'm in tears here!
A House Divided Will Fall
09:28 AM on 05/01/2013
I do not know if you say "I'm in years here!" Just as an expression or not, however, if you are in tears is because you have a kind and loving heart, good for you. I lost my mother last year at the age of 93 and 3 months and I miss her even though it was better for her. We are Christians, which I know is a dirty word in our culture today, but we are, and I am totally convinced that I will see my mother again after I die.
I'm embarassed to even be reading this stuff!!!!!
12:40 PM on 05/01/2013
I, too, believe I will see loved ones again when I'm gone. I believe it with my whole heart, and find it so comforting. My 11 yr old daughter also believes, and I hope it helps her when I go. I think family stays connected long, long, long after this life (and long before too!), and there is a reason we are who we are, and related to who we're related to. I do not necessarily believe in "Heaven" and "Hell", per se, as an all loving and all forgiving God, in my opinion, would not cast sinners to Hell, but rather each lifetime lived is an evolution and step towards becoming a better person than you were previously. I get that a lot of people don't feel this way, and that's cool, but again, I find it tremendously comforting that the ties that bind will continue long after the flesh and blood life I am living now has passed. Have no idea where this long diatribe on my beliefs came from, and I apologize for going on...your posts today must have just moved me so! Thank you again for your uplifting comments.