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11:02 PM on 10/13/2009
I have lived in the great state of Maine my whole life and am a life long liberal democrat yet I have voted for Senator Snow her whole career. I do not agree with everything she stands for but have always been impressed by her honesty and ability to represent our great working class state. Her career is littered with the ability to vote against her party when her constituents demand so. Perhaps this will allow her to keep her government job, but that's why she has it in the first place.

She is by no means "horrible".

Thank you Senator. Well done.
10:55 PM on 10/13/2009
public option was the weakest of the 3 options

universal healthcare
single payer
public option

and it's not even passing easily

what on earth is happening, why does the will of the people no mandate what should pass?

kind of a rhetorical question no? we all know......
"When you can balance a tackhammer on your head...
10:52 PM on 10/13/2009
This version would be progress, but no reason the fatcats should get off so easily. It needs the public option or it'll just be more of the same before long.
11:06 PM on 10/13/2009
Any version without the public option will be a setback, pass a bad bill and it will be years befor we get a chance at real reform again
10:39 PM on 10/13/2009
As Snowe said History calls! This is very hopeful. Thank God for Snowe wanting the best for America. She will go down in history as for the people. Not dirty and for the insurance companies like all the other Republicans. I hope the Republicans realize they are burning down their own bridge by fighting for the insurance companies. They are tainting themselves. If they get on-board now it isn't too late to show the people that they are decent. If they want to keep fighting for the insurance companies because that is where they get a lot of their money from then they are not for the people. Health care as we know it will take down America. Stop being greedy and reform healthcare with a public option now!
10:23 PM on 10/13/2009
I am very suspicious. Without a public option the bill is very weak. It seems that our government is trying to send a fictitious message that progress is being made. Substance? Bi-partisan? Come on.
10:17 PM on 10/13/2009
Let's not celebrate this horrible woman. She is still a member of a party that attempts to deny black people the right to vote, still doesn't want gays to get married, and continues to believe that there's nothing wrong with mixing politics and religion. Her party stole the presidential election 2 times, giving it to a bumbling buffoon who steered us in to 2 wars and broke the budget with their vindictiveness and hatred.

She's just realized that most Americans want health care. Voting this way is her attempt to keep her government job, nothing more.
11:14 PM on 10/13/2009
I hope you are a independent thinker, hate to think that there are more who think like you
Proud Member of The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy
10:14 PM on 10/13/2009
The public option will be in the bill and will be available to all who don't have a lousy high deductible plan from their employer.

When it passes, it will be "mission accomplished" party time on the hill. The people who get the shaft are those just at or a little above 400% of poverty because their private insurance rates will go up and they will be fined if they can swing the premium. Of course when something catastrophic happens and they loose their employment and income, then it will be the same as now.

The projections are just to reduce premium increases, not bring them down from where they are now or in line with other countries that can do it for half the cost with single payer. Unless the public option is open to all - as an alternative to an employer's private insurance plan, then it will not curb costs or ease the burden on the working and middle class. This bill should only be the beginning of reform, not the end.
10:09 PM on 10/13/2009
I believe the media constantly miss the opportunity to highlight the republican objections to health reform.Where are their photos?All nine republicans photos naysayers should be shown instead of Snowe.American need to be reminded by their faces who was against health reform.
10:09 PM on 10/13/2009
To Kansas Sen Pat Roberts: Please ease up on the metaphors of the outback of Kansas: Cactus, rattlesnakes and quicksand. Cringeworthy!

Oh, and let's let Lizzie Bordon rest in peace. Let's not once again evoke the horrific ax-murdering images of the crime she's linked to! That was a history of, what, 115+ years ago! Overkill, Senator (pardon the pun).
09:52 PM on 10/13/2009
In case you don't recognize it, this is "an intensive effort at persuasion or deception." In other words... A SNOW JOB.
09:57 PM on 10/13/2009
Well, yes. As far as the American public's response to the bill is concerned, our lawmakers want us to believe that this is the best they can do--that they're being realistic and pragmatic and boy, has this been a tough fight, but now they're bringing us something of substance.
This isn't the best they can do. This isn't a win for anyone but the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, and the senators to whom those industries make such generous contributions.
10:16 PM on 10/13/2009
Yup......and Obama's as much to blame as Max Baucus.
10:06 PM on 10/13/2009
We know, A SNOW JOB.

So can we change the outcome without an
organized mass rebellion of the majority?
Clarity has reared its ugly head again
10:42 PM on 10/13/2009
If the majority wanted to, they could stop voting for people who refuse to act in their interest.
09:48 PM on 10/13/2009

How much more are they going to force us to pay,
the only question government is trying to resolve in all this
brainwash called healthcare reform.

Like a cat terrifies a mouse to get the maximum thrill out of it,
such is the mindset of god-rich as they plan their next stroke
of thought control.
09:48 PM on 10/13/2009
I'm wondering if we understand the legislative process. The passing of this bill hasn't solved anything, nor solidified anything. The next step is for it to be merged with the other bill from the Senate. Then the whole Senate has to vote. THEN it has to be merged with the House bill. Then the President can sign it into law. Many more steps are involved, and many more opportunities for change. So it's too early to cheer or lament. The process is still proceeding. In other words, even if this bill would have had a public option, that's no guarantee that the final bill would have one. We need to keep contacting our legislators, both House and Senate, and communicating the urgent need for public option.
09:42 PM on 10/13/2009
So Olympia won't support a bill with a public option, imagine that? So much for her moral belief about the need for health care in America.

It's time for US to flood our Senators and Representatives with calls and emails. We also need to contact Reid, Pelosi, and the White House too. Lets remind them all just WHY we elected them, and that they work FOR US!

Its time for President Obama to throw down the gauntlet and get this done!

09:41 PM on 10/13/2009
Good for Senator Snowe. I hope other senators face a backlash for the way they are acting. It is long past time for Health Care reform.
09:37 PM on 10/13/2009
BUYER BEWARE! Let's be cautious in singing praises for Ms. Snowe. She is manipulative and conniving, and there is a good chance that she will try to blackmail Senate Democrats and President Obama into excluding the pubic option if they want 60 votes. She is not to be trusted.
09:43 PM on 10/13/2009
Are you from Maine? If not, how do you know this?
09:49 PM on 10/13/2009
Check out Olympia's interview with Charlie Gibson tonight on the news. She doesn't intend to vote for a bill with a public option, since the private companies would be threatened. Not much of a surprise.

It saddens me greatly to know that when American citizens are threatened with bankruptcy, she isn't so much of an advocate for us. Yet when private companies are threatened, because their profits aren't large enough, THAT is what troubles Senator Snowe? Seems -ss back wards to me. Just saying...

I am intrigued as to why Senator Snowe would agree to give up her committee position for this one vote? I wonder what she was promised?
10:38 PM on 10/13/2009
Today's today and tomorrow's tomorrow. This lady has gone back and forth re: the PO several times. I wouldn't be surprised if she votes for the PO. We have more than 8 weeks until the end of the year. A lot can happen to change minds. Remember that the Republicans were flat out against any reform and the ruckus at the town halls by the tea partiers. Now Dole, Swarzenegger and other Republcians have weighed in in favor of it. Next step: PO politicking. Let's see how it plays out.