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03:15 PM on 05/02/2013
I'm thinking the 5-8 years these guys are facing is just the beginning.

Their actions led to a police officer being killed, another being shot, and the kidnapping of a motorist.

Once these get added to the list of charges, I'm betting they get life.

People need to understand, if you help someone who has committed a crime, then you are an accessory, and you need to face the consequences.
02:43 PM on 05/02/2013
This is a shamefully shallow investigation.
Granted the actions of these kids are inappropriate, but these are not the co-conspirators we are looking for!
Who educated and financed the brothers?!
03:30 PM on 05/02/2013
An investigation needs to be thorough and these young men attempted to obstruct justice by destroying evidence.
Helen Burkhardt
04:38 PM on 05/02/2013
they made some bad choices now they must pay.
03:42 PM on 05/02/2013
They are not kids and neither is Tsarnaev. They are adults who joined a terrorist activity. These men knew it was wrong to hide evidence about killing an eight year old boy and blowing the legs off many young people. They should be tried in military court as foreign combatants and get death or life sentences. Go visit the AMPUTEES.
i can want peace and the death penalty too
02:21 PM on 05/02/2013
my son is graduating college in 2 weeks. i paid cash for his tuition. we are 4th generation americans. dont own a business. only recently own a house. it was badly damaged in sandy. after fixing it i have no money left. my son is going to go to graduate school . he has to take loans now. it breaks my heart. i thought i was giving him the gift of no debt. can i have the monies that were being used for this groups tuition for my son ?
03:46 PM on 05/02/2013
Good Point. Now tell your Congressman and vote accordingly in 2014. Mr Bechel on the "Five' recommended serious action and Bill Maher had plenty to say also on his own show. Hopefully the Democrats and liberals will listen to these men as they have sounded the alarm.
04:07 PM on 05/02/2013
You have given him a gift.....that of paying your own way and not waiting for someone else to pay it for you. Unfortunately, you're right about the money we spend on people who don't value being an American. We should be spending none of them, and all of it on those who value this country. You can thank all those "do gooders" who believe that by pacifying an enemy, you become his friend.....a policy that will never work.
02:15 PM on 05/02/2013
I want to know where the computer is. Did these "friends" destroy that crucial evidence?
02:04 PM on 05/02/2013
put them in prison and depot their entire families.......why are we educating these people..and at tax payers money
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Get over it. It's the Shock Doctrine (book)
07:46 PM on 05/02/2013
Why not deport those who participated in the 95% of domestic terrorism in THIS country since 2002! They were all NON-muslim white Americans.
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Houston, Harris County criminal defense attorney
03:51 PM on 05/04/2013
Because you can't deport people who were born here. You can only deport non-citizens or those who didn't obtain naturalization by fraud. Does that answer your incredibly obtuse question?
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01:59 PM on 05/02/2013
They come from Glorious Nation Of Kazahstan, Borat's amigos
03:42 PM on 05/02/2013
Very niiice.
Bases are loaded!
01:53 PM on 05/02/2013
Why does the vast majority of the world's population hate white Americans and desire our extermination? What have we, as white Americans, done to the rest of the Earth's inhabitiants, to earn their hatred? I am aware of the pain that we have caused our Black fellow Americans through racial hatred and prejudice. But, ironically, they do not hate us and do not wish our destruction. It has to be more to it then that to generate a hatred that permeates so many non-American cultures. Can anybody suggest the cause?
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02:34 PM on 05/02/2013
That's a pretty naive question. Look at the history of these middle east countries and see just how many times we have destroyed their democratic government to install an American puppet. (Like they tried to do with Rmoney). And how many innocent arabs we have killed. If you got the TRUTH and were able to accept it you wouldn't be such a clueless righty.
03:18 PM on 05/02/2013
Cause before America, the people of the Middle East were always a peace-loving kind weren't they...

Talk about naive!

Oh, and to answer your question... 0.
the party faithful are suckers
05:33 PM on 05/02/2013
George W gave the reason "because we're good and they are evil" as with every thing else , he had real incite and a deep understanding of the situation
dan harrigan
02:36 PM on 05/02/2013
But, ironically, they do not hate us and do not wish our destruction.

Really? and what do you call inner city gangs and criminals?

Well educated members of society?
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03:20 PM on 05/02/2013
The difference is a radical Islamist, would stab a white person rather than sell him a crack rock.
01:45 PM on 05/02/2013
They may have not been aware of the bombimg plan beforehand, but aiding the bomber makes them involved in any further destruction (Times Square?.....shooting people, carjacking?) that would have occurred because of their 'help' had he not been caught. They are just as bad as the brothers were. They did not call the authorities when they concluded he really did maim all those people, they must have thought it was cool. Throw away the key on them as well.
02:59 PM on 05/02/2013
take vengeance on innocent people is easy, but why limited to just the roommate, friend, classmates? how about the school who provide food, shelter to "help" keep him active, the merchant who sold them the pressure cooker to "help" built the bomb, the by-standard that eye witness them put bomb in the garbage can? And of course the city who provides the "garbage can", the garbage man who "help" to dump the evidence? none of them call the police after this incident happened, Please remember, even till today, Tsarnaev is still just a suspect before he is proven guilty in court. Who will really think his friend is really the guy that was broadcast over TV news with no name or details just blurry images? Will you turn your back on your friend and go to police just by watching some blurry images on TV and no other information?

Only because they are also Kazakhstan native I guess? If Bush is still around, we'll be bombing Chechen right now, and you are wondering why the world hate us?
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03:23 PM on 05/02/2013
Oh Good Lord...what a clueless comment. But, yes, I would turn my back on friend if they just blew up innocent people...and you should, too. To do anything less, means that you may, in a small way, agree with what had just happened.

P.S. I don't care if the world "hates"us for responding to hatred in kind.
05:02 PM on 05/02/2013
Oh please.......The person who sold the pressure cooker, the college, the garbage man, etc., had nothing to do with these crimes and did not, knowingly and deliberately, aide and abet the killers! There is a HUGE difference. If they didn't know abou the crimes, ahead of time (I believe they, likely, did), or believe in his guilt, based on the images on TV/Internet, the killer, himself, confirmed it, when he, apparently, asked of them, something to the effect of: "Oh, by the way, I can't ever come back to Boston, because I've killed people and am running from police, so I need you to go to my apartment and dispose of my expensive laptop, in the garbage, along with a jar of vasoline, and a bag of EMPTY fireworks, from which I extracted the explosive powder, for the heck of it!".........Come on!........Why would they have thought the fireworks were EMPTY, and why would someone want a laptop thrown in the trash??! (certianly NOT to support their innocence!). After seeing the images -- which were fairly clear -- of their friend and, then, finding those empy fireworks, and being asked to dispose of them, as well as a costly laptop, you don't think these 3 "friends" (one of whom, apparently, drives a vehicle, labeled "terrorista-1") knew he/they were guilty?!......If not, I have some ocean-front property, in Ohio, that I'd be quite interested in selling you.
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04:29 PM on 05/02/2013
Thats right ... everything you hear and read in the "news " media is correct ,folks ...
01:45 PM on 05/02/2013
How does one of these men get back into country without a student visa? Obviously something has to be done with non- Americans flying in and out of the U.S. This is ridiculous , anyone who does not have proper credentials need to be detained by authorities and checked out. We deserve protection . How many more illegals are there being harbored in dorm rooms and off campus housing across the nation? Unacceptable.
NYC The greatest city in the world!
01:41 PM on 05/02/2013
If my friends ever put me in a postion like these two guys did to their friends they wouldnt need a trial. You either rat out your friends or go to prison. Not a good place to be in.
01:38 PM on 05/02/2013
Check the status of all foreign students ,that they are legally here and doing what they are sup[posed to do. We are so naive about foreigners its pathetic, we think that they love us and appreciate the opportunities we afford them, well I hate to tell you, not all of them feel that way.
02:25 PM on 05/02/2013
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02:35 PM on 05/02/2013
Oh you are so informed. Why don't you run for office and insure the Dems a victory.
01:33 PM on 05/02/2013
I had to scroll way down to find something about the Boston Marathon terrorist attack. But the mass murder at Sandy Hook was center stage along with gun rights denial legislation for 3 months. First thing was "scientists think trees make noises". What?
02:09 PM on 05/02/2013
i saw that too and thought the same thing
02:10 PM on 05/02/2013
You're right. Priorities don't make sense.
09:53 PM on 05/02/2013
Well, their priorities don't make sense.
01:31 PM on 05/02/2013
Anyone with a name that cannot be pronounced or has a first letter that's silent needs to be denied entry and/or deported.
i can want peace and the death penalty too
02:25 PM on 05/02/2013
there are italian people who have been here since the 1800's and some of their names are unpronounceable. polish names too, but they have been here since before the turn of the century. you have to be more specific.
03:45 PM on 05/02/2013
That would be my family: 1/2 Polish, 1/2 Italian, Not as much as a parking ticket in the lot of us, and no welfare either.
03:51 PM on 05/02/2013
Have you ever heard of a joke? By the way - as an Italian (FULL) - there is no such thing as a silent "first" letter or an eye chart for a name.
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03:39 PM on 05/02/2013
Feeder of slot machines
01:29 PM on 05/02/2013
"The lawyers for the Kazakh students said their clients had nothing to do with the bombing and were just as shocked by the crime as everyone else. "

Sur-r-r-r-re they were shocked by the much that they tried to cover the Tsarnaevs' back by disposing evidence for them. Typical defense attorneys lying through their teeth to put their clients in a better light. Except nobody's buying their b.s.