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11:10 PM on 05/02/2013
The only good GOP Senator is a former GOP Senator.
11:14 PM on 05/02/2013
11:09 PM on 05/02/2013
Easier for her to say that now that she is no longer there! After all she also contributed to the toxic partisan climate presently in the senate not wanting to do anything because it would be seen as helping the prez while fellow Americans continue to suffer and yearn for something to be done to alleviate their pain.
11:07 PM on 05/02/2013
I believe Kay Bailey Hutchison would have voted for gun background checks. But, in today's atmosphere of right-wing toxic Tea Partyers her moderate views could not get her elected dog catcher today in Texas. Or, for that matter, in any of the Old Confederacy states.
11:04 PM on 05/02/2013
The most consistent quality of Hutchison's time in office was her unwavering support of Kay Bailey Hutchison.
I'm not buying that she "would have" done anything different than all of the other rank and file Republicans who abandoned the people they swore to serve in favor of the money from PACs and corporate sponsors.
11:00 PM on 05/02/2013
Well, it would have to have a spine when she was in office.
Floppin for decades!
10:58 PM on 05/02/2013
As she basically admitted before backtracking somewhat on the Daily Show last night, Mitch McConnell did basically gather all Republican Senators together at the start of the legislative year and say nothing Obama wanted, whether or not it is what is good for America won't be challenged with everything to keep Obama's presidential legacy from looking terrible. Then the warning if anyone went outside the party on a vote before discussing their reasoning (e.g. benefits their state greatly, needs it for re-election, helps major job supplier in state) would enjoy no party support come re-election time and would not enjoy their committee assignments. I ask you for the last two years and the first hundred days of this term has a President in history had to face such an obstructionist challenge all because the previous Republican screwed up so badly it's their only possible solution of getting the Presidency again any time before 2100'. Once more under this Presidency the rich have never enjoyed higher profits and a bigger margin between tiers of finances in the history of America. Two reasons; the rich pay less than those working for them and the corporate tax average is 8% when it's suppose to be 38.5%.
10:51 PM on 05/02/2013
She wouldn't be saying that if she were still in office!!❗ just another repub hypocrite❗
10:50 PM on 05/02/2013
Kay Bailey being replaced by this clown Ted Cruz is a disgrace to my home state of Texas.

We need real conservatives, not a bunch of deceptive monkeys looking to pander to the senseless arguments of an extreme. Ted Cruz is nothing more than the Republican version of Harry Reid, and I wish he was gone, and replaced by a real Conservative, not a Canadian born, Harvard educated pretender who came to our state to suck off the nip of our healthcare system.
11:44 PM on 05/02/2013
I must admit I had a lot of local very right wing republicans tell me they did NOT want Ted Cruz to be elected--they even voted straight ticket and un-checked his name, but they refused to vote to keep him out of office. Serves you right.
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12:44 AM on 05/03/2013
It does not work that way in Texas. If you vote straight ticket you get straight ticket You cannot un-checked his name. The Republican Diebold Election Stealing Machine will not read an un-checked name. You would have to go through the list checking all the named except his. It gets better: lets say you vote straight ticket Democrat and then you go through the list and check all the third party candidate running against Republicans but with no Democrat the RDESM will not count the check third party candidates, It will count just your straight ticket. Of course when Bush JR was running and you checked the other candidate the RDESM counted two votes for Bush.
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10:43 PM on 05/02/2013
She's so old school.
Kay Bailey Hutchinson isn't part of the new GOP dedicated to a scorched earth policy and working to enhance party image instead of working for constituents and America.
10:24 PM on 05/02/2013
pay attention people in 3 years you won't have a black president to kick around anymore. But I'm sure he will be blamed for everything from here to eternity. Then they might actually try to get something done instead of filerbustering everything......just maybe?
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10:21 PM on 05/02/2013
I don't believe you, Kay. If you were still in the Senate you would have caved and fallen into lock step with the gunbaggers and voted against B/G/C's. You served Rick Perry well, and there's no evidence you would have done otherwise.
10:19 PM on 05/02/2013
easy to say when you don't actually have a vote.
Phed Up
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10:19 PM on 05/02/2013
Well Kay, you're former so it doesn't count!
My Way
10:18 PM on 05/02/2013
Uh, who cares? She is not in the Senate anymore. Her opinion matters nada
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whoops !!
10:17 PM on 05/02/2013