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~ rabid yellow dog dem tiger mom & proud of it ~
12:36 AM on 05/04/2013
Is there no Israeli willing to take this child home as their own?
Being raised in a hospital like a pet.
No longer able to comment. Goodbye to my friends
10:23 AM on 05/04/2013
No Israeli? Uh, isn't the right question Is there no Palestinian?

The boy is a Palestinian, not an Israeli. His Palestinian parents abandoned him and the Palestine government won't pay for his care or find him a home. It's Palestine that has turned its back on him, not Israel.
~ rabid yellow dog dem tiger mom & proud of it ~
12:34 PM on 05/04/2013
Yes I know he was abandoned in an Israeli hospital.
They are caring for him out of duty not love.
If it was love he'd be in a home sitting at their dinner table
Being treated as an equal....not a lesser.
Children cannot help who their parents are but our duty is to
care for them regardless.
But if you are going to argue its a Palestinian child then his fate is sealed
they may as well drop him at the border.
Being raised in a hospital never bonding is a recipe for trouble.
07:09 PM on 05/04/2013
Because, Israeli inhumane policies towards the Palestinians won't allow any proper medical facilities in Gaza.
08:45 PM on 05/04/2013
Why should an Israeli take him in, when his grandparents are already looking after him, they just don't have the money. You'd think if all those anti-israeli groups would chip in they could give this poor child a chance to live almost normally.
11:19 PM on 05/03/2013
God save this child!
09:44 PM on 05/03/2013
I hope no one believes this propaganda
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05:44 PM on 05/10/2013
Despicable but unsurprising reaction to this story
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07:03 PM on 05/03/2013
Does anyone really need more of a story to understand that Islam is an anachronism pretending to be a religion??
In Logic we trust
01:00 AM on 05/04/2013
Huh? Modern islam is a perfect example of an efficient religion. It's very much like the christianity and judaism of the past. Wealthy men use promises of eternal paradise to convince poor men to be their soldiers and women to be their soldier factories. The only difference is terminology. Instead of crusade, it's jihad.
Sandy Beaches
Insurance? It's mandated! My way or the highway!
11:13 AM on 05/04/2013
Good point. Though in Christianity, the wealthy pay a separate class called Clerics to do their dirty work. Little more organized, as usual.

Why is suicide a sin?: So the serfs wouldn't kill themselves. Why is abortion a sin?: So the serfs would be forced to continue producing more serfs.

I don't much care for any religion, but Islam makes me sick. f&f
02:25 AM on 05/05/2013
Wow, well said
We can turn the tide
11:57 AM on 05/04/2013
It's a beautiful religion with some extremists who are making it look bad---exactly like Christianity!

03:04 PM on 05/04/2013
Just block out the bad parts about killings, beheading, etc. But that will be about 90% of the book. Pity.
Never give them the comfort of our silence again
01:21 AM on 05/05/2013
Oh yeah, real "beautiful." HA! The most hateful religion on Earth.
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05:27 PM on 05/03/2013
This article completely ignores one of the greatest sources of why Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have much higher incidences of genetic disorders, the contamination of land, water and air by Israel. This young child's genetic disorders could have been directly due to Israel's, destructive and, contaminating attack of Palestinian civilians areas in Gaza Strip.

"In April 2009 Jean-François Fechino from ACDN was part of a four-person team which went to Gaza for the Arab Commission for Human Rights . Samples that the team brought back were analysed by a specialist laboratory which identified carcinogens: depleted uranium, caesium, asbestos dust, tungsten and aluminium oxide. Thorium oxide was also found, which is radioactive, as are depleted uranium and caesium. The analysis also identified phosphates and copper, along with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are a health hazard, especially to children, asthmatics and elders. 9

Depleted uranium burns at almost 1200 degrees Celsius. (TNT by comparison burns at 576 degrees Celsius.) 10 At this temperature the fire vaporizes any metals in the target which in combination with uranium are released into the air in aerosol form. After deposition the aerosols have the potential to contaminate groundwater. (The Gaza aquifer, which is the Strip's only water source, is also connected to ground water supplies in Egypt , although water only flows into Gaza from Israel ."
06:16 PM on 05/03/2013
As I have told you before, the report you mention lists materials found in soils all over the world and in quantities that are not harmful.

Six months ago you used the report to accuse Israel of dumping nuclear waste in the West Bank. When I repeatedly asked you to support this accusation you either refused to do so, demonstrated a shocking ignorance of the subject or edited my replies to you to make the text read as though I was claiming that uranium was not radioactive.

You have had months to either retract or provide evidence for your nuclear dumping claim and yet here you are still spreading the same propaganda.

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06:40 PM on 05/03/2013
I have responded to you on many occasions, you respond with non-sense, like the time you claimed depleted uranium is not radioactive.

Here is what you wrote previously;

"Depleted uranium is not radioactive"

Here are the facts;

"Q. Were any studies on the health effects of depleted uranium ever conducted prior to the onset of the Gulf War? What were the findings of those studies?

A. The health effects of uranium have been studied extensively for over 50 years. This is relevant because chemically, DU has the same properties as natural uranium, while being 40% less radioactive. While natural and depleted uranium are considered chemically toxic, they are not considered a radiation hazard. In May 1989 the Department of Health and Human Services' Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry published a Toxicological Profile for Uranium reviewing and summarizing the key uranium health effects literature. This document was updated in September 1999.

The Department of Defense has comprehensively studied the environmental fate of depleted uranium both before and after the Gulf War. Burn tests and other evaluations performed under simulated battlefield conditions indicated that the health risks associated with the battlefield use of depleted uranium were minimal and could be reduced even more by simple, field-expedient measures, especially, avoidance of depleted uranium-contaminated vehicles and sites."
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06:41 PM on 05/03/2013
This is the non-sense you claim, so why should anyone believe you?

"Depleted uranium is not radioactive"
We can turn the tide
11:58 AM on 05/04/2013
Yes, yes, yes! Thank you for saying it! faved by a fan.

05:02 PM on 05/03/2013
I wish this story had not been used to post comments accussing Palestinians of various faults and misdeeds. It should be enough to recognize an example of Israeli Tikkun Olam without engaging in L'shon Hora.
Absit iniuria verbis!
05:32 PM on 05/03/2013
Very, very well said. Wise words, indeed.
05:41 PM on 05/03/2013
It's all part of the plan to keep the people at each other's throats.
04:07 PM on 05/03/2013
As sad as this childs predicament is and thousands of other children through out the world. It is a welcome change from the customary way children receive amputatons.

By the use of illegal munitions such as DIME and Cluster Bombs used by Israel in places like Gaza, Israels in humanity out reaches it humane efforts.

I applaud the political capital gained shrewed.
03:59 PM on 05/03/2013
As sad as this childs predicament is and for thousands of children all threw the world. It is a change from the customary cause of amputated limbs of children from places like Gaza from illegal munition used by regimes like Israel such as DIME and Cluster Bombs.
Ari B Canaan
There are muppets--and there are muppets
03:10 PM on 05/03/2013
Fascinating isn't it how the likes of Matty, Rays, ukprogressive, etc. are nowhere to be found in this comments section.
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03:31 PM on 05/03/2013
unfortunately, it is more 'typical' than fascinating…
but v eyepete has come along below to make for the rest of the missing.
03:36 PM on 05/03/2013
even more fascinating is for you to sit here and keep track of who writes what. part of hasbara job ?
Ari B Canaan
There are muppets--and there are muppets
07:07 PM on 05/04/2013
Most fascinating is how you use "hasbara"-- your newest derogatory word for Jews. Thanks for sharing, cava pas nobody.
Cynical dreamer, sarcastic idealist...
09:45 AM on 05/05/2013
I hope you write a letter to HP every day thanking them for allowing you to violate TOS and slander anyone that disagrees with you.
Day after day, you write to defend terrorist attacks on a US ally, but how many times have you been accused of being paid to do so?
I'd tell you that you should be ashamed of yourself, but I doubt you are capable of that level of self-reflection.
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Rosa Martha Villarreal
Member PEN USA.
02:19 PM on 05/03/2013
Poor baby. I hope someone in Israel adopts this child.

Tribal patriarchy has got to go. It is cruel and stupid. It only serves the interest of powerful men in the tribe.
02:13 PM on 05/03/2013
How could this kid be abandoned if his grandfather is living with him? This story is skewed to make Israel look good and the Palistinians look bad. I am not going for it. Israel has all the hospitals and gets $3 billion a year from the USA to offset any shortfall, which they don't have. On the other hand they have a blockade on everything going into Gaza including food and medicine. Palestinian hospitals are not equipped well because Israel keeps it that way! The Israeli beat and imprison children all day and kill their parents engaging in peaceful protest. They can at least take care of one unfortunate child and the rest us should be aware that a lot of news is Israeli propaganda, spewed out by our Israelicentric press.
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02:59 PM on 05/03/2013
wow. such absolute ig.nor.ance. paraded out for the world to see…….
ya must be proud…..or a palis that has been effected by a genetic mutation….
a men.tal one…..

the parents abandoned the child…….
parents of palis children put vests on their own childr.en to be used as human bommmms….
then there is this:

what a sad, de.spi.c.a.ble,heart.less being ya are v eye.
"The fuster we go, the rounder we get"
03:22 PM on 05/03/2013
the story is skewed to tell the story as it is, kneejerk. there's no simple black-and-white description of the enormous mess in the area, but the story here is what it is.... and letting your preconceived framework bling you to this story, is a problem for you and nothing more.
אני כלום בלעדיהם
02:13 PM on 05/03/2013
"The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank is supposed to fund transfers to Israeli hospitals. But it stopped covering Mohammed's bills six months after he arrived, "

In the meantime millions will be unhesitatingly spent on monthly terror salaries; courtesy of the PA General Fund... But only to those convicted of terror currently serving time.
01:54 PM on 05/03/2013
It is worth noting that this is not a propaganda piece. It was written by Diaa Hadid, an Arab journalist for the AP (which is not biased towards Israel). She covers the middle east, and if you look through her older articles, she seems to remain fairly neutral in her coverage.
01:48 PM on 05/03/2013
What a cute little boy. Thank you Israel!!