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12:19 AM on 05/09/2013
The Clevland police are a bunch of inept circus clowns
12:08 AM on 05/09/2013
The police need to held accountable.
08:12 AM on 05/09/2013
sadly, I think 'police accountability' amounts to a paid vacation these days
11:17 AM on 05/09/2013
holding them accountable would be a good start.
Sarcasm is anger's evil twin
11:40 PM on 05/08/2013
Stealthy perpetrators hiding amongst us. This miscreant was with the midst of those who loved these young ladies. Throw away the key!!!!
09:20 PM on 05/08/2013
Wow-the Cleveland police have announced today they will only charge ONE brother! They claim they dont have :enough evidence" to arrest the other two brothers. Really? After a ONE day investigation the Cleveland police can come to that conclusion that quickly. NO detectives were put on the case?> No Special victim Unit? no special investigastors?> ONE day and they close the case on the other two brothers? WHY?> Who's protectinfg who? What connections do these brothers have? They didnt live in the house--it's true-but they were close--in TEN YEARS you dont think they had any idea what was going on? BULL..someone is covering this up for some reason. Do another WEEK of investigation-check phone records, emails, ask friends and neighbors. They do that to US-they read OUR email and posts to make sure we arent "terrorsists". Another week of investigation of horrendous crimes to add these two brothers as accomplices I beleive is in order!
08:10 AM on 05/09/2013
maybe they need to get back to throwing victimless crime 'criminals' into prison for decades and doing forceful entry on people who have bought indoor gardening supplies, because those are more important things (yes, this is me being a bit sarcastic for the reader who hasn't caught it lol)
01:15 PM on 05/09/2013
The released the brothers based on the VICTIMS' statements. Go back and watch the press conference from yesterday...this time, pay attention!
08:49 PM on 05/08/2013
The inaction of the police in Cleveland is endemic of a larger problem all across this country, when responding to complaints coming from working class, and poor, and minority neighborhoods. This situation and the serial killer, who was finally caught a few years ago should hopefully and FINALLY bring the needed attention and end to this travesty. The police DO NOT care about the people who live in these neighborhoods, many of which may have limited means, but are GOOD and DECENT PEOPLE, nonetheless. I will never forget when I was visiting my grandma as a little girl (about 8) and we heard gunshots right outside. I wanted to call 911 but grandma said "DO NOT BOTHER because the police WILL NOT EVEN SHOW UP. I got a real education in LIFE that day, as I was used to police presence in over-abundance, in the middle-class neighborhood I grew up in.
01:08 PM on 05/14/2013
Did it at least wake you up to getting and carrying a gun yourself?
01:49 PM on 05/14/2013
No because I NEVER personally lived in any such neighborhood. I do not feel unsafe and owning a gun never interested me in the least.
07:08 PM on 05/08/2013
Really!! The two brothers are not even charged with aiding & abetting, they lived in the house and condoned this insane brother to do what he did, hello! is anybody home??
09:54 AM on 05/09/2013
They didn't live in the house. One is a drunk who lives with their mother. The other has a house of his own. The police do have them still on misdemeanor charges, which might be giving the cops enough time to investigate them further -- but the kidnapped girls have evidently not implicated anybody but Ariel. But who cares what the victims say? They only have direct experience to go on, and they may not be bloodthirsty enough to condemn Castro's entire family.

This thread is full of factless speculation, rumor, and armchair bravado. Thank goodness internet instant experts are too lazy to form the brick-and-mortar lynch mobs.
06:45 PM on 05/08/2013
Sickening to think that this could also be a possibility in other missing person citizens we all need to be much more observant and take the time to report any suspicious incident we encounter........seems it may be necessary to follow up on the scenario we report considering the despicable outcome of this case........
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06:17 PM on 05/08/2013
2 of the brothers have been let go.
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leftover brain cells at work.
05:49 PM on 05/08/2013
Note to self... Next time I report a naked woman crawling on the ground outside I will say, "I thinks she's got a joint in her hand too." That way the police will bust done the door to get inside.
01:51 AM on 05/09/2013
Faved and fanned, because you're SO right!
"Be careful reading the smoke signals..."
12:41 PM on 05/09/2013
leftover brain cells at work.
05:45 PM on 05/08/2013
Well... California gave Duggard $20 million, so I wonder how much Ohio will give these women?
"Be careful reading the smoke signals..."
12:42 PM on 05/09/2013
No amount of money would be enough for what they went through.
09:11 PM on 05/13/2013
None. california was giving consent and approval to her kidnapper. He was on parole and supposed to be watched.
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05:40 PM on 05/08/2013
"Four years ago, in another poverty-stricken part of town, police were heavily criticized following the discovery of 11 women's bodies in the home and backyard of Anthony Sowell, who was later convicted of murder and sentenced to death."

It sure doesn't look like the police learned anything four yrs. ago.
03:32 AM on 05/09/2013
A female victim handed over the Bike Path Rapist to the police, but they let him go because they assumed all women are hysterical. Yep. That was actually what they said. It didn't matter that she could identify him. This scenario is doomed to happen over and over again.
09:12 PM on 05/13/2013
Not if you shoot them dead at the scene. On the bright side they won't catch you for it either.
"Be careful reading the smoke signals..."
01:00 PM on 05/09/2013
Unfortunately it really does look like they didn't learn a thing from that horrific experience. This happens so often when people don't have the money to search for their loved ones on their on. If the missing aren't rich, the search doesn't last very long. It is tragic because so many more might be found alive. Thank God these women escaped. It was a miracle that he didn't kill these poor girls. How many others are out there -- presumed dead -- but held in captivity with no one looking for them anymore? We must never ever give up looking for our missing loved ones. And we should demand that our police never give up either.
05:29 PM on 05/08/2013
I can't get over this line early on in the story...Cleveland police are facing questions for the second time in four years about their handling of missing-person cases and are conducting an internal review to see if they overlooked anything.

IF they overlooked anything?
05:23 PM on 05/08/2013
id sue the fuck out of the police dept. there job is to search a home if they have reason of suspicion. already they had 3 -4 calls about that particular house and not one damn officer went in to inspect , goes to show none of these cops did a therol investigation. how sad cant even relie on the cops. even the dispatchers are less attenditive your supposed to stay on the phone until cops arrive. i mean wtf is going on in this world. and as for those poor girls there angels must of been there watching them in some way if one had the courage to break free..yuck those men were so disgusting looking i cant imagine the horror and discust they felt having those men on top of them, ewww the poor lil girl who was concieved under such un willing circumstances.. this was as bad as it gotten all they can do is move foward, sucks they wasted there youth being chained and held in capitivity. they need to be more stricked with these kind of predators and gas them all. there sick,,theres no good left in them if they can do something so horrible like that.
predict this
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08:55 AM on 05/09/2013
Like the article said ,it was a rundown neighborhood.The cops are busy coddling the rich and don't have time for the poor.It looks like publishers clearing house,i.e.(city of Cleveland)will be paying out soon.
04:54 PM on 05/08/2013
It is worth noting that during this time the FBI found plenty of time and manhours to waste interfering with the Cuyahoga county government and file generally bogus politically and financially motivated charges against the one commissioner and auditor yet had none to spare to find these 3 young women. Kidnapping is the province of the FBI, not the Cleveland police department all alone and I see no self questioning by the G-men of their conduct in this scandal unlike the Cleveland police. The Fed's attitude seems to be "millions for wiretaps to hear pols swearing but not one cent for any to find kidnappees." I'd rather they had come up with a one page indictment to free the ladies and jug the perpetrators than the so-called hundreds or thousands of pages they wasted on the other effort. J. Edgar had his faults but he always had his priorities rational.