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09:34 AM on 05/12/2013
Has it earned the NRA seal of approval?
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10:57 AM on 05/12/2013
So far it only earned Dem. government's fear and bans.
03:39 PM on 05/12/2013
Good luck banning digital files........they're all over the world, by now.
Hillbilly in the East Texas Piney Woods
09:19 AM on 05/12/2013
Its been coming for a long time, cant see what the big surprise is to the state dept.
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09:14 AM on 05/12/2013
We as a culture spend too much time worrying about the weapons we use to kill each other with, and not enough time figuring out why we're out there killing each other in the first place.
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08:41 AM on 05/12/2013
I'm pretty sure that you can't download the gun, only the program.
08:31 AM on 05/12/2013
Any one know a good site to download a print for a holster for this ugly gun, it looks like it's made by Lego.
Sam Hain
07:39 AM on 05/12/2013
Sssshhhhh.....Better not tell the Government what you can build with $20 at a hardware store.

It's not really rocket science, Teens have been making Zip-Guns since the 20's....

With a few basic tools, You can make your own an AK-47 from a shovel, like they do in the Khyber pass in caves outside of Afganistan:
Barbarian At The Gate
Fortune favors the bold.
11:30 AM on 05/12/2013
I liked the video of the guy with the homemade shotgun. His design is incredibly low tech and simple. That is all it takes for a weapon to function. It reminds me of a History Channel show which had very early guns based on gun powder as a propellant and a steel ball as the bullet. Both were put in a tube and aimed in the general direction of the target.

I'm not sure if that would be considered "Any Other Weapon" by the ATF.

They should have included something like that in the movie "Skyfall" (2012) when James Bond was relying on improvised defense weapons. They did use "toe poppers" in the movie.
Not liberal, not conservative, I am an individual.
07:21 AM on 05/12/2013
Once something is on the net you cannot take it back.
05:47 AM on 05/12/2013
If a man were hell bent on manufacturing his own firearm he wouldn't need a 3D printer to do it. Of course that's illegal.
Author, environmentalist, entrepreneur
06:39 AM on 05/12/2013
You are allowed to make your own gun as long as it is not fully automatic or be larger than .50 cal in size and you do not sell it or take it out of the state it was made in. The internet has detailed plans for making guns in your basement from items purchased at a hardware store.
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12:27 PM on 05/12/2013
Also, as long as its not plastic or otherwise looks like a toy gun but fires like a real one. That's why they're going after Defense Distributed.
03:54 AM on 05/12/2013
Ok. Can those printers print bullets, too? A pipe with cap, some odd bits, a rubber band and a bit of time in the shop can make a zip gun without the need for a fancy 3d printer. Bullets are another matter. Now my zip gun can either breech load and take a center fire cartrige, or muzzle load and take a percussion cap, or if I can't get caps, a fuse will do. I suppose I could make one out of plastic, though it probably won't shoot more than a couple of times. And I probably wouldn't want to shoot it more than once. So, big deal you can print a plastic gun. It won't be funny, though, the first time one of these plastic guns is used to hijack a plane.
Adolfo Mendez Segura
left-handed leftist
03:49 AM on 05/12/2013
Call your representatives, we need to ban 3d printers NOW! Don't google "liberator 3d gun torrent" or you might get a one way permanent ticket to GITMO!
Hillbilly in the East Texas Piney Woods
08:58 AM on 05/12/2013
might as well ban steak knives and base ball bats while your banning stuff
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02:57 AM on 05/12/2013
Everthink not permitted ist verboten.--U.S. authorities.
01:39 AM on 05/12/2013
Yeah , Where were you when they let how to make bombs cover the internet, As always greasy fingers and dropping the ball....................
12:50 AM on 05/12/2013
The original Liberator was a stamped metal single shot .45 cal handgun manufactured and issued during WWII. They were not intended for battle, but to target one Nazi and kill him and take his weapon.
The commenter in the story that asks are you going to take on the most powerful military.....? should remember that they worked well in WWII and the US was founded after fighting the most powerful military in the world at that time.
The worry that bad guys will get these is a valid worry, but most criminals are going to either already have or are able to obtain weapons and in many cases they can obtain automatic weapons (they are criminals after all and laws mean little to them). This would be more for collectors and as a backup weapon for defense after all else fails, or as originally used in WWII to obtain a better weapon. Not sure if the government should have the power to demand this be taken down.
Technology has come a long way.
This is of small concern when you have terrorists who can make explosives and/or use stolen explosives and munitions.
01:50 AM on 05/12/2013
Never discount a person with conviction and the means to accomplish it. Underestimating your foe is the worst tactical error you can make.

Giving up your rights for a false promise of security will come to no good.
08:54 AM on 05/12/2013
And a good paraphrase of Ben Franklin
05:51 AM on 05/12/2013
In the defeat of Germany we had lots of help in fact Hitler's downfall began with his Russian invasion. I know some will say the Royal Airforce but the Soviets turned the war.
08:57 AM on 05/12/2013
Yes, though the Royal Air Force was instrumental on the Battle of Britain, it was not the straw that broke the camels back.
The eastern front was always difficult for Germany. Even Napolian found Russia difficult. Though US and undergound operatives and the OSS had great effect on their ability to continue or not continue it should be.
12:36 AM on 05/12/2013
I bet money my gun is better than this!!
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02:56 AM on 05/12/2013
You obviously misunderstand what 3D gun revolution is all about.
And why governments fear it so.
03:04 AM on 05/12/2013
oh brother.
04:18 AM on 05/12/2013
The government shouldn't fear this thing. It's 5 times worse than a Saturday Night Special. It's liable to be a grenade in your hand. If somebody printed up a fully automatic rifle, then the government has something to be bothered about. Untrackable, untracable automatic weapons would be very messy, just like the days of Al Capone and Elliot Ness--or today's drug wars just across the border.
Provoking thought through sarcasm
11:45 PM on 05/11/2013
The pen IS mightier than the sword! And these 3-d prints are the modern day pen. Undoubtedly some 'bad guys' will get these things, but by and large they might only be used by the good guys, and will not likely have any significant impact on peoples daily lives.
12:36 AM on 05/12/2013
There are two things I avoid stating with concentrated effort "always and never". However with exception the pen has always killed more than any single armed person with bad intent.