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Your opinion of me is none of my business...
08:30 PM on 10/21/2009
President Obama's career has better prepared him for a war with Fox News than the war in Afghanistan.
09:49 PM on 10/21/2009
did i mention mindless?
08:25 PM on 10/21/2009
There have been times when America has had great presidents; and there have been times when America has had bad presidents. I cannot recall any other times in the history of America, except for the times present, when America has had no president at all.
01:59 AM on 10/22/2009
Cheap, mindless shot.

try again after you graduate from high school.
07:13 PM on 10/21/2009
President Obama has always made deeply considered decisions taking into account everyone's opinion and has carefully crafted solutions that provide for complex changing conditions. Conditions have changed since their March strategy was implemented and he is determining what (if any) changes need to made to that. I would much rather he got it right than got it quick. The man knows how to analyze and resolve complex issues. It takes time. Everything else is political noise. Most of the pundits, commentators, and news organizations are focusing on the question of troop levels and McChrystal's request for more. McChrystal's status report was much more than a "send more troops" memo. There were a variety of scenarios and much information to consider.
06:48 PM on 10/21/2009
Bring the draft back and then see how many people want to send more troops to Afghanistan.

That was the problem with the war in Iraq and it will be the problem with this war. Not enough of the people that want war so badly have any investment in it. It's always send someone else's kids to foreign lands to be blown up.

Once those coffins start coming back, God forbid, it will be a different story.

Bring back the DRAFT!
09:44 PM on 10/21/2009
I totally agree with you.
11:37 PM on 10/21/2009
glad you weren't calling the shots during WWII
01:59 AM on 10/22/2009
This isn't WWII.

Everyone but you seems to get that.
Always Progressive and loving the CONs meltdown.
06:27 PM on 10/21/2009
Why do the repubs want Obama to make a decision in 24 hours about more troops, when the screamed that he was trying to ram health care down our throats too fast and that the Congress should take more time to analyze the problem?

I'm not sure why we are still in Afghanistan. Who are we supporting? There is no legitimate government there to work with.
02:02 AM on 10/22/2009
they want it because it means lots of money to them. It also means power. fear keeps them in power.

They think that the American people are just scared and want their advice. They think this will win elections.

Actually, they just are stuck in the past and have no other thoughts on the subject.
05:46 PM on 10/21/2009
Since when is 57% opposed "evenly and deeply divided"?

Media which supports unnecessary wars of aggression should be boycotted.
11:43 PM on 10/21/2009
I don"t think the fine folks in New York city would see it as unnecessary? In fact what do you think would constitute a necessary war?
02:05 AM on 10/22/2009
This isn't even a war. Who have we declared war against? Please, enlighten us.

The people in NY were the unlucky victims of some wack o criminals with box cutters who had a clever idea which succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

We panicked and played right into their hands.

This fear has made cowards of several people on this blog.
03:58 PM on 10/21/2009
With all the media chatter on this we really should not be stuck on the referenced 40,000 number of troops. This number is merely a launching point for continued increases. Numerous reliable sources claim the true number needed to achieve our desired results number in the hundreds of thousands, which while sounding incredible and outrageous to many, is actually an honest assessment when you look at the situation we face in Afghanistan. The more we send and the larger the mission becomes, the more unlikely it will become that we will be able to extricate ourselves from Afghanistan. The President is well aware of this and he will have to calculate the risk to his other desired agendas and tenure that an Afghanistan escalation will entail. The gears are in motion to keep this going as virtually not a week goes by where somewhere in the US a news report refers to the call up and mobilizization of reserve and guard troops as "the largest since WW II." He must deeply regret his March proclamations concerning Afghanistan as he no doubt grossly under estimated the total scope and fallout which this piece of Third World real estate would exact upon him.
Seeing is believing
03:31 PM on 10/21/2009
I'm guessing maybe two out of ten people could even find Afghanistan on a map yet have a clue whats going on there.
01:38 PM on 10/21/2009
Obama has tested the political winds so much, he now has chapped fingers..
01:57 PM on 10/21/2009
Good line - I like it.

Milhouse Obama is just validating his weak leadership skills. Just like Hillary Clinton said, he can deliver a good speech, but that's all.
02:38 PM on 10/21/2009
This is one comment Hillary made during the primaries when Obama was her Opponent. I guess your selective memory was able to filter out the dozens of other comments she made about Obama since then, negating this very comment.
I find that the harder I work, the more luck I see
02:48 PM on 10/21/2009
That was funny! Fanned!
prosaic quotidian
01:32 PM on 10/21/2009
What's not to love?

The $138B in 2009 Defense 'emergency funding for GWOT' is DOUBLE the funding in 2007,

before the US economic collapse, and the Defense budget just keeps ticking up at +6% a year.

The 2009 US Federal budget overview lists as American top priorities:

1. A Strong Defense [e.g. Global Hegemony]
2. International Engagement [e.g. Foreign Entanglement]
3. Homeland Security [e.g. Domestic Police State]
4. Economic Growth [e.g. State-Corporate Socialism]

Highlights of the President’s 2009 Budget

• Balances the budget by 2012; [a false promise based on an unattainable premise]
• Combats terrorism and protects the Homeland ‘to keep America safe’
• Promotes economic growth and prevents tax increases ‘to keep America prosperous’

Obama’s ‘safe and prosperous’ budget mirrors PNAC goals and marries it to Reaganomics:

• defend the American Homeland;
• fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars;
• perform the “constabulary” duties associated with shaping the security environment;
• transform U.S. forces to exploit the “revolution in military affairs”;

Our Founding Fathers would be appalled at this inversion of Jeffersonian Democracy!

What is really at play here is 'hard-wired' overt racism/elitism within US Defense establishment.
01:28 PM on 10/21/2009
Of all the things to drop his rating over, people pick a war he inherited which offers no good options?
01:34 PM on 10/21/2009
IMHO His numbers dropped due to his perceived indecisiveness. He is being perceived as weak. He needs to make a decision: pull our troops out or reinforce them. don't put those already there in more danger by being indecisive.
prosaic quotidian
01:47 PM on 10/21/2009
That is pure and absolute psyops

The very LAST thing you want in global wars of hegemony which are destroying US image among the world's civilizations, is some trigger-finger cowboy with a hard-on for brownies.
02:46 PM on 10/21/2009
I do not want a leader who governs based on poll numbers. I want a leader who takes the time (regardless of poll numbers) to carefully evaluate a situation before making hasty decisions that will have a more negative impact than the short-term uncertainty that is occuring right now.
01:35 PM on 10/21/2009
so factotem, are you saying that staying there is better than leaving?? if there are no good options, why be there at all??
03:44 PM on 10/21/2009
Not policing that area, gave us the Taliban.
Policing the area is a losing battle, as history has shown.

It would take someone wiser than me to know which is the right choice. They both seem to Obama didn't start this war. He gets my support on the issue whatever decision he makes.

Now, regarding Wall Street, Obama has lost my support.
01:28 PM on 10/21/2009
BTW....K Kid ran off to anothr thread...couldn't stand the heat...tick tock...
01:28 PM on 10/21/2009
even though they have a filibuster proof control in house and control in senate they still try blaming the republicans. healthcare not passing? republicans
still in Iraq? republ.
Sorry they're in control now can't blame republicans if dems can't pass anything.
01:22 PM on 10/21/2009
Once again the bluesmann hushes up the Libs...another victory...I'll go work my magic on another thread...
01:19 PM on 10/21/2009
Well it looks like k kid is upset with me...he can't answer my simple question so he resorts to always..Libs can't discuss issues without epithets...