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02:55 AM on 05/17/2013
Wow, really? Sure. Companies will still offer insurance to full time employees. The key words being "full" and "time." Our hours got cut to part time so they dont have to give us insurance. Thanks a lot for cutting my hours, Obamacare. At least I didnt get layed off like some did.
Aj Beamish
More human than you, man.
03:07 AM on 05/17/2013
Your hours got cut long before Romneycare was introduced.

Your hours got cut because your employer is a cheap git and you are too dense to organize and fight back.
04:14 AM on 05/17/2013
If an employer cuts employees hours in response to a law, the cause is the employer, not the law.
08:10 AM on 05/17/2013
That is twisted logic. No, let me correct that, that's illogical, period. What would you have the employer do, keep all his employees on full time and go out of business? Sometimes I wish some of these lunkheads would go out in the real world and see how businesses are run before entering the discussion with insipid and stupid comments.
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02:47 AM on 05/17/2013
John Boehner can't read. Better tell him
practice Aloha
03:57 AM on 05/17/2013
he cant see thru all his tears or the glare from his unusual orange color.
08:12 AM on 05/17/2013
This comment is a perfect example of how these forums end up. Once a debate is engaged, eventually a liberal will find himself on the short end of the argument and resort to name calling and demonizing the forum participant instead of staying on point. We should all learn from the above comment of nbk4real.
Some people without brains do a lot of talking.
02:31 AM on 05/17/2013
There are some employers, maybe 10-12% or so who will drop their medical coverage and pay the fines. It's simply a fact.
It's also true that some employers, those with just over 50 employees, will terminate a few to get under the magic 50 number thus delaying the more costly PPACA mandates another year. When Jan 1 2015 rolls around, the company may increase employment a little to return to a full work force.
Some employers will institute the under 30 hour part-time strategy of avoiding employer-paid medical care, expect 3 10 hours days minus a half-hour for lunch or 4 7 1/2 hour days minus the half-hour lunch. It's a fact. Places like fast food already do something similar.
Disneyland which has 80% or more part-time employees has seen the future in which the part-time mandate will lower to 24 hours, so they're cutting back some to around 20 hours/week, half-time employment, some down to 12 hours/week.
If forced to comply with medical insurance mandates, American business will become less competitive in a shrinking world economy. Obviously, some things can't move, Disneyland for example but their suppliers can and will.
Nobody knows for sure the ramifications. We know for certain it's a two-edged sword, it will have positive attributes and negative ones. The partisans will grasp one side or the other like they usually do, never seeing the larger picture, their blinders prevent rational thought.
We'll see.
Josh Crawford
Just the facts, man!
02:24 AM on 05/17/2013
Another conservative LIE down the drain.

Don't worry, they'll have a new one tomorrow.....
07:27 AM on 05/17/2013
That's ok Obama and the dems will have a new lie today, tomorrow and the next day. If you could get past the party lines you could see that neither party cares about you or the people they do what is best for them.
Josh Crawford
Just the facts, man!
03:19 PM on 05/17/2013
I certainly have my issues with both parties/all politicians, but we have two realistic choices in this country:  Democrats or Republicans.  Even if it's just on "social" issues, I'll take Dems every single time.  It's not even close.  Conservatives are devious, lying people who are trying to "shrink government to the size where they can drown it in a bathtub", no matter how many people are hurt in the process.
02:20 AM on 05/17/2013
"More than 90 percent of companies surveyed currently offer health benefits to full-time workers."

In other words their sample is flawed and so is the study. Big surprise considering who it's coming from, the "International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans" is hardly an unbiased source. On top of this the question is just plain goofy. I don't think anyone has been saying that they will stop covering employees that already have coverage. So it's a strawman argument in the first place.

If they wanted to conduct a real study they would have asked a more diverse group of employers and they would have asked what they planned to do about future employees or employees that they might now be forced to cover.
Check out
02:15 AM on 05/17/2013
The problem is the GOP fabrications get the big media play. The true the facts surface later. By then everybody's moved on and truth gets buried! No doubt a good portion of Americans still believe the President is a foreign born Muslim.
CONservatives are the prob!em, never the solution!
03:20 AM on 05/17/2013
"No doubt a good portion of Americans still believe the President is a foreign born Muslim. "

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01:58 AM on 05/17/2013
Aw shucks you should have taken the survey a little bit
- Obamacare That Took Over the Student Loan Funds to Make its Bottom Line Look Good Won't Cause the Price of College and Borrowing to go up: Survey
lol what a farce
01:58 AM on 05/17/2013
Watch what they do, not what they say. They're adept at disguising their zeal in the never ending race to the bottom. All it takes is one company and it will start a landslide named " order to stay competitive...." This will all be lamented at black tie events, of course.
I figure it just means that universal healthcare becomes inevitable.
I mean, how long do you think capitalists can continue to profit from human illness? Is it right that one persons misfortune is a profit to someone else? What kind of mind thinks this should be so? You would never wish to profit from the illness of your friends and loved ones, why would you countenance such an attitude in others? Put a profit motive on misery and you're certain to see more misery - as we all know , profits must grow.
Pull the Wool Over Your Own Eyes!
01:58 AM on 05/17/2013
Oddly enough, the "International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans", which conducted this poll, has never found a health care reform, no matter how costly and inefficient, that didn't merit its total support.
01:51 AM on 05/17/2013
This is the one thing I don't like about the ACA: it deepens people's dependence on employers for health care. What the ACA needed to do, what our next big change to health care needs to do, is take employers out of the equation so workers can easily take their health insurance with them when they change jobs. It's RIDICULOUS that you'd need to get a new doctor just because you changed jobs. I don't know who thought of tying health care to employment but it was a dumb idea and we need to move away from it and get to a point where regular people can get health care at the same cost employers do with their group discounts. Maybe we'll see co-ops, unions, and guilds for this purpose.
mixing cool aid for the mass's
02:28 AM on 05/17/2013
well so far under Mitts plan in Mass. its doing fine.. and this plan is really molded after that one.. healthy workwers make better workers... thats a fact.. we will soon see tho..
04:21 AM on 05/17/2013
If you change jobs and change insurances, and your doctor or healthcare system is contracted with your new insurance company, then you would able to stay with your current doctor. Co-ops were an excellent idea, as were insurance exchanges, to increase competition in insurance markets, which are often dominated by a few large carriers (Blue Cross, United, Cigna, Humana, Aetna, etc.). Unfortunately, some of the funding for co-ops didn't make it to the bottom of the fiscal cliff earlier this year. :( If we had universal health insurance or a single payer system, we could remove the ties between employment and healthcare coverage, which were instituted to increase the availability of insurance to more people.
01:16 AM on 05/17/2013
The employee that has health insurance will pay much more for their premiums next year, the businesses are having to have their employee's pay more. I've worked in healthcare for over 30 years, the more government gets involved the more expensive it gets, we are screwed.
01:25 AM on 05/17/2013
I have been a health consumer for over 30 years, the government is the least of our problems. If anything, it has been complicit in the depredations of the healthcare, insurance and pharmaceutical industries.
01:48 PM on 05/18/2013
sorry, being a consumer is completely different than working in it and seeing the massive changes.  No worries in about 10 years we will have crappy healthcare and all will pay the price.  If Obamacare is so great why are there about 300 companies exempt from being a part of it??  Medicare and Medicaid are a joke
Karen Wilson123060
01:35 AM on 05/17/2013
Isn't the government involved in Medicaid and Medicare they pay less for health care and have lower administrative costs.
Liberalism will ultimately destroy America.
01:55 AM on 05/17/2013
Doctors also lose money with Medicare/Medicaid patients and limit how many they accept.
01:49 PM on 05/18/2013
Yes and both are completely broke and getting deeper by the day, they are anything but efficient.  They do not have lower administative costs, anyone working at the age of 16 and up are paying into Mediare/Medicaid to pay for this albatross
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veni, vidi, bibi.
01:09 AM on 05/17/2013
Meh...businesses will just refuse to hire workers who cannot produce more than what it costs to employ them. The results will not be all that different from increasing the effects of increasing minimum wage.

Businesses will also limit hours to part-time.
Richard in CO
12:42 AM on 05/17/2013
The current Status Quo cannot be endured. Tens of millions of Americans no longer have Group Health through their Employers, if they ever did. Hospital and medical costs have skyrocketed, year after year, resulting in COMPLETE UNAFFORDABILITY of any serious health issue, without proper insurance. Anyone who's over 50, or has any pre-existing condition, cannot get health insurance - or - must pay thousands per month, for Limited Benefits.

Enter, Stage Left: Obamacare (ACA). This HAD to happen. SOMETHING had to give. In fact, IMO it did not go nearly far enough. Unless medical expenses are reined in somehow, all the Insurance in the world won't help anyone. The Insurance companies simply won't be able to pay claims. Break your hip, hospital stay roughly $4K per day, plus all surgeries and tests. Likely a $50K bill. With medical costs continuing to skyrocket, that $50K will soon be $200K. Then, no insurance will help. It's a runaway train.

The ONLY REAL answer, is to remove the PROFIT MOTIVE from most healthcare systems in the U.S. - No more Corporate Medical groups, with shareholders to please, and billions in PROFIT to chase. How to do it? There are many ways....but no one wants to address it. Can't afford to kill that $1 TRILLION+ Cash Cow.

"Obamacare" is just a first, tentative step, to fixing the Status Quo. Go ahead and attack me for "Socialism" - I don't care. The Status Quo, is UNSUSTAINABLE. To do NOTHING, is heinous and criminal.
Karen Wilson123060
01:40 AM on 05/17/2013
Good idea, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. The members of Congress have personal agendas and the American people:s health and financial security don't seem to be part of it.
02:02 AM on 05/17/2013
Socialized medicine is the only way. And it's not socialism, it's a social program. Just like the military, police, fire, education, and POST OFFICE (of all things) are all social programs. A few social programs do not equal socialism. If anyone tells you different, shove Wikipedia in front of their face and make them look up "socialism."

Originally, I wanted to keep the health insurance companies intact and have a broad public option available to everyone but I'm so disgusted with the corruption and profit-for-illness of the health insurance industry, I wouldn't care if our government nationalized every single one of those companies tomorrow. I'm way more concerned about how the Church and the GOP are affecting people's ability to make their own health care choices than the big scary government.

Social capitalism for the win: let's all just admit that some things should not be for profit.
Richard in CO
02:31 AM on 05/17/2013
Thank you; I agree completely. The "Healthcare Industry" in the U.S. has so rapidly accelerated in cost, that it will inevitably become a type of "Housing Bubble", with a similar CRASH. Just imagine: When a hospital room, which now costs about $4,000 bucks a day, goes to $20,000 bucks a day. (NOT farfetched; it's headed that way, FAST). NO ONE will be able to pay, and Insurance companies will cancel, cut, and run for the Hills. Collapse. What then?

I detest the GOP, and all it has come to stand for. Ignorance, racism, greed, and dishonesty - transferring ALL the wealth, to the top 1%. The only working Americans who follow this GOP, are fantasizing that they, too, will be MegaBillionaires - but, they won't be. They are simply too Ignorant to realize that they are voting against their own best interests. The GOP Strategists have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, in appealing to the Racial hatred that still exists in the South. Look at a map of the Red States; it looks almost exactly like a map of the SLAVE STATES, prior to the Civil War.

The GOP of Eisenhower and Reagan is dead. All that are left, are craven Stooges....selfish worshipers of Ayn Rand and her morally bankrupt ideologies. The GOP, and all the influence it can exert, stands directly in the way of FIXING any of America's dire problems....especially in the arena of Healthcare. Ignorance, lies and Fearmongering carry the day, among them.
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12:31 AM on 05/17/2013
Unions want out of Obamacare but want subsidy to pay for the added costs
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02:01 AM on 05/17/2013
FAIL . .

Thanks for sharing your FAIL
03:34 PM on 05/17/2013
FAIL. You don't even seem to know that the ACA is for those who have no insurance. Employers and unions that already offer full coverage don't go on the state exchanges, which is what the ACA is.

If necessary, they do get a waiver additional time to tweak their policies so they meet all the requirements of the ACA - that's so they can wait until the end of their contract period to renegotiate the contract with their insurance company.

Using the Washington Times is the same as using Fox news or Newsmax.
40 years
40 years of dues down the drain
12:30 AM on 05/17/2013
Nothing about how Medicare has been decimated by Obamacare?
12:46 AM on 05/17/2013
Because it isn't true.
40 years
40 years of dues down the drain
01:04 AM on 05/17/2013
Talk to someone on Medicare-they have a different experience than yours. My Medicare supplemental insurance jumped $50/month last month. I know, many like you say to just drop it, but Medicare only pays 80%.
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01:49 AM on 05/17/2013
Because it hasn't been? That's a false meme promoted by the Obama-hating, anti-reform crowd...
40 years
40 years of dues down the drain
02:01 AM on 05/17/2013
My Medicare supplemental insurance jumped $50 a month starting last month. Where does this money go? The Democratic national convention? UHC says it went up because of ACA cuts.