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11:50 AM on 05/21/2013
3.)I want to hear this President, our President, speak about the educational gap created by preventing you all the same rights my Grandfather and Father had. That is slavery. Front the second the first slave stepped of a boat, to the 64' Civil Rights Act, that's slavery. 47 years to correct what was done over the course of 4+ centuries of bigotry. Come on Mr. President. If you want Americans to cut you a little slack for the time needed to correct Bush's failures. Your community is going to need more than 47 years to displace 17-21 generations of slavery.

I would like to see you all call him on his BS instead of protecting him. His speeches are directed more so toward white male conservatives than they are directed at you. Ask him to speak about the wealth gap which worsened when FHA/GI Bill loans were virtually nonexistent to blacks. Those 2 factors contributed substantially to the gap between black and white over the last 70 years. Ask our POTUS to expound on the countless academic studies that show where the wealth gap started. Here's a hint, it did not start when young black people started listening to rap or playing video games (despite what our 1st lady thinks).
12:35 PM on 05/21/2013
(Correction) From the second the first slave stepped off a boat to the 64' Civil Rights Act, that's slavery. 47 years to correct what was done over the course of 4+ centuries of bigotry.
On the fence about Obama nowadays
05:38 PM on 05/21/2013
Thank you for telling some truths that many Black people refuse to accept or believe. F&F.
11:48 AM on 05/21/2013
2.)For once I would like this man, our President, to speak about the very real economic ramifications of slavery. Slavery was not some unfortunate mishap that took place over a wild and wacky weekend. Some little event that you "lazy" blacks can't seem to get over. No Mr. President. If you need a Natl Guard to escort a child to school, its slavery. If you can be lynched and while hanging from a tree some "good ole boys" poses for pictures, its slavery. If you are restrained to a certain region of a city or state by redlining, its slavery. If you can be bombed at a church, its terrorism, its slavery. If you can't have your right to vote protected by the courts, its slavery. These things took place right up until 1963. There are real economic and intellectual ramifications for this. Not simply hurt feelings.

64 & 65 brought the Civil & Voting Rights Act respectively. Ask yourself this. Why do you need a Civil & Voting Rights Act if you already were considered citizens with the right to vote? The reason, because the Emancipation Proclamation wasn't worth the paper it was written on. The 13th, 14th and 15th amendment was merely a suggestion for those who wanted to accept it. No pressure. The President was born in 1961. That means the first 3 years of his life this country did not even recognize him as a full fledged citizen.
11:47 AM on 05/21/2013
1.)For once in my life I would like to see this President show some strength when it comes to discussing race. Why is it black people do not require more when it comes to this man?

President Obama trades in condescension when it comes to you all. Our President would not stand before a group of young Jewish men and women suggesting that if one day they are the head of a network (which we are certainly more likely to be than our black counterparts) that we should have a responsibility to be more respectful of the images we show on TV or in Movies. You would not hear President Obama speak of HIV and STDs in the gay community and the need for more responsibility (yes, there is a problem). You would not hear President Obama speak in front of a large crowd of Hispanics about the number of births and crime skyrocketing in their community.

I simply think too many of you accept blindly this man's rhetoric, his intentions. Do you all not grasp the fact that this speech comes just a week or so after it is reported that Tea Party and Patriot groups (mostly white males) received greater scrutiny when filing for tax exemptions? Think President Obama isn't concerned about that? This was Obama's way of saying "no, no, I am not a black radical, I swear". This plays to that groupthink.
08:42 PM on 05/21/2013
I am not blind to his condescending talk to blacks. I would love to have a chance to tell him so.
candy apples
"Do not go gentle into that good night..."
02:01 AM on 05/22/2013
...said the white guy.
Blacks do not feel that Obama is condescending at all. Why do you think they voted for him TWICE??
Conscious Black Man
10:02 AM on 05/21/2013
Awesome speech!

Welcome home, my brotha... You have my support.
Sam Winchester
Lord have mercy on us all
01:02 AM on 05/24/2013
*Yuck,* double *yuck,* and *sigh.*
01:53 AM on 05/21/2013
And I thought the Ohio commencement speech was great. I replayed this speech three times. And each time I cried. This was such an emotionally charged speech... straight from the heart. I felt that President Obama was bearing witness to the constant blatant racism, hostility, defaming, obstruction, undermining, etc., he has faced from the Republican party and their supporters from day one of his presidency.

This statement pretty said it all... "You have to remember that whatever you've gone through pales in comparison to the hardships previous generations endured - and they overcame, and if they overcame them, you can overcome them too."

Yes. We pretty much know racism still exist. But, like President and Mrs. Obama, we must keep moving forward.
Respect is a dying art
01:44 AM on 05/21/2013
Our president gave a powerful speech to the graduates. He is a great example of a
successful African American man; and with hard work and commitment-the American dream is possible. No excuses, and no looking back.
10:48 PM on 05/20/2013
I had to work twice as I said in my book...I was stoned and drunk all through high school and college...and for some reason...not one of my classmates ever remembers seeing me at Columbia...guess I never made it to would think that at least one person would remember me...
10:05 PM on 05/20/2013
What is 'white privilege'?
06:35 PM on 05/21/2013
Paying taxes ?
12:48 PM on 05/22/2013
09:53 PM on 05/20/2013
Racism does not exist on a level that will effect your life, feelings may be hurt but that's it.
With each step, the wind blows.
11:56 PM on 05/20/2013
It's affect your life, not "effect." Did you ever make it school?
09:03 AM on 05/21/2013
Yes. I also copied that quote from an HP member bc I like the quote. 
08:12 AM on 05/21/2013
It absolutely does? Are you kidding me?

Were do you live and what make you think you have the insight to say that?
09:03 AM on 05/21/2013
How does it affect your life?
09:45 AM on 05/21/2013
Thank you!
09:49 PM on 05/20/2013
Why is he saying this to THEM? I am white so I'm not too familiar with Morehouse, but I hear their very... sophisticated? Highly intelligent classy young men. He needs to go to the hood, and preach to people. And not just blacks. Anyone who has excuses as to why they have done nothing w/their lives!
Respect is a dying art
01:51 AM on 05/21/2013
Maybe you should read it again, that should answer Why. Oh and by the way, President Obama has said variations of the same speech many times - in front of Whites as well.
Lord have mercy on us all
06:14 AM on 05/21/2013
The message is to American young people graduating from college. Period. Good speakers address the audience, work hard, overcome obstacles is always appropriate encouragement.

Variations of President Obama's Morehouse speech is made to groups of young (and not so young) people at where ever and whenever he speaks, courage and overcoming is the motivator part of of his addresses to the people.
09:02 AM on 05/21/2013
Don't care if he said it to white ppl, infront of white ppl, etc. He NEEDS to go preach to bl ack men this actually applies to. 
08:16 AM on 05/21/2013
I agree with you.
09:15 PM on 05/20/2013
I support Obama as my President, but I wish he wouldn't condescend to his black audiences. As a commenter said, Morehouse has a legacy of a student body that values quality education. So many luminaries has walked through those halls, yet he speaks as if he's talking to high school dropouts.
Trust me, Mr. President, to succeed at Morehouse University, one understands how not to embrace excuses.
I would love to hear a speech to African Americans by this President that recognizes how far we've come in an racist American society, I repeat, A RACIST AMERICAN SOCIETY (for those who like to whitewash American history) and encourages the strides that we have made in spite of that. Speak to the power of resilience that we possess and challenge those who sit in front of him to reach the same height of power that he has.
Sadly, I doubt we'll see that. Judging by the comments that I've read, many people frown upon a black leader emboldening a black populace.
07:17 AM on 05/21/2013
I wish the POTUS would give some "tough love" to Jewish Americans about _Israel_. Until then, in one ear and out the other.
08:46 AM on 05/21/2013
Nothing to gain politically by telling Jewish Americans about their faults.
08:23 AM on 05/21/2013
These are my sentiments exactly. I would like to see him exhort the black fathers who are taking care of the business of being fathers. He talks as if he doesn't know any. I have a host of fathers I can introduce him to. I'd like to see him acknowledge our men who are successful in their businesses and careers. We don't need a house??? To come out every now and then to tongue lash the field hands so that he can placate mainstream. If he is not going to elevate, then don't give any more speeches to black folk. I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I have had enough of his berating talk to black people and I would love to let him know it.
02:43 PM on 05/21/2013
I encourage you to read the entire speech. Your opinion of his words would most certainly change.
05:39 PM on 05/21/2013
rose, he doesnt know any. He has no real connection to us. His background is not a smidgen parallel to the average black american. He has so many bp fooled.
08:01 PM on 05/20/2013
It is hard to read these comments because it shows how hateful so many of us are. We don't even know how to disagree. We just tear down. I feel bad for us all. Too many of us have become self-absorbed bigots. I hope these young people heed the president's words and set out to make the change.
I Don't Want Facebook!!
08:44 PM on 05/20/2013
That's how I feel about Obama's pattern of condescending remarks to black america, self-absorbed inter-racial bigotry. Morehouse Men prepared themselve for college from the time they were in elementary school, hence they know responsibilities and so does their parents, but Obama continues to speak to the most responsible segments of our black community (i.e., Black Caucus, black church congregations, and now Morehouse Men) as if they're delinquents. He needs to find the right street corner for his lectures.
09:21 PM on 05/20/2013
Your fetish of Morehouse men and hurt feelings are comical.

You're a dry cheese sandwich.

Get a job.
07:17 AM on 05/21/2013

F n F
03:58 PM on 05/20/2013
whats up with the no excuses thing
12:06 PM on 05/21/2013
It panders to white male conservatives. It will die down after the IRS debacle passes. Tea Party Patriots=White Male conservatives. This well play nicely with them.
03:27 PM on 05/20/2013
Just felt like repeating this .... MY PRESIDENT AWESOME !
I Don't Want Facebook!!
04:59 PM on 05/20/2013
You don't read much.