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proudly scaring republicans since 1982
04:57 PM on 05/20/2013
Well written. And it isn't only teens who use it, either.
Joshua Shulman
04:50 PM on 05/20/2013
Great article. Isn't this how it always seems to go? Some wonderful, innovative people with a great idea start a really cool company, restaurant, media site, or whatever it may be. Then it gets successful, because it's awesome. Then the founders sell it and make a bunch of money - good for them, they deserve it! But then whoever buys it ruins it. And we are all left to wonder: if they thought it was so great that they wanted to own it, why did they ruin it?
04:43 PM on 05/20/2013
We used to hang out down at the abandoned warehouse down on 4th....Until the city put in streetlights and some jerk built a popular pizza joint across the street.
And at the Woodstock reunion, they sold bottled water.
And they play the Cure on VH1.
And Myspace, Facebook, Tumblr, ___________
You know, Yahoo HAD to purchase Tumblr. Its the cycle of life..... Don't worry, you'll find something else that you think is exclusive enough to still be cool.
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04:43 PM on 05/20/2013
The 26 year old who founded TUMBLR is being paid 1 billion to run it. Glad you were published but I think you might have jumped the gun.
Just an interested bystander.
06:21 PM on 05/20/2013
There will always be caveats... However it is the way of social media to change as it grows. Something will take its place for the next gaggle of teens.
04:21 PM on 05/20/2013
So another 'free place of communication' is swallowed by corporate overlords. This should surprise no one and the I think the author can rest assured that if Tumblr becomes a place that sucks, some new 'free place of communication' will pop up and all us freaks and geeks that want the anonymous mic once in a while will find it... relax.
03:48 PM on 05/20/2013
Back in the 80's the internet was in it's infancy. We spent many hours doing chat because it took hours to download at slow internet speeds. It was like visiting the old west while it was still a frontier. Everybody on the net at the time was highly intelligent because it took much to get computers to work back then. Now they have made it for the lowest common denominator. The only guarantee about change is it will happen whether you want it to or not. Embrace it while you can and don't worry about it so much if you move to something unfamiliar. You might just find you like it just as much or even more. Or you can find some other way to spend your time.
Just an interested bystander.
06:22 PM on 05/20/2013
Ah those halcyon days! Now I find that I am better at spotting the like minded people in the deluge...
John Crane
03:18 PM on 05/20/2013
Melissa Mayor will probably make you come into the office to use Tumblr. No more blogging from home.
05:59 PM on 05/20/2013
Oh good lord, can't you people give that a rest? Seriously it isn't a popular decision but a lot of people was probably abusing that privilege. Working from home is a privilege not a god given right. I think most of these people are men who hate women for stupid reasons or jealous frumpy housewives who have nothing better to do than bag on someone else. Actually all these whiners and critics against her has made several women such as my self more avid Yahoo consumers in that we know what she is going through and support her as a female in the Tech world/Business world. Too bad so many can't realize the golden 1950's is over hallelujah for that. I just wish some folks can find a new topic to run into the ground as this is so over,old and done.
03:00 PM on 05/20/2013
How people think that Yahoo would buy Tumblr for $1.1B and not expect to find a way to get a return on its investment is beyond me.