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Marcospinelli 10:05 PM on 05/20/2013
I yearn for leadership that protects and defends living, breathing human beings' needs and interests instead of legal fictions (corporati­ons) that, if they were people, would be diagnosed as sociopathi­c character disorders.   

09:20 PM on 05/21/2013
I know many people still out of work and looking for a decent job. That's what I'm worried about. This will carry on for MONTHS and still people will be out of work. Is this really a priority?
09:31 PM on 05/21/2013
I suspect a LOT of people could be hired as a consequence.....remember how hilarity got her first job as a chambermaid at the Watergate?
09:32 PM on 05/21/2013
Obama isn't going to get you a job. He is out of ideas.
Marvelus MarvelUs
Marvel us Alpha & Alpha
08:35 PM on 05/21/2013
I've seen more feathers flying in a chicken coup. The problem is it’s the fox that’s doing all the clucking. These issues will be resolved as soon as the clucking dies down and our great President Obama will be standing proud as usual.
08:58 PM on 05/21/2013
Proud of what?
09:23 PM on 05/21/2013
Proud of being an effeminate failure.
Marvelus MarvelUs
Marvel us Alpha & Alpha
11:03 AM on 05/23/2013
Proud of the job he has done and his country.
Hows that trickle up working out?
09:59 AM on 05/22/2013
Aint just a river in Egypt
George Hanshaw
There are none so blind as those who will not see.
08:32 PM on 05/21/2013
Saying that the White House response is making the situation worse is clearly true, but the trouble is that the truth may be even worse than their current bumbling job.

Now that Lois Lerner's lawyer has notified Congress that she intends to take the fifth, I wouldn't be surprised if the repubs just put her on the stand and asked question after question, ALLOWING her to take the fifth, then publicizing it widely. Yes, I know, she has a constitutional right to take the fifth, but you still lose in the PR war when you do, and that as much as anything is what the repubs are going for....
10:26 PM on 05/21/2013
Many here said, if the Tea Party had nothing to hide, they shouldn't be afraid of a few questions. Do they feel the same way now?
10:47 AM on 05/22/2013
It's not "hiding." Organizations shouldn't be judged by their beliefs in our free society. Some of these groups have been waiting as long as 3 years for the IRS to act, while the people entrusted to do their job impartially are deciding whether the "content of their prayers" or Facebook pages are worthy. Lady Justice wears a blindfold for a reason.
06:01 AM on 05/22/2013
Then she should tell the truth.
07:42 PM on 05/21/2013
Good advice Finerman - if they aren't guilty,but the problem is - they are guilty.
06:45 PM on 05/21/2013
Cut the crap. We know that the IRS was overwhelmed with the 501 c 4 forms when Citizens United Opened the floodgates to undisclosed dark money that could be spent for elections. These groups multiplied saying they were"social welfare" groups like Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS that spends huge sums of money from secret donors for elections to blast Democrats. These groups should not be able to use ANY money on elections PERIOD.
07:21 PM on 05/21/2013
You are completely wrong. The IRS was not overwhelmed with applications as the numbers will show.

BTW, didn't I read a story that said that Obama's charitable organization received their c4 status about a month after applying???
08:39 PM on 05/21/2013
Obama's Uncle got a quickie C4 status also. And wait now...he used a freaking PO Box, the IRS didn't even check to see if it was real and now they find out no such address exists or charity organization at that address. Google it!
Adopt Pets from Shelters not breeders
07:56 PM on 05/21/2013
This fiction has already been disproved and Dems have stopped pushing that story, applications were down.

Obama's brothers 501 C (4) was approved in weeks, Tea Party orgs have waited for 3 years. Its polit
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06:01 PM on 05/21/2013
Ladies and Gentlemen... what we are looking at here is a wide scale, organized, and systemic effort to unlawfully use the instruments of government to in effect defund Tea Party groups and similar political enemies of the Obama Administration, for the purposes of impacting a Presidential election. Obama either knew directly or was by intention consciously ignorant, such willfull blindness an invalid defense to the various 'abuse of power" allegations that will be presented at his eventual impeachment trial
07:45 PM on 05/21/2013

Your post wasn't culled out and discarded and its been two hours without anyone calling you names, telling you you are ignorant, etc. How DO you do it?
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right is right
08:09 PM on 05/21/2013
11:13 PM on 05/21/2013
Because he spoke the unvarnished truth. Writing is on the wall, buddy. Just look who's writing this article.
06:00 PM on 05/21/2013
“My question to all of the obama bashers .....

You had an opportunity to vote Obama out in 2012.
You had 4 years to build your case ( and tried like mad ...LIES AND ALL)
You had hundreds of millions of dollars raised to oust him
You had a wide range of candidates to pick from
You had fox news as the GOP mouth piece
You had Karl Rove to organize your felt he was the best


Why did 51% of the nation vote for Obama's second term?
Why did he receive 5 million more votes than Romney?
Why did he get 332 electoral votes? A landslide next to Mitt's 206

It was a collasal win.... Not by a few votes

Something tells me the TEA /GOP people need to stop bashing and start listening a little bit more. They were DEAD wrong .....the election proved it and the polls continue to show it”
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07:21 PM on 05/21/2013
07:22 PM on 05/21/2013
Why? Because the Dems offered up the world - freebies. Who would turn those down?
07:25 AM on 05/22/2013

I voted for Obama twice now and have NOT GOTTEN anything free......

A i missing something?
Is there a website I can go to in order to get my freebie?
What is the selection of " freebies"?

Funny how Repubs say this all the time.....and I have asked and asked .....and none of you can answer
05:49 PM on 05/21/2013
Fineman more worried about the WH "Handeling" of the IRS scandle then he is of the discusting illegal acts.
05:48 PM on 05/21/2013
...they're goin' down Howie!
05:46 PM on 05/21/2013
"There are hundreds of IG audits/investigations going on every day."

This answer is like Hillary's "I get a bazillion cables cable a day....can't read them all". I wonder how many (daily) she was getting from ambassadors begging for more security support"; and I wonder how many of the "hundreds of audits/investigations" had the political implications that an IRS one has. And there's a difference in "going on every day" and "coming in daily". One would think that new audits/investigations are undertaken there be some flagging of their potential importance, perhaps even progress reports on them.

This comment is pure smoke! Oh, we are just too busy!!! The oldest bureaucratic excuse!!
07:44 PM on 05/21/2013
OT but while you mention Hillary. What was really disgusting in light of her bazillion cables remark was how she carried on at the funeral with "Chris this" and "Chris that..." like they had been friends since grammar school.

Still I have to cut her some slack. How could she have known she would get a bazillion 3AM phone calls?
05:39 PM on 05/21/2013
My five year old lies better than these clowns.
05:36 PM on 05/21/2013
the thing about the truth is it is easy to year. a lie however is forgotten in minutes and is always portrayed in a different text each time it is spoken!!!!!
poor carney he must feel like a mushroom
Life without liberty is like a body without spirit
06:22 PM on 05/21/2013
You can see the anxiety in that mans face. I feel bad.
06:24 PM on 05/21/2013
yes he is a little stressed.
05:33 PM on 05/21/2013
I wonder how liberals are really stupid when I read some of them blame the IRS scandal on tea party, accusing them of abusing the system as if liberal groups don't abuse these loopholes and use it all the time.When liberals say this comments to defend this administration mismanagement and harassing americans, it shows that liberals are stupid and hypocrites and they don't like equal rights and civil rights unless this rights are for them.IRS scandal is an example of what happen when government become large, It always begin with some officials abusing the system and mismanagement and end up with accusations, corruption, scandals and lousy service for citizens and may end up some citizens dying like in benghazi attack.
10:32 PM on 05/21/2013
forgot to include the cost of the lawsuits that the taxpayers will have to pay since they will settle. I can't see the IRS fighting it and having to go through the discovery process.
05:32 PM on 05/21/2013
It's simple. They're waiting to see if the media is going to let them get away with it -- as they have everything else he's done in the last 4 years.

The media let him get away with murdering a 16 year old American boy without trial -- then declaring that it is his Constitutional right to do so -- and the media yawned.

So why would he think you'd get upset over him signalling the IRS union to pulverize the Tea Party? The media hates the Tea Party as much as Obama does; why would they rally to defend them?
06:04 PM on 05/21/2013
................if the media is going to let them get away with it -- as they have everything else he's done in the last 4 years......

What " everything else" has Obama done these past four years that the media " let him get away with"

Please ,provide the list ...I am interested

1 ?
2 ?
3 ?
06:10 PM on 05/21/2013
Saved Auto Industry.
Killed Bin Laden.
Ended Iraq War.

Impeeeeech! :)
Rick Wendt
The only way up is by getting down
06:56 PM on 05/21/2013
1. Used drones outside the war zone to kill.

2.You didn't build this.....

3. I've been to 57 states, guns and Bibles, back of the bus, fund raisers while Bengasi (SP?) burned, etc etc etc.....
Marvelus MarvelUs
Marvel us Alpha & Alpha
08:12 PM on 05/21/2013
People like you have some strange compassion. You are real saddened by the collateral damage brought on by a terrorist father. Yet you don't bemoan the systematic killings of many Americans walking and riding African American.