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06:29 PM on 10/23/2009
hilarious and on point. and was that a blazing saddles reference in there?
06:29 PM on 10/23/2009
In getting her book published, some state that she is trying to resurrect her career in politics. What career? Maybe if she had some successes, this would be a valid point, but she has consistently failed at everything she has ever done, college (six different colleges), motherhood (she failed to keep her daughter from getting pregnant, possibly twice), as failed VP nom, and as mayor and governor who quit in the middle of her term, claiming that there was a higher calling to which she was called. Perhaps she's referring to the blogosphere and her incessant twittering.

Additionally, Sarah Palin has been vetted more than any politician in history. We all know about the 20 or so ethics violations complaints, paying herself per diem while living in her own home in Wasilla rather than in Juneau, the first class travel expenses to bring her family with her on official state business, going on wild shopping sprees to the tune of $180.000, trying, illegally, to raise money to pay her mounting legal bills and dereliction of duties upon returning to Alaska after the November 2008 upset. And Palin still hasn't disclosed the emails that were supposed to be disclosed a year ago which may result in the biggest Palin scandal yet.
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Retired CEO & Quality-Mgmt Consultant
06:03 PM on 10/23/2009
In an email blast today, Brian Brown, executive director of National Organization for Marriage (AKA Bigots to BAN Gay Marriage) claimed:

"NOM has committed $150,000 (at least!) to helping make sure voters in New York 23 know just how pro-gay-marriage Dede is."

FEC reports do not support Brown's assertion but they have never been disclosure compliant.
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Soylent Green IS People.
05:31 PM on 10/23/2009
As a resident of upstate New York, I would like to thank Sarah for backing Mr. Hoffman. Their needs to be a reason to vote for a candidate, And between the tax cheat and Sarah choice I will have to vote for the independent candidate. The lesser of three evils. New York's state government is already to screwed up to fix so we need to send another insider to Washington? Sarah for animal control officer in 2010
03:49 PM on 10/23/2009
The Conservative Party: a party for those for whom the Taliban is just too liberal.
I'm nicer than I appear in print. :-)
01:55 PM on 10/24/2009
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Informed World Citizen
03:40 PM on 10/23/2009
Remember when Sarah tried to claim 'Foreign Policy' experience by saying Alaska is just across the border from Russia and shares a border ( or something .. this was not clear what she meant) with Canada??? Impressive experience, to be sure!!! (well, Tina Fey covered it well I won't try to compete)

Well ...

Doug Hofffman, on his website .. says he 'helped with the Lake Placid Olympics' the year the USA beat Russia !!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in Palin/Hoffman world, I guess that makes them ExPERTS on Russia, right???
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Vitter patronizes women.
05:35 PM on 10/23/2009
Makes him an expert in "things that freeze over."
03:39 PM on 10/23/2009
All his ads center on the fact that Scozzafava is a supporter of marriage equality and "votes with Nancy Pelosi." What a tool.
03:37 PM on 10/23/2009
Maybe mr. hoffman has been brainwashed by the likes of beck. If so he desrves Palin and everything else bad that happens to him.
03:36 PM on 10/23/2009
Doug Hoffman is doing what smart political office seekers got to do to win. The people he's aligning himself with are probably people he feels most comfortable with. After all, he's a member of New York's Conservative Party. But even if he doesn't agree with all that they say, he's acting pragmatically.

Of course, we have the odious prospect of dividing the conservative vote allowing some Democrat to get elected. But the point is...uh...what was my point?'s making it easier for a Democrat to win with far less than half the vote in a conservative district. How terrible!
02:47 PM on 10/23/2009
Ten topics for Oprah to talk about when she has Sarah Palin as a guest:
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02:12 PM on 10/23/2009
OMGZ, Watertown! Well no wonder they need a conservative candidate! Right next door is *gasp* the socialist health care state of Canadia!

02:01 PM on 10/23/2009
I remember Mr Hoffman from when I lived in Lake Placid, used to see or talk to him fairly often as he was my boss's accountant. He was always a friendly gentlemanly sort and I liked him. I'm terribly disappointed in the negitive right out of the gate campaign he's chosen to run or is allowing to be run for him and the people he's associating himself with. I can only think he's so taken with the attention that's being thrown his way that its driven all the good sense out of his head.
01:49 PM on 10/23/2009
Re the God is Not Government PAC... Can somebody clue me in as to where in the Bible it says that a society should specifically NOT organize programs with which to help those less fortunate? Where it says that's BAD (and therefore, ultimately, leading to an "unbiblical welfare state")? I mean, I'm really not up on my Bible readings, so obviously I just missed that part.

Is it some kind of non-Jesus version of the Bible, actually?
03:08 PM on 10/23/2009
You beat me to it! Now I'm going to start the 'God is Glorious' PAC. It will be dedicated to atheists and agnostics and will aim to reinforce the secular nature of our Government. Hey, if they want to play Opposite Day, fine.
06:58 PM on 10/23/2009
Maybe we need Americans United for the Separation of Church and State to contribute more. I have been a member for about 10 years now, and Barry Lynn does a good job upholding the rights of all--druids, wiccans, atheist, Islam, Judaism, and agnostics.
03:14 PM on 10/23/2009
That would be the bible of Ayn Rand, you know, the one the conservative Christians follow which teaches that Jesus was a socialist and any concern for ones fellow man is the root of all evil.
04:00 AM on 10/24/2009
Concern for fellow man is not evil for Rand.

Forcibly taking from me to pay for someone for whom *you* have concern is evil for Rand (and for any thinking person).
01:33 PM on 10/23/2009
So, the bottom line is, the Club for Growth decided they knew better who to endorse than the local republicans, so they got the usual suspects among the TV and radio screechers to get behind some obscure character no one had probably heard of until now and are trying to buy the election with out of state money.

And the result is likely that the democrat will walk away with this election.

Good job, Club for Growth! Keep up the good work!
05:46 PM on 10/23/2009
It doesn't matter if the country has heard of him, only his constituents.
11:30 PM on 10/23/2009
Except he has no constituents. Not yet. And maybe not ever. You only get constituents after you've been elected. I think you probably meant "the voters in his district", who probably never heard of him until he decided to run.

And note I never said "the country". I said "no one".
06:22 PM on 10/23/2009
I'm confused... Club for Growth... is that part of Hair Club for Men?
11:31 PM on 10/23/2009
Who knows? But apparently, they think they know who is better suited to represent upstate New York than people who actually live there.
What hump?
01:07 PM on 10/23/2009
Hey! I'm from Malone and my Mom is from Watertown. Small world. All I can say is that people from this neck of the woods don't like drama and are definitely not impressed by outside money.