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Fight of a Revolutionary, Soul Sistah
03:58 PM on 05/29/2013
Another reason to not eat their nasty pizza. The first was their response to healthcare for employees.
07:49 PM on 05/29/2013
As a black I would b scared to eat their pizza. But then again I hardly ever eat out people just don't wash their hands.
Fight of a Revolutionary, Soul Sistah
12:25 AM on 05/30/2013
You have a point. Feel you. 
07:50 PM on 05/29/2013
yes, those haters: mitt romney supporters, i don't eat that trash, never had and never will. someone order it, and i tasted it, it taste like vomit, nasty as H=LL stay clear folks
03:58 PM on 05/29/2013
"Two Florida Papa John's employees were fired after accidentally leaving a racist voicemail on the machine of a customer who allegedly tipped him poorly." Is that what happened? An accident? You can accidentally "butt dial" but once you start speaking your mind into the voicemail, there is no accident. Please do better HP.
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for ALL
03:56 PM on 05/29/2013
Will the neo-con trash Rally for Papa Johns again over this!!!!!
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03:54 PM on 05/29/2013
a $5 tip for a $15 pizza is more than a 21% tip, even more when you exclude the tax.
11:05 PM on 05/29/2013
Yeah more like a 30%...I never tip less than 20% and the smaller the bill the higher the percentage because I just can't give some less than $5.
03:53 PM on 05/29/2013
Smh..the world we live in..
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03:51 PM on 05/29/2013
whenever i see schnatters face, my appetite goes away.
Practice Being Quiet
03:49 PM on 05/29/2013
How much are you supposed to TIP the Pizza Guy? 5$ seems OK. Thank God its 2013 Post Racial America where this stuff doesn't happen. Heck, am I surprise...NO look at all of the respect The current President Gets !!! ..I guess Papa Johns is just keeping it real.
07:54 PM on 05/29/2013
Yea this president gets no respect. It's almost like Rodney Dangerfield. His name has been disrespected, his likeness and his voice. Some of the same disrespect I see in congress.
12:21 PM on 05/30/2013
and other presidents were not ridiculed?
03:48 PM on 05/29/2013
Anyway Papa John's is overrated. I'd rather get pizza from a mom & pop spot ANY day. About 2 blocks from my building there's both a Papa John's & Giulio's Pizza on the same block. The Italian joint gets way more customers than Papa boot-leg.
Elizabeth Warren - 2016
04:12 PM on 05/29/2013
I started making my own...lot healthier and way better tasting than Papa John's/Dominos/Pizza Hut pizzas. Besides, you have no idea how they're handling your pizza...eww
07:53 PM on 05/29/2013
that is so true, i hardly eat out.
11:03 AM on 05/30/2013
True, we'll never know just how sanitary those kitchens are on any given day. Making your own sounds like your best bet all the way, kudos!
Future lottery winner.
03:47 PM on 05/29/2013
I wonder what that guy would have called me I'm white and I don't tip the delivery guy nearly that much all he is doing is dropping it off at your house they already charge for delivery. I'll tip a waiter 20% but bringing a box to my door is only worth a buck or two.
04:48 PM on 05/29/2013
Tipping a buck or two is still tipping; you're fine. But, you should know that the drivers do not get that delivery fee, the store does. And the waiter does not have to spend his own gas money to bring your food to you like the pizza driver does, even if it's just "a box to your door".
06:06 PM on 05/29/2013
As someone who used to deliver for Papa John's, Pizza Hut and Dominoes, I find the attitude that the delivery guy is just dropping a box at your door disturbing. The waitress at the restaurant doesn't have to brave traffic, bad drivers, people looking to jack them for their cash, and the weather. And they have to find houses that often have no lights or bad or no numbers to mark them. I personally think a delivery driver deserves more of a tip than someone bringing food from a kitchen. And most times the drivers don't get those delivery charges. But all said and done, a five dollar tip is a great tip. I made two hundred dollars on a Saturday in Tuscaloosa delivering for Pizza Hut, and most of the tips were under five dollars.
03:45 PM on 05/29/2013
I usually tip based on how fast my food was delivered. If you deliver my food faster than normal time, expect a damn good tip from me. But also as far as tipping in general goes, that's up to the customer really. It's their money & they already payed for their food anyway. If people are upset at cheap tippers than they should reconsider employment where they don't have to depend on tips so much. I've been there & done that, and it sucks :-/
Tarra Scott
Sour grapes make a very bitter whine.
03:40 PM on 05/29/2013
The man who was the subject of this loser's diatribe has an iPhone, could afford to give a very generous tip, and has the know-how to shame this idiot publicly.

What you just listened to was what my high school principal called a 'zero', as in they have no actual value and simply exist to hold a place.

I wish they would post his name so employers know what a disrespectful lout they are getting should they make the mistake of hiring him.
04:48 PM on 05/29/2013 here goes his Facebook page. The Brian on the pizza box in the video.
05:59 AM on 05/30/2013
Apparently all of his favorite musicians are Ns... Smh the nerve of people...
11:53 PM on 06/01/2013
I doubt that is his facebook page...someone probably created a phony one. It doesn't even have comments!
03:36 PM on 05/29/2013
Now Zimmerman has no job. What's he going to do now. Perhaps after his trial he can make pizza pies for fellow prisoners.
12:22 PM on 05/30/2013
zimmerman is spanish...get over it already
01:42 PM on 05/30/2013
Lies. I seriously doubt Zimmerman has ever been to Spain, let alone be Spanish. He is an American. Get over it already.
I got my Nobel Peace Prize. Let's fight!
03:32 PM on 05/29/2013
I read a lot of people writing that PPJ's is racist for not providing healthcare as a benefit.

Q. Does PPJ's provide healthcare for only white employees and keep that a secret from everyone else? Or does PPJ's simply not provide health insurance as a benefit.

(BTW - There is a difference between a 'benefit' and an 'entitlement'. Companies offer different benefits to attract and retain workers in a competitive environment. Until PPJ's finds they can neither attract nor retain employees don't expect their stance to change.)
I got my Nobel Peace Prize. Let's fight!
03:27 PM on 05/29/2013
"What the hell is tipping?"
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06:03 PM on 05/29/2013
Did you read the article? Did you listen to the recording? You went off on a tangent. Try to acknowledge what happened here.
02:57 PM on 05/29/2013
Why do you think this guys behavior represents the company? Have you looked at the percentage of papa john drivers that are black? They would suffer as much as anyone if the company were actually boycotted. my guess is that its pretty high. Saying this guys bad behavior represents the organization is as ridiculous as condemning the entire us military because some private goes crazy and kills someone in a ptsd rage.