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12:32 AM on 10/28/2009
Wow! Talk about Nanny State run amok!

Don't these enviro-fascists know that the average person will backlash against this totalitarianism sooner or later? People don't like being pushed around by the right OR by the left.
05:28 AM on 10/28/2009
Wow! And America's Re!ch-wing almost had me convinced that global warming was a h0ax.
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07:54 AM on 10/28/2009
How about pushed around by a wall of water?
12:13 AM on 10/28/2009
Boy, what dupes, basing policy on science instead of corporate shills.
11:39 PM on 10/27/2009
"Australia is an island continent..." Bollocks!

Australia is as much an island as North America. Look at it. It's roughly the same size as the United States.

Yeah, everybody lives along the coast because the interior is not much more than desert. To top it off, you have to go a bit of distance inland to get much above sea level.
12:09 AM on 10/29/2009
Australia is recognized as an Island continent. Mainland Australia is recognized as the single largest island in the world and it is also recognized as the smallest (geographical NOT geological) continent in the world. Thats international standards.
Progressive because I have a brain and a heart.
07:31 PM on 10/27/2009
Good for Australia! To bad we can't have a Global response to the Global Climate Change.
07:18 PM on 10/27/2009
This was on TV last night.

"Coastal Living Under Threat"
Hard working blue collar American
07:16 PM on 10/27/2009
So can someone tell it Global Warming after 10 yrs of steady if not lower temps? Or is it Climate Change, which is stupid since the climate changes daily and seasonally? I hear alarms going off about the antarctic ice shelf melting..but no mention that as one side is melting the other side is growing? Just asking.
09:18 PM on 10/27/2009
climate does not change seasonally.
09:41 PM on 10/27/2009
It's possible that you don't know what you're talking about. Confusing climate change with seasons is a bit worrying. I'm just saying...
03:55 PM on 10/27/2009
Total Eco Insanity Sweeps the Globe!

News at 11.
05:29 AM on 10/28/2009
Wow! And America's Re!ch-wing almost had me convinced that global warming was a h0ax.
06:18 AM on 10/28/2009
Reichwing? Clever.

I'll call you Eco-Nazi and we'll call it even, OK.
03:22 PM on 10/27/2009
The American policy of privatizing shorelines is absolute insanity. On an environmental, ecological, sociological, engineering and taxpayers boondoggle level.

To begin with, even Jesus knew you shouldn't build your house on sand. And he lived in the desert.

But the subsidies involved in rebuilding or even trying to protect beachfront property is stupid, stupid policy. We are subsidizing the wealthiest people in the country. To build in places it doesn't take a genius to figure out are vulnerable.

Without Global Warming even being in the picture.

Get a clue people. Barrier islands serve a distinct purpose.

Sea shores, all sea shores should be publicly owned property. Available to all Americans as part of our heritage.
Down with Tyrants
07:09 PM on 10/27/2009
Of course they privatize it, because the wealthy have money and they have the influence to get er done. So they build where they want to, and to hell with the rest of us. Well there is a plus though to that. When the sea rises or when the huge quakes create their Tsunamis, guess who'll be the first to go. I just hope they can swim well.
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01:43 AM on 10/28/2009
Absolutely agree. Near my home town in southern CA, there is a place where the 'public' gets 'access' to the beautiful beaches along the Pacific Ocean, as a 'gift' from our benevolent coastal commission. Of course, we have to be grateful for this consideration, 'cause those poor folks deserve to have the ocean to themselves since they have to rebuild and remodel just about every year, after floods and/or fires create havoc and result in the declaration of 'disaster' so they can get the subsidized loans to continue to build and deny us our rights to the Pacific Ocean. Yeah, its a vicious cycle, just like that.
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04:39 AM on 10/28/2009
There are no private beaches in South Africa and the new law is that you cannot build within 100m of the high water mark. I can see us having to look at this though too.
02:52 PM on 10/27/2009
IMO, only people who have never lived on a beach want to live on a beach. Too many problems. Sand, salt, storms, critters. I'll take a mountain-side with ocean view any day.
10:04 PM on 10/27/2009
Totally agree with you there, Beaches are for visiting then let me go home to my mountains and view.
Is my micro bio winking at my "But..."?
01:50 AM on 10/28/2009
Having grown up very near the Pacific, and having a relative who owned a home 4 houses from the sand, I can attest that the salt air and wind-whipped sand corrodes and effs up cars and windows and rugs, and don't get me started on exposed pipes and painted surfaces.
The oncoming storm
02:25 PM on 10/27/2009
I guess that would be the true test of whether Australians can put global interests over their own.
02:10 PM on 10/28/2009
This comment doesn't make any sense.

With regard to climate change, what is in Australia's national interest is identical to global interests: reduce CO2 output and slow/halt/reverse global warming.

As the driest continent Australia would be among the most vulnerable, from sea level rise yes, but also from extreme weather events. We're having the worst drought on record, last summer brought the hottest temperatures on record and the Black Saturday bushfires (46.4C [115F] in Melbourne), and this coming summer is predicted to be hotter again.

I'd suggest the problems WRT national vs global interest will come from governments of countries least likely to be impacted by climate change. Now who was it that said a bit of global warming, a few extra degrees, would be "nice"?