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06:51 PM on 06/01/2013
IsIam and Christ!anity. The two predat0ry cuIts
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O Possum
Government is way better than the alternative.
03:48 PM on 06/02/2013
Buddhists, including monks, have been slaughtering Muslims in Myanmar. Christianity and Islam don't have a monopoly on barbarism.
06:51 PM on 06/01/2013
I have no pr0blem with spirituality or religion... except for IsIam and Christianity. The two predat0ry cuIts
06:48 PM on 06/01/2013
Christianity is based on fear
Christianity preys on the innocent
Christianity is based on dishonesty
Christianity is extremely egocentric
Christianity breeds arrogance, a chosen-people mentality
Christianity breeds authoritarianism
Christianity is cruel
Christianity is anti-intellectual, anti-scientific
Christianity has a morbid, unhealthy preoccupation with sex
Christianity produces sexual misery
Christianity has an exceedingly narrow, legalistic view of morality
Christianity encourages acceptance of real evils while focusing on imaginary evils”
“Christianity depreciates the natural world
Christianity models hierarchical, authoritarian organization
Christianity sanctions slavery
Christianity is misogynistic
Christianity is homophobic
The Bible is not a reliable guide to Christ's teachings
The Bible is riddled with contradictions
Christianity borrowed its central myths and ceremonies from other ancient religions
religion free
science is truth
04:12 PM on 06/02/2013
maybe next time the cliff notes?
Christianity is bad.
01:05 PM on 06/03/2013
Maybe next time don't generalize based on a few fundamentalist nut-jobs. Religion is not bad. Christianity is not bad. Extremism (religious or not) IS bad.
06:47 PM on 06/01/2013
“- Inquisiti0n in Spain and Goa
- C_rusades
- Ethn!c cIeansing of American Indians
- SIavery
- Iynchings
- The Ant! Chinese league of the Americas
- Jim Cr0we
- The HoI0caust. Read the ant!semit!Ic rantings of Martin Iuther the founder of the Protestant movement that was the impetus for the HoIocaust.
- Separate churches for bIacks and whites in the bible belt.
- BI00d Iibel. Read in Wiki””
03:50 AM on 06/02/2013
Under Atheism, the following had occurred:

1. Mao's Cultural Revolution
2. Stalin's regime which killed untold millions
3. Pol Pot's killing of nearly 4 million people
My micro-bio is empty.
09:43 AM on 06/02/2013
You're talking there about political atheism, not the same thing. It doesn't mean that anybody was more or less religious than ever, it just means that the government has outlawed religion. A bad government will kill great masses of people, regardless of whether it legalizes religion. In other words, "atheism" had nothing to do with what you're saying.
10:28 AM on 06/02/2013
yes..They two are like the evangelicals who go around holding their little book absolute truth, holding the words of their Iord and savi0r charman Ma0 and evangeIize to convert the whole world into their single id0Iogy! Very very similar in nature and what they have done
Everyone is entitled to my opinion.
01:01 AM on 06/01/2013
Polls like this are less than worthless, since they simply reflect how people think they OUGHT to feel, which is, basically (and rather mindlessly) "reilgion = good." I would be interested to see a poll of what % of Americans actually attend church on a regular basis vs. what % think people "ought" to go to church. I have a feeling to two figures would be laughably out of synch, since not going to church is basically "voting with your feet" that you don't NEED to go to church. But God help you (so to speak) if you would ever actually admit that....
04:27 AM on 06/02/2013
According to Gallup the percentage of people who say they regularly attend church (meaning "almost every week" or more) is in the low forties. This assumes a high percentage of the respondents gave honest answers or are accurately remembering what they actually did over the past few months. (There is a tendency for the memory to play tricks in estimating the number of events that occurred over a long period of time.)
Mike Northrop
12:44 AM on 06/01/2013
Personally I think this nation would be much much better place with a lot less influence by any and all religions.
Some call it being alone, I call it solitude.
12:27 AM on 06/02/2013
Imagine, no religion, I wonder if you can...No hell below us, above us only sky...
John Lennon...
03:02 PM on 06/02/2013
Personally I think this nation would be a friendlier, more loving USA with the influence of an Oriental religion, one in which the aim is NOT the right belief, but the RIGHT action. And have found Drs. Albert Einstein and Albert Schweitzer agree with this!
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O Possum
Government is way better than the alternative.
03:51 PM on 06/02/2013
I find Taoism and Confucianism to work better as philosophies than religions.
Klad InVermont
01:09 PM on 05/31/2013
If an increase in religions influence is seen as a positive, then why in the least religious state, Vermont, do we have one of the lowest crimes rates in the country? Religion does not equal morality or a better set of ethics.
Some call it being alone, I call it solitude.
12:33 AM on 06/02/2013
Name me an ethical statement made or an action performed by a believer that could not have been made or performed by a non-believer.
Christopher Hitchens ??Hitch-22
Religion in itself, often leads to less than optimal ethics or morality.
03:08 PM on 06/02/2013
Well, Bernie Sanders is a Vermont politician, and listen to the man, he's always exhorting the people everywhere to DO the RIGHT thing. He evidently was raised in his Jewish religion to place the emphasis on the right way of living. We like some of Vermont's other polys too.
10:41 AM on 05/31/2013
I take this survey with a grain of salt. Gallup had problems with accuracy in the last presidential election, which is why I question the validity of this one. Keep in mind that Gallup only contacts people with land lines. It means they are polling people who are older and have a different view on religion than younger people.
09:32 AM on 05/31/2013
I live in MN and we recently got marriage eqaulity passed here. It would not have happened if the religious Left had not helped out. Churches set up phone banks and mobilized volunteers and many religious congregations were were organized by the leaders of their community. This is why the waning influence of religion is bad. Most secular groups were resigned to the idea that America was too hateful to change. If you care about fixing income equality, the educational system, and the financial system or any other social ill, go back to your religious congregation.
Klad InVermont
01:13 PM on 05/31/2013
If the influence of churches was all that important, where were those churches when Bush LIED us into Iraq? I attended a number of anti-Iraq-war protests and didn't seen any sort of church groups out there marching along with us.
01:49 PM on 05/31/2013
I guess we just don't come from the same place.
Mike Northrop
12:46 AM on 06/01/2013
I respectfully disagree. Also the religious right have a much louder influence the religious left.
Some call it being alone, I call it solitude.
12:38 AM on 06/02/2013
Because they are more vocal than the otherwise rational (?) quite ones.
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O Possum
Government is way better than the alternative.
03:55 PM on 06/02/2013
That's a matter of funding and media leverage.
07:58 AM on 05/31/2013
"Religion in its humility restores man to his only dignity, the courage to live by grace."

- George Santayana
12:16 PM on 06/02/2013
Atheism is the ultimate humility. It admits that in the infinite universe we don't assume that a creator puts a spotlight on us as something so vastly important. It means we take responsibility for our own actions.
11:04 AM on 06/03/2013
Tamara, thanks for your thoughtful reply.

IMO, the ultimate humility (in my belief set/tradition) is Jesus’ washing the feet of his disciples. If one believes that a God of power sufficient to create an infinite universe came to earth and washed feet and suffered other, unimaginable indignities, that (to me) is the ultimate humility, and the example of humility, of all time.

I believe most religions’ precepts encourage humility and responsibility, and discourages pride, irresponsibility and self-centeredness.
I agree with you that humility and taking responsibility for our own actions are desirable human goals.

I recognize and appreciate there are different viewpoints on this.
Mine is that religion (in its humility, and when it is humble) teaches and leads to humility and taking responsibility for one’s own actions.

I do sincerely appreciate and value your thoughtful reply. -JG
"What about the R.O.U.S's?"
11:25 PM on 06/03/2013
"My atheism, like that of Spinoza, is true piety towards the universe and denies only gods fashioned by men in their own image, to be servants of their human interests."

- George Santayana
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Athiests are Godless
06:30 AM on 05/31/2013
"The fact that most Americans think the country would be better off if more Americans were religious shows that many of those who believe religion is losing its influence MAY think this is a negative state of affairs," Gallup said in its statement. Remove the word "may", and it is accurate.
02:09 AM on 05/31/2013
This makes no sense. We are becoming less religious. We want more religion.
09:26 AM on 05/31/2013
People who are not religious have no need for it in their lives, and often see the negatives that it produces in others lives. People that are religious see the positive that it brings to their lives, and are blind to the negatives. Religious people want everyone to be religious, (as long as they choose the right religion) and because there are more of them, despite their shrinking numbers, poll results show that most people want more religion even as more and more people reject it.
10:03 AM on 05/31/2013
Hypocrites say people should be more religious while they dont do anything religious.
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Sheng Paule
Either we fix this planet or we all lose
12:59 AM on 05/31/2013
All I can say is thank God
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10:42 AM on 05/31/2013
Me to (knocking wood) (;
Some call it being alone, I call it solitude.
12:43 AM on 06/02/2013
So unto which "religion" should we all fall into lock step behind the great leader ? And who will chose that great leader ?
Religion is making itself obsolete due to it's incoherent and chaotic dogma spouted as truth. And all you have to do is to have "faith" that you have chosen the "right" one.
Don't worry, they will tell you which one is the "right" one.
12:57 AM on 05/31/2013
"Religious influence will gain you nothing.
Having a relationship with the living God is where it is at.
Christ Jesus is the door to a persons salvation."

But this is still a form of religious dogma or doctrine by those fundamentalists who think they have transcended religion,
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08:55 AM on 06/01/2013
Which living god? The one I believe you are referring to was defeated by mere mortals. As far as we know, and we are still searching there is no living god. Now North Korea had one but he died not too long ago. Japan had one during WW II, but sadly he died too. Wonder why all these supposed gods keep dying?
Some call it being alone, I call it solitude.
12:46 AM on 06/02/2013
Because they all were men, who either said that they were, or their populations said that of them.
As to the Christian god... They say his son died for their sins, and will return to earth once again. But they are still waiting for his return...Such optimism...
12:54 AM on 05/31/2013
Why is it a bad thing if religion is losing its influence in America, if many religious people seem to be self-centered, or uncaring or even mean?